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  1. But you're objectively wrong on this entire stance. The game does, in fact, change a lot and considering player counts still spike every time a new update is thrown in clearly players do want to play at least for new content. While only events come with time limits to "force" people to play but all our events have been filled with old/unnecessary rewards while the exclusives take hours at most to farm out of them meaning they aren't solely responsible for player spikes. It seems more like the changes you want personally aren't being added. If that is the case then you should specify what
  2. Actual clan based content would be nice but Trials and Rail Conflicts need to remain dead. Any revival of either system need to be in the form of something so completely different it wouldn't even make sense to call them the same thing. Also these weren't even clan content to begin with, at least not enough for it to matter. Trials only required a group of 4-8 people which didn't require a clan and while Rail Conflicts were based around clans it was only clan "content" for the dozen or so clans that won the click race to claim a sector. If you weren't part of the clan already holding or t
  3. While I would love to have more interactions with Ordis all the signs are pointing to us not getting rid of Lotus. Not to say we won't ever get a different mission director at some point or the ability to change them but until then it seems we're stuck with Lotus.
  4. The funny thing is that as I recall stamina didn't actually hinder much was able to be mostly ignored if you used Shield Flux (when stamina is depleted consume shields instead). It didn't prevent using your melee, sprinting could be conserved through sliding, wall runs were only required on certain tiles, and coptering made the entire system irrelevant. So stamina was really just an inconvenience you could ignore almost entirely and didn't actually make the game much harder at the time. Put it back in the game with the old stamina mods and we would go right back to ignoring it. Game still
  5. If you want to run those types of weapons then don't get CC'd, run reload mods, or some other alternative to reduce/remove reloads. It's that simple. Reloading isn't meant to be a "fun" part of weapons to begin with. It's supposed to be a part of balancing the game and trade-offs of using certain types of weapons (yes they drop the ball on this constantly but the intent is still there). And if you're not going to take the required steps to mitigate the negative aspects of the system then you'll be punished by it.
  6. Honestly I'm pretty sure the actual reason they're targeting attack speed is because it's not the problem. It lets them say it was nerfed to try and appease the crowd that wants it nerfed while not really impacting the performance of melee. It's the classic DE method of taking a middle ground approach that is trying to appease two different groups while really leaving both unsatisfied. As at the end of the day melee will still be overpowered, especially relative to guns, while the anti nerf crowd will still only see them as nerfed and nothing more.
  7. That cycle will only happen if players somehow try to argue that melee is "unviable" after the nerfs. Which certainty will happen just from the knee-jerk reactions that will come but almost certainty be objectively false. But at least the current arguments have some validity due to guns lacking the scaling and multipliers melee has access to.
  8. You just report the players preferably with proof of the afk claim. A vote kick would never be worth the trade off of players trying to abuse the system. While players trolling or going afk can be entirely ignored in nearly every situation getting wrongfully kicked out of a mission would be a far bigger headache most of the time. While in Railjack or other areas where players can grief by going afk or trying to fake movement we just need systems in place that detect a lack of the "correct" type of activity. Like someone afk holding forward in a RJ pilot seat should be kicked out if t
  9. Eidolon farmers can go farm plat elsewhere if Eidolons aren't worth the return anymore. After all that is literally the only reason those who're into farming them enough to be part of a community around the activity and are worried about rewards. If it isn't for the plat farm then the arcanes can be more easily gotten from other sources when they're here and those who just enjoy Eidolons shouldn't require a new reward to continue to enjoy them. But regardless just as all other rewards in the game have gone if they did add anything new to Eidolons they'll just get added elsewhere eventuall
  10. For the types of people that refuse to play without boosters active it would be a neat discount. But I doubt DE would add such a thing because of the 90 day PA boosters. A years worth of boosters would bleed over into multiple PAs which could cause issues with those who buy PA (boosters become pure price bloat) and possibly push people more into waiting for PV for the lower price and to not waste anything on excess boosters. It would also just be a bit of a silly addition. Nobody actually needs boosters for that long and even if things come along that could justify having them and they wo
  11. Isn't that usually the case when you compare concept art to the finalized in-game version with anything though? A 2d piece has complete control over the amount of detail, viewing angle, lighting, pose, etc without being constrained by what would actually work in engine. Plus the pieces that we've always gotten have been concept arts which aren't supposed to be the finalized product but a general design to guide those who are making the final version. Not unlike the Ignus drama over the Ember skin where he made the concept art for it then DE's artists altered it more into a finalized versi
  12. People will blow the whole thing out of proportion while the actual impact it'll have will be negligible all while pretending the buffs don't exist. Ultimately it means absolutely nothing outside of players who only do endurance runs. We're so overpowered in every aspect that knocking melee, which is one of if not the most overpowered system right now, at all won't actually change much. Melee is already strong without the stacking multipliers and ridiculous blender speeds and unless the gun buffs somehow overshadow melee weapons it'll still be the most powerful thing we have.
  13. I want nerfs because the rampant powercreep over the years has made the game a collectathon. Getting new gear and upgrades become pointless very quickly after it goes from one/two shotting enemies to one shotting for 5x their max hp. Hell you can even more or less clear the entire star chart by mr4 from building Rhino (first farmable frame) and a Hek (cheap market weapon). When the next inevitable powercreeped upgrade system or meta weapon comes along there won't be any reason to put effort into it other than mastery, "ooo new shiny", or it's somehow mechanically distinct from the other 5
  14. As with virtually every reward that has been put in the game they get easier to obtain over time. Either through the content being nerfed, rewards added elsewhere, content becoming indirectly easier, or as usual all of the above. This has already happened to Eidolon Arcanes multiple times with SS and OV giving them out, general power creep making Eidolons incredibly easy relative to their state on release, and Necramechs making it even easier for casual players to access damage. Doing it yet again isn't going to harm Eidolons any more than they already have and will continue to be. Even i
  15. Depends on what you think is stronger. Miasma Saryn's access to constant burst, turret Saryn's low effort playstyle, or current Saryn's infinite scaling and later burst access.
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