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  1. I like where your heart is but self damage was only ever an inconvenience for bad/inexperienced players or those who're at mythical levels of unlucky. Taking just the briefest of moments to not fire at your own feet or at enemies at point-blank range until it becomes a habit removed the existence of self damage altogether. And bringing it back won't actually solve the issue and if anything those who can't seem to avoid it will just go back to using face-tank frames to ignore it. In order to actually solve the issue of single target vs aoe is either to kneecap aoe across the board
  2. The melee nerfs are irrelevant as they can still be blenders without Berserker, the stats on BR and CO are still overkill for all content, and they didn't touch heavy attack builds except for Glaives. Also the mods aren't band-aids as the problem with guns has never been their stats (which was even pointed out in the post) but the discrepancies between aoe vs non aoe and the ridiculous scaling effects melee mods have. The only thing not addressed is the aoe issue which can't actually be solved without giving every weapon in the game aoe damage. Also guns are, in-fact, strong enough to get
  3. It's a technical issue they don't currently plan to fix.
  4. Deimos arcanes aren't used because their effects are stationary aoes with weak effects, not because they're only on kill effects. You can, in fact, kill things with guns as is. Even with the galvanized mods you will be able to kill enemies. And if you're fighting endurance level enemies that you ""can't"" kill with them then it isn't like the buffs would be helping much. Plus the game shouldn't be balanced around that content to begin with. If you can't maintain one kill every 6-24 seconds then the problem is your build or you're using a weapon that has no right to be in the content
  5. Killing? Please, it's getting off easy. Also you'd have to be blind to have not expected a nerf for it sooner or later.
  6. If it takes you more than 6-24 seconds to kill an enemy then the problem is either in your loadout or the weapon itself. Plus not every weapon should be viable in absurd "endgame" level content to begin with. But of course all of it would just make meta weapons stronger as there is no distinction for the mods to determine if a weapon is meta or not. And as this community is apt to do even though it'll also buff the non-meta weapons people will dismiss that because they're still not the "strongest".
  7. The gun changes are pure powercreep since SP and endurance runs are the only places the discrepancies between most guns and melee are actually relevant. At this rate I'm wondering how long it'll be until the SP level and stat increase will be merged into the starchart. The only saving grace on it all is that powercreep is already at a point where we can't physically get stronger in 99% of the game due to limitations on traversal speed and enemy spawn rates and one shots still being one shots. But this is still continuing to put the game's design into an even deeper hole that it'll never f
  8. I'm guessing it'll just be more parazon mods and the long requested "enemies sit in the finisher state briefly" suggestion plus more innate Helminth abilities. But who knows they could throw us a curveball and turn parazon finishers into a way to farm Requiem mods and grant us the ability to subsume pets and augment them with Helminth.
  9. Would be nice but it doesn't sound like something we would ever get. Otherwise people would sit on boosters and activate them only after something new gets added. It's "too" convenient and is the same sort of situation that lead to us getting new resources added with major updates.
  10. Imagine being upset by free stuff enough to want there to no longer be free stuff just because it isn't the free stuff you want. If they put more of those old special decorations in then we would have people simultaneously complaining about being "forced" to watch streams for exclusives, that they missed exclusives and might never get a chance at them again, and people who don't need duplicate items if they did bring such items back. Also who says "nobody" wants these items or for them to use the feature at all? At the end of the day free junk is still free and plenty of peopl
  11. It works like that because the extraction timer is one minute long and you're given five minutes to extract. Sure it would be a nice failsafe for it to pause the mission fail timer but at the same time it shouldn't be taking two of four players over 4 minutes to get to extraction.
  12. Pretty sure returning them in place of the wall hopping is something the devs have discussed previously. Problem is that it's likely a painfully low priority considering wall hopping isn't even relevant to begin with. Wall latching however is at least used in at least used in a few cases on Lua. Also their original reason for replacing it with the hopping in the first place never made sense anyways. IIRC it was so that it doesn't get caught on map geometry yet the old animation rarely had that issue and is completely irrelevant now with modern map designs.
  13. While I agree that glaives are overtuned as all Hek they aren't pushing out dps frames. The damage glaives output is extreme overkill in over 99% of the game while taking a greater degree of effort than frames (you know the game is in a bad state when a generous timing system and lazily aiming towards enemies is too much effort). Plus frames have better range then glaives while some can also ignore walls entirely. Also, imo, they should get nerfed but still remained somewhat overtuned. Just for how iconic they are and the history they have with the game and Darksector.
  14. The no mods format has also been used for the snowball fights conclave event and the old Jack O'Naut Halloween event. Thing is the format gets stale quickly and PvP always goes poorly due to it requiring players to be good at the game to do well and those with zero conclave experience aren't having a good time. It's something we're certainty see more of but as far as any PvP events are concerned I wouldn't go holding your breath. I mean Hek people already get incredibly butthurt over the leaderboards in regular non-competitive events as is.
  15. A gas leak and nice weather isn't story enough for you? Besides that there just isn't a lot of work put into seasonal events. They're really just there to get attention and offer some rewards and resources to players. Also if it was a more story based event (like Naeberus) then we would have the opposite complaints along the lines of "story isn't content". Or complaints about there not being any new content/upcoming content not finished yet if they did put more work into events like this. There just isn't any winning here.
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