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  1. Have you attempted contacting support at all?
  2. Doing both would be the fastest method. You might luck out and get the drop before you earn enough plat and if not then you'll be able to buy it once you have earned enough plat. But of course there is the chance of buying the bundle then getting the sigil drop on your very next run but it's probably better for everyone's mental health to not consider that possibility. Also unless you're already sitting on a lot of credits Profit Taker runs should cover any trade tax you encounter.
  3. Increasing their drop rates could cause another problem entirely in diluting the drop tables. There aren't many uses for the system parts to begin especially for anyone who went and bought Gravimags with plat. An alternative method to obtaining them would be nice but I don't think increasing their rates would be good in the long run until we have more uses for them.
  4. Sounds more like people just don't want to play the game, honestly. There is nothing stopping anyone from just going through recruiting chat and adding some random people who're doing the exact same thing you are. Fortuna has been out for over four months now and has had several updates locking content behind them. If anyone has intentionally put them off this long it's your fault. Anyone too new to have been able to finish them then oh-well, you don't need to get every act done anyways. The only people who can genuinely claim they have nothing left to Forma is anyone with 6+ on every single frame. Excess mod capacity grants you increased starting energy. However anyone who still claims to have nothing left to Forma isn't harmed in the slightest by "wasting" the Forma they weren't using anyways.
  5. There is a difference between making the Devs mad by not playing "the way they want you to" and unintended interactions/mechanics. For example; Greedy Pull Mag. Does anyone honestly think the Devs expected this one augment to allow teams to fully automate endless mission farming with a paper weight and a few macros pressing a single key every few seconds? This isn't playing against how the Devs intended you to, it's playing with something they didn't intend to be possible in the first place. Pulling orbs and loot to yourself and teammates? Sure. Pulling orbs and loot to a Mesa so she can have infinite energy and never need to leave Peacemaker? Likely not. Or with your example of Mag pulling enemies into pits, do you think the Devs intended for players to be able to kill entire waves of enemies with a single ability press with the only concerning stat being range? There is huge potential for such a mechanic to be abused when enemy loot isn't an objective which was probably the abuse case occurring in Trials.
  6. DE was unsure if they would even allow the Orb to be solo viable before they released it and decided on making it so if you were to use specialized builds for it. Chroma, Health Restores/Vazarin Focus/Magus Repair, and Imperator Vandal + Resolute Focus in a single build all set you up to being ready to deal with everything the fight can throw at you in solo. (yes there are other builds one can viably take into the Orb but this is one that covers every base) Also there is no reason to ever need an ammo restore for your archgun if you're outputting enough damage and don't go wasting ammo; if anyone is burning through more than a quarter ammo per phase then you should reevaluate your build. So much of this game's content has been built around the idea of using the best tools for the job and if anyone simply doesn't want to use their best tools then you're putting yourself at a disadvantage by no one's fault but your own. The solution here is simply don't play the content solo if you don't want to build optimally. Also if the Orb is spawning pylons on top of mushrooms then you should lure it away from the forests as the Orb always follows you in solo. If you're blowing away it's shields and health too fast for it to be lured away then use a weapon that can destroy the pylons from outside their shields. I'm unsure if it's due to aoe damage or punch-through but the Opticor has both and is capable of destroying them through the shield.
  7. It doesn't really indicate any of the specific details of what or who operators are and anything one could draw a conclusion from might go over the head of a newer player. Also DE has been using the operators in some of the game's promotional stuff so it isn't really that much of a "spoiler" anymore to them.
  8. Time limited, requires farming a separate mission to run it (getting Thermia right now isn't hard but the wall is still there), and the Vallis has double resources which stacks with boosters. Divide the resources you're getting by 2-4 and you'll see it isn't that much and it gives a random assortment of them meaning you can't guarantee getting the specific fish resource you need and fishing it up would still be faster. Especially right now considering that the double resources applies to fish and in 15 minutes you could get far more rare resources from outright fishing. Also if you were to wait until this very update to get resources then you'd have put off Fortuna for over four months now. I don't see how this diminishes any past farming as we've had a four month period to use them until now. And for the K-Drive changes; if you went and maxed everything Vent Kid and K-Drive related on release then you were knowingly (or ignorantly) putting yourself at a disadvantage. It was stated several times that the Vent Kids were unfinished and that the races would be a source of standing eventually.
