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  1. Of course they would prioritize said bugs? The playerbase is dominated by a mentality of "no new rewards no reason to play" and the faster players get their rewards the faster they stop playing and start complaining. So any bugs that accelerate this process should be patched quickly so players aren't rushing content ever faster than they already will. Plus what's worse, having a bug that made something faster for months then for it to get fixed or having the same bug get fixed after a week? Cause in all my experience players get more salty over patched bugs/exploits the longer they were in-game from a combination of having gotten used to it and the whole "but other people got to abuse it more than I did". Though there is also the entirely different issue of they might not have had the fix ready yet as PC had the same bugs for awhile, there wouldn't be a reason to delay patched/hotfixes for one weapon, and the consoles are known to experience bugs differently from PC thus the PC fix might not even apply.
  2. This is why I've stopped using any meta builds when I'm not feeling lazy. If you want challenge you can find or make it but that's really the issue in that you need to make it happen. But even with that there is still nowhere in the game that even properly benefits from having everything maxed out simultaneously that isn't behind a couple hours of an endless mission. DE seems to want to cater to both crowds simultaneous but making things that properly cater to those who want difficulty risk hard-locking out more casual players which I suspect would be a net negative for DE.
  3. The main issue I see is that such a system could result in players either getting left playing solo or nothing actually changes. Imagine 20 people queuing up for the same node in your region but only two of them are set to "host only". If the system waits until you meet your desired setting then 12 people set as "client only" get left waiting for a new host to queue up or it might just force them into solo so they're not "hosting" anyone but themselves. And if the system doesn't wait then three of those remaining twelve people would get stuck as hosts anyways. It'd possibly help somewhat but there is the other problem that the average players of each node are often quite low and most people queuing up are on a handful of farming and meta nodes. And honestly if it would mostly apply to the popular nodes anyways then recruiting might just be the better option.
  4. I'm not sure how different things are on console but in my experience I can easily get 2-3 tri caps done within that window by joining pubs. The real problem with them is ending up with players who literally don't know what a Eidolon even is and you need to take the gamble of either trying to explain that they need to put their shard into the shrine or abort and try again. It would be nice if the time limit was removed just for convenience but I don't expect that to happen any time soon because that inconvenience is really the only thing gating arcanes.
  5. These trade bans are just something that "happens" to some people and afaik nobody has ever reported anything escalating from being trade banned, like getting a permanent ban after repeated trade bans. If it's from some background program then generally it's anything that can or is known to edit memory values like cheat engine or some programs for graphical enhancement. Just having them open is enough to be detected by Warframe. If you're certain you don't use anything of the sort then all we can tell you is to ask support again or do some research into others who had similar issues and found what caused it for them. This is anything but helpful advice. Doing this will only result in being told to take it up with support and continuing to spam after that can only result in deleted threads and eventually a possible forum ban. And spamming tickets to support not only slows down the support staff but is likely to get those tickets sent to the back of the queue at best and get support to ignore all your tickets at worst.
  6. For those players who do meta build and can deal with the ehp of lv100+ Grineer easily yes it is going to make things easier for them. However that isn't the entire player base and I'd even suspect those types of players aren't even the majority. So really it seems (to me at least) more to the effect of making things like CP and armor stripping effects less "mandatory" for higher level missions and less about making enemies more difficult. But I also suspect the damage increase is only mentioned as to not make it seem like they're strictly nerfing enemies for the sake of players who don't have issues with it currently.
  7. You are literally describing exilus mods and Drift mods are honestly quite overrated. Especially for 99% of the content we have the measly stat increase of drift mods contribute less than the time otherwise saved from having better bullet jumps or faster sprint speed. And for the content in which the stat increase might matter I'd still argue that utility effects are still more practical due to them giving you more survivability. Really the only case in which I see Drift mods being useful is for optimized farming builds. As for the topic of an augment slot I'd much rather have augments be made good enough to warrant the trade off instead of just making them free upgrades. Too much of the game is too easy as is and we really don't need to make it even easier.
  8. I'd guess just a cosmetic if anything. Maybe something like the tactical alert emblem that changes with each event but here changing with each rank past 30. DE doesn't do exclusivity beyond founders and the relatively small population of players that will ever bother going for mr30 anything locked behind it might as well be exclusive. Plus mr30 is an arbitrary value that we only suspect as a cap from the achievements that have existed for years now.
  9. Weapons with 15% crit can still be crit viable with bloodrush if you're willing to dedicate its build for high combos. Otherwise Condition Overload with attack speed is all you need.
  10. I don't know of a single game with trading of rare/unique items that doesn't feature such players. And really their prices only matter if people are paying them and if people are then what's the issue? If nobody is buying them then it doesn't matter as they're just wasting their own time, as is anyone else who thinks those prices are "correct". Plus regardless of whether one wants to look at the actual trade data or not the fact remains that most Rivens don't sell at all for such prices or at least are only sold for that much to an insignificant number of people. For example people still try to sell Fulmin Rivens for thousands of plat yet the data proves that the average price of the ones that are sold is in the 250-350p range. And if people are going to harass anyone for any reason then just report them, if they keep it up then they just get slapped with punishments until they either can't trade anymore or get outright banned.
  11. If you're not having fun just playing the mode then don't play it. Especially since the only purpose of getting better gear is to use said gear in the same missions you got it from. You hit the exact same wall in any game when you start to only look at the grind and aren't enjoying your time going at it.
  12. My build using a Zekti Cryophon still takes the same 2-3 shots to kill enemies in the Veil and crits are still one-shots as they were before the patch. Is the actual discrepancy here from people who were relying on Rhino/Wisp to buff the pilot?
  13. trst

    Cryophon now useless

    I just finished a solo run on the Anomaly and I can say the only difference I noticed was doing slightly better damage at a distance. My 56% Zekti Cryophon still killed enemies in 2-3 shots even while being healed and crits still one-shot fighters. Which is exactly how mine preformed before the update. Soooo I don't quite see how anything is useless or even worse than before.
  14. The only proper response to people like this in pubs is to laugh at them and play as you want to.
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