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  1. Enjoyment is subjective and you're not ever forced to do conservation. You need a total of sixteen tags in the entire game which is six for Entrati rank ups and ten for the two Helminth Segments. Of those tags six can be gotten for free due to Infested downing randomly spawned Predasites while the other ten can be gotten in a total of four captures or purchased from Son. Conservation can not be more optional. Anyone who hates it and does it anyways is doing it entirely of their own volition.
  2. Or just kill those enemies first. If you really can't be bothered then just take a stealth frame.
  3. "Yet another reason" You got players grinding into burnout, the poor padding based design, the literal copy-paste structure of it, encourages leeches, and it only being tolerated for the Forma. It seriously needs a massive rework or to be scrapped entirely.
  4. Yet another reason why this event seriously needs to be scrapped.
  5. The mark procs off the next source of damage that isn't from an ally or companion. Both values scale with range. And the damage does scale but is capped at 150% of the damage that procced it. Something to keep in mind though that dealing a lot of overkill damage does nothing for the ability. As the AOE portion is capped at the total value of the target's current health and shield values. So if you're going to use a build for it you must use it on heavy units otherwise it'll effectively deal no damage.
  6. Why eat up all my phone's storage when every app store is full of afk clicker games already?
  7. And? That would put fault on the Orokin who may have orchestrated the Zariman event to begin with and then weaponized the Tenno afterwards. Can't really blame a kid with a gun more than you can blame the person who put the gun in their hand.
  8. Seems like a no-win situation unless DE does it and outright tells people to subsume it off if they don't like it. Most mods just aren't practical in normal missions between speed just making you hit more walls and most tilesets being too cramped to rely on tricks to utilize a majority of the mods. While we would certainty see people complain that they already had to put up with K-Drives to get the frame and now they have to do it even more just to mod it (the hypocrisy of that statement isn't lost on me but it would be on those who will complain about it). Plus there would also be whining over the "need" to put more Forma into her and it would also raise the potential issue of weather it would grant mastery and if it would/could be granted retroactively. But the frame has been polarizing enough between the design and the K-Drive component itself. Enough players already hate on the frame that if those actually using her want the modding options then they should just make it an option. If it pushes even more players away from the frame then they should have subsumed the ability off already.
  9. Still less than enslaving someone over money, forcing them into continued slavery by forcing more debt onto them, encouraging them to rat out their own colleagues for money, leave them to die by repossessing their augmented organs they were forced to get and take loans out for, and threatening the same fate on their family should they die or fail to pay off all their loans. Sure slavery and murder is slavery and murder but what we're doing to Lichs/Sisters is only faintly comparable to the Corpus with Fortuna. We're not wholly good but are, again, the lesser evil here.
  10. Hunting them for drops is the gameplay reason for why we go after them while the game doesn't actually give us a lore reason. Even so if we want to assume the worst possible scenario in which we hunt them solely for their gear and converted ones are fully enslaved (despite what they say on the matter) we're again dealing with super soldiers who're designed to grow stronger by fighting us. Not Derick from accounting who's late on his loan payment and now gets to be shipped off to Fortuna while having his lungs repossessed. Who'll also have his children abducted and sent to Fortuna should he default on any more loans. Even if we're enslaving Lichs and Sisters we're still the lesser evil relative to what the Corpus do.
  11. Depending on their personality converting them ranges from making them turn against Granum/The Queens or die to them preferring to work with us willingly instead. So sure there is room for Lichs/Sisters to be a gray area but we are dealing with super soldiers designed to bolster their own factions and are designed to kill us. Not other Tenno. Considering the relations between the Syndicates and their shared spaces in the relay to do anything about the Veil's actions there would incite a political altercation in what's certainty a ceasefire zone. But that doesn't stop us from allying with the Syndicates who're against the Veil. But even then we have no context of who that Grineer is or why they're on that table to begin with. Just as we don't know why we go out and capture people or what happens to them.
  12. They also enslave their own (Fortuna), use children as leverage (Waverider/Glast Gambit), and would choose to destroy a potential cure to the Infestation out of spite (Tubemen of Regor) among other things. Sure there may be collateral damage to other Corpus in our actions but we're not out here enslaving other Tenno or using children as shields just to make a quick Credit. Still the lesser evil here. There is also the Mother/Child relationship between us and the Lotus so Ordis imitating here is likely just following that thread while also being the lazy option by DE. But since Apostasy/The Sacrifice we have been seeing mission directors other than Lotus/Ordis with the Entrati on Deimos, Little Duck with Disruptions, and Cy in Railjack. So we certainty don't require the Lotus or some facsimile of her in order to do what we do.