  9. People realize that if DE came forward and outright confirmed that they intentionally inflated values and have done so on (the first running of) past events they run the risk of players getting even more lazy with these types of events, right? So many people already refuse to so much as launch the game if they're not being spoon fed new shiny rewards that confirming that they can be even lazier and still get rewards from said event is foolish. And regardless of progress being real or not these types of "community events" are only good for the game itself and the community. The influx of people and content creators doing the "ARG" puzzle and posting information on the how and where of the data hashes and all the guides people made all were work and collaborative efforts done by the community. These types of events get people talking about the game and make some people playing it feel like the community is more cohesive than it could ever appear in-game. Also anyone who thinks that the chance of failure should be (more) real then you should do some research into the Gradivus Dilemma event. If there was any event with a real chance of failure it's this one as half(-ish) of the community did lose by the time it concluded and they were NOT happy about it. Events where your reward get's railroaded by someone else's progress (or lack their of) is something that can and will drive more players away than any "community progress" system could. edit: Tubemen of Regor was another event that followed the same system as Gradivus dilemma and had all the exact same problems.
  10. Yeah considering her BP is from Vox Solaris itself it only seems safe to assume that you need to have access to the syndicate in the first place in order to fight the Exploiter Orb. Which if this really is the case I wish DE stated so (or in a more obvious way if they did already). Though I suspect this is part of why we're being delayed through the data hash scans as the 1-2 week window is enough time for (most) players to be able to finish Solaris United in preparation for the Orb fight. But if that is their intention and they don't properly disclose that requirement we're going to have a lot of complaint threads popping up the moment the fight becomes available. Though really we'd get said threads regardless of how well DE disclosed that.
  11. This is one of if not the worst attempt at a troll/bait thread I think I've seen on these forums. But hey have a free internet point for me replying to it. +1 Also if you wanted to make a comparison to EA here then we'd require that a name change requires purchasing a DLC first before being allowed to pay for said name change then find out that the name change corrupted your account data, or that you need to cash in a name change voucher which only come from a lootbox. Only then are we in the territory of being able to compare DE to EA.
  12. Nightwave *Elite Weekly. You're not required to complete every single act to get every unique reward from the system. Also the benefit players were stating of only needing to log in every 2-3 days was based on the daily acts stacking and that the majority of weeklies can be completed simultaneously. Completing everything you can within these periods (with a primary focus on weeklies) will easily allow hitting rank 30.
  13. These issues sound more like a lack of understanding as to how the system works. The only valid issue I see mentioned is the inconvenience of needing to swing your melee once to bring it out for blocking. People should be asking for these stances to be improved/changed or for new stances entirely then. Instead we keep having threads asking/demanding that the entire update be reverted.
  14. Forma at a 2.5% drop rate is diluting the reward pool, really? Not the 28% chance for an Anasa or 12.1% chance for 4k Endo but the 2.5% chance for a pre-built Forma is diluting the pool. Also by the logic of being able to get Endo and ayatans from Arbitrations we should also remove the Legendary Core (it's just an Endo and Credit reward afterall), Kuva, and Catalysts/Reactors as they all can be earned elsewhere. Changing the reward pool overall is one thing I can understand but as far as removing rewards from the pool Forma is not one of the ones that should go. Even making it a pack of Forma would be a better idea. Also every reward from Sorties (and everything else really) all become useless once you've exhausted your need for them. Just because you've exhausted your need for a certain reward doesn't mean others have as well.
  15. If you're making feedback then you should have included feedback. All you post details is your experience farming atmo systems and why you gave up farming them with various complaints sprinkled in. That isn't feedback. Feedback is detailing a problem you're experiencing, why it's a problem, and how you would want it to be changed. Considering you only made it as far as that first step and this isn't even the feedback subforum there is nothing else for others to assume here other than that you're looking for validation.
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