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  1. Unable to continue Vor's Prize - think I broke it by using resources I already had to build the remover.  I killed Vor, but the icon is still up but there's nothing to tell me what to do.

  2. Name Suggestion: Smiler

    Behaviour:  Twisted from heavily armoured Grineer clones, the bulky Smiler is a 'medium' form of Infested which fills the gap between the base form and the Ancients.  Its armour is now cracked and ruined, brightly coloured infested flesh spilling out of the rents, and its limbs are now infested weapons.  Its mouth is locked into a wide "grin", like the barrel of a weapon.  More slowly moving than Runners, it advances constantly, firing its weapons as soon as it is in range.  However, as long as it has its melee weapon it will not cease trying to get into close combat even when shooting.

    Attacks: The Smiler has three attack options.  One arm is mutated into an Infested ranged weapon, integrated into its flesh - for example, a Synapse or a Phage.  The other arm is a sharp bile-encrusted slow-swinging melee weapon it uses as a scythe.  Finally, from its twisted grinning mouth it spits slow-moving needles.  All of these body parts can be destroyed with damage, thus allowing a Tenno to take out an attack option.

    Environment restrictions:  Spawns only in groups, to mix up the dynamic of Infested missions.

  3. I can agree with that fully.  I've been noticing just how much proc damage the Frontier Eviscerators do, and they're honestly more of a threat than any of the Heavies, apart from maybe the Napalms.  Their ridiculous damage and procs make mockery of shields; when you're more worried about the bleed proc than the already really high damage, something is wrong.

  4. On two separate occasions on separate T1 Exterminate missions, my Banshee got stuck in the Soundquake posture even after the power had ended.  It ceased to apply damage after the normal period, and the "soundwave" effect ceased, but Banshee remained squatted down unable to move.  I was able to move the camera, but could not move or control the character (as is normal when using the power).


    It did not occur consistently; on both occasions it was not the first time I had used the ability in the mission.


    Being killed and reviving returned control to the player.



  5. What about melee units and rear spawns?


    Also note, CoD is not a cover shooter.  


    ... ha ha ha ha ha.




    In Call of Duty, if you charge out in the open hip-firing your weapon, you get cut to shreds.  Call of Duty is basically the epitome of the Modern First Person Cover Shooter. where you crouch (or go prone) behind a box, wall, car, or urban debris of your choice, and kill people in five or fewer bullets.  If you cannot comprehend that CoD is a cover shooter par excellence, you should work on your English comprehension.

  6. Cripple myself for no reward. Why should I crawl through the desert on my chin when a camel is right there? No reward or need to.


    On top of that, I can't control a random person who I join in a mission. Just because I'm bare doesn't mean he suddenly will be.



    So, you are in fact arguing that the game should be balanced around the assumption that the optimal, maxed out loadout is the one taken.  And that therefore the game should be balanced such that if you don't take the optimal loadout, the game pins you down and beats you in the crotch with a club with nails in it.


    My gods, you're an utterly toxic customer who apparently believes that the best possible thing DE can do is to make the game completely and utterly unplayable unless you've invested a hundred hours into grinding up your gear.  And that "noobs" can just go suck on your forma'd, multishot-equipped, max-damage Hek.


    So, basically, you want Warframe to be a failure from a commercial and gameplay PoV, just to serve your desire to have your ego massaged for validation.




    I mean, honestly.  Whining that things are "too easy", and at the same point saying you have no reason to not use the specific gear combination which trivialises matters?  You didn't even try to check your argument for gaping flaws, did you?

  7. Iron skin at the start makes it so I don't have to worry about shields. Entire Group of Energy max Siphons negate the drain, high quality weapons means I clear most enemies before they get me, cost reduction mods means I can still throw out plenty of abilities that instantly clear the room or CC them long enough for me to charge attack them to death.



    T3 Void defense is really easy, it just takes forever. Bring a Frost and Vauban and nobody touches a thing. The Built in Laser defense automatically kills anything it touches with a low cooldown (That starts on activation rather than after it ends) so really not much concern to it. I bring fresh frames or weapons into T3 Defense all the time.


    So.  Basically.


    You're whining that because you have an entire group with maxed out energy regen and two frames present whose powers synergise specifically to make the single-objective-based nature of Defence holdable indefinitely, it's "too easy".


    Mmm hmm. Use a non-Energy Siphon Mod and/or don't bring a Frost/Vauban with you, and come back and talk about how easy everything is when you don't have the optimal configuration to nullifying the specific threat of that game-mode.

  8. I guess the majority likes charging into groups to either spam gunfire or skills as fast as they can until things die. No one plays this game like a real shooter where you have to take cover and aim at enemy weak points. It's run and gun because it's that easy.


