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  1. If anything I can see infusing an augment via Helminth at the cost of the added ability for that configuration. Swap an ability or get a free augment while keeping that function unique to the original frame. That way it's less powercreep in that it still costs something to use and helps prevent frames from getting overshadowed through Helminth. But getting more free mod slots is just powercreep for the sake of powercreep.
  2. People like drama and youtube has designed itself around drawing the most attention to one's videos which is why clickbait is such a prevalent issue. Why bother making a level-headed video outlining some gripes over something when you can blow it completely out of proportion to draw more attention to it. Especially when bad press is good press so long as you're getting views. But even if youtube wasn't the way it is there isn't any solution to stop people from parroting sensationalized opinions. So long as people have any platform or following to spout such opinions from there will be peo
  3. That you think Deimos is nothing but a grind wall really shows you're just parroting opinions by click bait youtubers. Deimos is quite literally the least grindy major update yet. As well you have no actual experience with farming Liches if you think the mods are an issue; the murmurs are a problem but the mods are a non-factor.
  4. Except we never knew exactly when it would have returned other than the rough 6+ month cycle and even then there was only about a week and a half window to get everything out of it before being locked out for several months again. And there have always concerns and complaints regarding time gated content especially that which was locked behind months of waiting. While those who have everything from it already that only want the Forma need to be available for that window to grind it out all while having no idea exactly when it was going to drop until it was about it happen. And to miss tha
  5. If they do pull the other rewards out, specifically the plague zaw parts, then new players can stop worrying about when those become available. Same for players that just want to experiment with said parts. Regardless of if the event will return at all or not without the Forma players can freely ignore it and not have to worry or wonder as to when it'll return just as we can with Thermia Fractures. And without them there won't be remotely as much FOMO regarding the event. While not having it as a source of Forma isn't that bad in the first place as getting a stockpile of them isn't that h
  6. I'm more surprised they took this long to pull them. And it honestly seems like this will fix more problems than removing them could create.
  7. Hopefully it was scrapped. With how much they nerfed Railjack the tree would be wasted development time on top of being a rewardless grind for mastery.
  8. Roar is a wasted ability in the system and I hope it gets gutted or swapped out just so people drop their fetish for it already and actually look at other options. There are plenty of great abilities in the system depending on what you want to add onto a frame's kit. Ensnare or Larva make killing enemies far easier than Roar ever could and their effects are well worth farming Khora/Nidus again. Pillage or Condemn for survivability through shield gating or one of the several healing abilities for sustain. Silence or Rest/Rage to allow stealth power farming on any frame. And Breach Sur
  9. Interesting thread. Ignoring all the secondary arguments brought up here Baro is going to continue to be a growing issue as his stock increases, he's going to be another Void Key/Relic dilution issue eventually. Really all he needs is for the total number of items he has on offer to be increased so that his stock rotates more often. Though having his old stock moved out to a new vendor eventually would be a better long term solution.
  10. Sure having diversity in these staple mods would be nice but it's still the same core concept as you'll need to have one of them slotted. And knowing how the community is such a system would eventually devolve down to one of them being the "best" choice based on the weapon. But I'm not saying I disagree with your idea just that on the topic of removing base damage mods it both doesn't help the underlying issue to remove them nor is having them in the first place really an issue to begin with.
  11. Since when is basic character/build progression an issue?
  12. And you'll instantly find them replaced with the next set of "mandatory" mods. I still find it odd that people find this an issue with the game, did yall never play a game with gear slots or skill trees? Most games with a vaguely similar progression system to warframe have their +base stats upgrades that you're forced to take in order for the game to be playable.
  13. So Arbitrations are bad because they're an Endo farm that is worse than a different farm that requires four coordinated people with specific meta farming builds while at the same time you also say Arbis are bad due to uncoordinated pub players. ok. Arbis are an Endo farm and the non Endo rewards include more than just Adaptation. If you don't have use for the other rewards then sell them to buy Adaptation, it isn't even that expensive anymore.
  14. Footprint tracking is a trap, it has always been faster to just look for the bright blue call point within the zone. And they do show up on your radar once they spawn if they're in your radar range which only needs Animal Instinct plus any other radar mod.
  15. That required them to learn how to increase enemy difficulty in the first place instead of exclusively nerfing enemies. Even steel path saw an enemy nerf after the testing phase.
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