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  1. I find the current system acceptable. I've long realized that there is zero reason to own a godly riven, let alone rivens for good/meta weapons. Thus the only ones I ever buy from others rarely cost more than 40p and I now have an excuse to gather Kuva to roll it. Plus when I do unveil any good or meta rivens I can freely sell them to the less enlightened. Warframe also isn't the first game I've even played with rng based grind systems so getting bad rolls on Rivens doesn't even phase me. Seriously the grind to get a "godly" riven is nothing compared to mandatory grinds in other games. So all in all it's a system that has made my fun weapons more effective in all content that doesn't require more refined set ups and has only made me platinum in selling the good rivens I've gotten and had no use for.
  2. If the prestige ranks were too rewarding then people would feel obligated to reach the highest rank they possibly could. Suddenly the FOMO people put themselves through from not understanding the requirements to hit rank 30 in a season hits a more understandable level; suddenly every missed daily and act one is unable to complete becomes a direct loss of rewards you can't get back. At least currently losing out of 15 cred isn't a terrible loss. When considering Catalysts or Reactors you're looking at 5 prestige ranks to get one which is more than a weeks worth of acts. The more rewarding these ranks are the more potential items you risk losing out on. Really making them more rewarding would just make people upset that they can't put the time into getting them and the people who can will get burnt out. After all these types of reactions are why nothing in this game is exclusive anymore.
  3. This isn't a quick melee issue but a stance issue. But as it stands pretty much every weapon type has at least one stance with a "fluid" spam combo; if it's that much of an issue just swap your stances out. Either way this feedback needs to come after 3.0 gets finished (whenever that'll be) as there is no reason DE would go and scrap the progress made just to put quick melee back in.
  4. If Atlas isn't under any expectation for getting changes soonTM then it'll most likely be Nezha. But either way Nezha would be the most profitable choice as I doubt Atlas would gain much popularity (at least relative to Nezha) even with changes.
  5. This is why consoles (and usually games with controller support) have aim assist. Though as I've never played WF on console I don't know if it actually has such a feature or not. But regardless it's not like they could really take away how the game already rewards precision and reaction. So long as rolling still has damage resist and head shots still deal bonus (crit)damage the benefits of M+KB will remain. Although at the same time none of that really matters with the amount of survivability stacking, nuke abilities, and meta aoe weapons we have. Kinda detracts from the benefits accuracy and reaction speed have.
  6. Still waiting for the final placeholder boss, The Sargent, to get replaced with a proper one. At this point it seems a bit unlikely that he will ever get replaced With Nef's boss fight but who knows where his story will go. But beyond that I'm expecting more Sentient based content between New War and Duviri; gotta get to reusing those new assets. Plus regardless of however New War pans out with the Lotus there are still far larger threats regarding the Sentients. So a new main Sentient character/boss seems inevitable, likely being whoever the Lotus refers to as "mother".
  7. Found your issue. The 10-24k awarded by Dark Sectors are a mission reward thus you only need to reach the first wave and extract to get the credits. Which is also granted to you on top of anything earned in-mission. Sure alerts for exterminate or even capture missions can normally be finished in under the 5 minutes it'd take to finish a Dark Sector but you run into the other blaring issue Alerts had: most gave less than 10k credits. Plus Credit Boosters even work for Dark Sectors, meaning you could earn 20-48k minimum per run. I'm still taking it that you are of the opinion that Credits are more valuable than Nightwave rep. I would take the time to list every single reward unique to Nightwave for dramatic effect but I think I've spent enough time in this thread as is.
  8. So are you saying that credits are worth more than Nightwave rep? Which would imply that to you credits are worth more than cosmetics, aura mods, unique weapon augments, Vauban, and most of all: Nitain.
  9. Do you actually believe that alerts were a better source of credits than Dark Sectors are? Not all alerts gave even 10k credits, alerts were time limited and not always available (especially if one didn't have their planet unlocked), completing a Dark Sector to rotation A is faster on average than a lot of mission types alerts could offer. and Dark Sectors offer increased affinity and resources. Credit alerts were, in-fact, useless beyond the first few days of playing the game.
  10. And not spending either sets you back something of real potential value; Nightwave rep. Seriously, credits can be earned by the boat loads in numerous ways. If a measly 36k is going to break your bank that bad then use Simaris rep. If you somehow can't afford to spend either then it seems there are bigger things to worry about completing than Nightwave. And if the entire issue is just that it's asking you to "waste" credits then you're just wrong. You're spending credits to essentially buy Nightwave rep. Which if something like Simaris rep can be viewed as more valuable than credits then just how valuable is Nightwave rep?
  11. This is such a non-issue. It's just credits, the resource you earn for doing almost literally anything. However, as I've not seen it mentioned yet, you can complete this without spending a single credit. Transmutation Cores. Yeah, remember those? Or that Simaris has a store to begin with? I'd imagine most people either forgot or just don't have any use for his standing anymore. We've also had past acts that required you to do both Simaris scans and generic ones. Thus anyone who hasn't been using his standing should already have some laying around. Also they're only 5k standing each; a day or two at most worth of standing to get four of them to save those precious credits.
  12. It'll fall in-line with the other sources like survival was. Though unless the acquisition is through some modification on the mode (like the survival turning into a mobile defense) I'd expect the kuva amount to scale with the number of conduits cleared per round. Otherwise people would just sack three conduits to make it faster. Could make for an interesting risk/reward method of gaining kuva.
  13. I don't think the Battacor is weapon for one-shots at higher levels unless you're specifically using the alt-fire for it. Stat-wise alone it doesn't look terribly good on paper being primarily magnetic damage but a Hunter Munitions hybrid build seems like it would work well. Though it might be one of those weapons that'll need a Riven to hold it's own at decent levels. But all that being said I've not extensively used one enough to know. I'm just basing all this off it's stats. My previous point specifically is that mods like Hunter Munitions are very effective when used properly and using good weapons/frames with such mods makes the game a breeze. Not always the funnest breeze but a breeze nonetheless.
  14. And there are plenty of players who've constantly complained about the game being too easy. It isn't a one-sided issue. Though I'll always find it odd that anyone could still find the game difficult after spending enough time playing it. Unless they intentionally avoid using any good mods/setups.
  15. There will certainly be complaints, as always. I'm expecting a lot of them to be from people who've neglected or outright refused to work on their operators. Gonna be fun watching people try and reset resistances with a mote amp between getting kicked back into their frame from a stiff breeze. Though it's almost a guarantee that the enemies will get nerfed to some degree if they actually are "difficult". Hopefully DE will do the smart thing and make them stronger before launch just so they can make some nerfs to appease the whiners players.
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