    You.  You, and people like you, are the problem with this game.


    In a game advertised, sold, and mechanised as "space ninjas sliding all over the place slicing people up and blowing them up with their space ninja technomagic", playing things as a "real shooter" where you hide behind mysteriously invulnerable boxes (which enemy bullets fail to punch through, despite how much damage they're doing on the higher difficulties) and lean out and kill one enemy as a time misses the point.  And worse, it makes it worse for everyone else when you whine and whine about how it's "too easy", which means we get constant complains about anything which - heavens forbid - let you move around without being sliced apart and any 'frame powers which are useful in the post-Update 9 "everything is a bullet sponge" environment.


    Clearly, all guns should get penetration based on their damage, as, after all, high damage weapons should totally be able to punch through thin cover.  I bet a lot of the complainers about it being "too easy" would change their tune when they can no longer camp behind their walls.

  9. I joined a mobile defence mission which was already in progress, on the asteroid mission, and found myself spawned at the bottom of one of the pits which normally you cannot reach.  I had no way to get out of the pit.






    Throwing myself off the edge of the map shown in the below image had me fall through the outer darkness for a while, and then I returned to the bottom of the pit.




    I could scale up the walls and the pipes up to a certain level, but when I got to the pipe shown in the below image, when I stepped on it the game did its "you've fallen a certain distance, auto-return to the last safe land you were one" thing which... uh, took me back down to the bottom of the pit



  10. Wat. Waaaaaaat.


    Explain your reasoning because right now all that's going through my head is me flaming you.


    Do you even remember how it was when you were a new player?


    We may be dealing with closed beta-itis here.


    You know, the people who played the early game when it was massively different and are loaded up with resources and rare fusion cores from when they converted mods over and so... well, basically, shouldn't be allowed to express an opinion of what the early game should play like because they aren't thinking of it at all and so basically just want "casuals" to suffer because it won't affect them and they don't want to feel like they wasted time investing time in a beta, when things are still being adjusted.  And so whine more than a French winery because they made their decisions in haste when the game was still in development.


    My heart bleeds.  Really. 


  11. After the recent UI change for the Solar System and the reshuffling of the star maps, Stephano in Uranus is now sealed off and inaccessible despite the connecting worlds being completed.




    (Seen in the rough middle of the map)


    (This also demonstrates the incredibly cramped display of the planets)

  12.  Ideally the utility powers would be buffed (because a lot of them are fairly weak right now) alongside, but having a better and unique dodge would be a good start.


    Interesting question which leads on from this; why shouldn't the lower-end utility powers, which you want people to use all the time, run off Stamina, rather than Energy, if these dodges are basically minor utility powers?  They fill a completely different niche to the high end powers and the ultimate, and by having them linked to the same energy bar all that means is that certain powers never get used because the opportunity cost of using them is never worth a quarter or a third of a more useful power.





    I'm not even a Physics major and I find the idea insanely stupid.


    I am a physics graduate and I agree!  It's totally unrealistic!  That's why we also need to get rid of Frost, because the way it violates thermodynamics is insanely stupid!  And we need to nerf Saryn so her powers don't work against anyone in a sealed suit, because it's insanely stupid that she can poison people kitted out like that.  Mag is also insanely stupid, because magnetism doesn't work that way.  And elemental weapon mods are insanely stupid, because electricity and fire doesn't work that way, and frost mods violate thermodynamics flagrantly.  And shockwave moas need to be buffed so the shockwave is an omnidirectional blast in three dimensions and it's unseen, because a glowing 2-d orange shockwave is insanely stupid!


    Oh, also, the spaceships are insanely stupid, because they're incredibly mass-heavy designs which are incredibly space-wasteful, and it's insanely stupid that anyone would design a vessel like that, so the spaceship maps need to go.  And the ground maps need to go too, for worlds where it's insanely stupid that the environment would look like that... like Venus, say.


    Gosh.  It turns out that if you start applying the kind of scientific realism you want to Warframe, not much of the game is left.  I wonder why this game about space ninjas in space fighting evil clones, evil robots, and evil zombies is not, in fact, perfectly adhering to modern physics.


    Bit of a puzzler.

  14. This seems like splitting hairs to me considering that Warframes do things like lob miniaturized black holes or punch the floor so hard that time breaks as ult skills. Temporary invulnerability while casting some ridiculous physics breaking doomskill is hardly more lore-breaking than what warframes already do.


    Oh, oh, or possibly the way that a robot stomping can produce a slow-moving, two-dimensional glowing shockwave.


    Man.  You mean, Cpl_Facehugger, Warframe isn't perfectly realistic and is fact a game?  I am shocked.  Shocked and appalled.

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