  13. Crewmembers who're shooting right back at you and are committing atrocities just as the Grineer do. Sure it is a bit different with them as we have evidence of at least some Corpus being more or less blackmailed into fighting for their owners (Fortuna debt slavery). But considering the Perinn Sequence exists they do have some choice to fight against the Corpus instead of being another cog in the machine.
  14. Are you spending a Zenith Crown to enter? You need to hit the first reward in a Nightmare difficulty void in order to get a candidate spawn. Beyond that yeah you need 25/50/75/100 kills depending on your squad size in order to get the first reward tier.
  15. But it's not just that they're conditioned to blindly follow the Queens but what the Queens make them do. Between attacking civilians with their campaign against Cetus or in Kuva Assaults where we stop them from firing on some colony to Defection missions where they're trying to stop us from saving (and killing them themselves) their own people just because they refuse to fight. Plus just like the Grineer who refuse to follow their conditioning (defectors and Steel Meridian) we've gone against Lotus' orders on multiple occasions. And we've been operating without her entirely since Apostasy. Sure most missions are done without any explanation as to why we're capturing this person or sabotaging this ship. But even if we're not fully aware of what we're going through with we're at the very least the far lesser evil of all the widespread factions.
  16. Rewards like that exist for padding just as they do in all games which lean on rng based rewards and drop tables. Though there is another issue. I don't find Arbitrations rewarding. I already have the drops I want from it and don't need enough Endo to justify the time spent in it. Y'see the value of rewards is dynamic. You don't find a control module rewarding but someone who's new and needs more will find value in it until they no longer need them. Same with another copy of Vitality. Sure nobody needs all those copies but those translate directly into Endo which can be highly valued by some. And since we have no real forced progression in this game there is no telling at what point a player is at and what they may find value in. But if there is an underlying issue here it would be how abundant some rewards are relative to their finite uses like control modules and the complete absence of functional resource sinks.
  17. They did not do "absolutely nothing". The aoe used to be tied to the ragdolled corpse and the values were far lower and those changes were made out of the test server feedback. The only thing they didn't listen to was players saying the entire concept needed to be remade. But trying to make them work rather than remaking them entirely is not "absolutely nothing" even if they remained useless.
  18. Acknowledging every/most posts does nothing but waste time to stroke the egos of some forum posters. If feedback gets properly formatted and posted where it belongs then it gets to DE, the question is when they can get around to it. And yet they already do respond to some bug reports (there were about 10 in the last week + related comments on patch note posts) while there are many that get no comments yet do get fixed. Proving that they do read those forums even if they're not personally telling you every time they do. At best it eases some posters who won't proceed to continue ranting about an issue. At worst it wastes time and makes the community more impatient as they'll take their acknowledgments as a promise that things will be fixed "soon" while simultaneously ignoring it and continuing to post/rant about issues. Even with an active public tracker it won't stop players from ignoring it and forming their own expectations. Saying too little might be worse for you but them saying too much can just as well make things worse with others. They already are transparent. Clearly not as much as you expect but it's still more than most of the industry outside of the indie market. And again, yes, they do need a better system for addressing issues but acknowledging every bug post isn't going to help. Also given how the community reacts to things I can only imagine the reactions to seeing a public bug tracker with issues they are aware of but get ignored for months because it's pushed back by priority issues.
  19. Except they do take feedback and interact with the community? The only thing they've done less of is direct interaction yet you still see them doing more of that than anyone similarly sized game. Just the existence of the devstreams gives them more interaction than most other companies which would just have their PR team do all the interacting and not the people building the product. Quoting myself from a different thread regarding the feedback claims: And that was just one patch. You see the same thing in nearly every single patch that has changes to existing content. On top of that almost every major system revision and rework has been explicitly because players requested it otherwise we would still have things like release liches, original Ember/Vauban/Excalibur, damage 1.0, alerts, etc. They take feedback and it drives changes made to the game, this is a fact. Also since 30.7 (one week ago) we've now also seen the addition of being able to sell Lich/Sister weapons and Hounds from the foundry (a feature players have explicitly asked for) and the recent announcement of the Ghoul Saw stance getting a buff (even if players disagree with buffing it over the saw's stats the stance getting a buff was explicitly asked for by others). The actual issue you're looking at is that they don't address issues fast enough and the need for new content (yes it is a need for the health of the game) is limiting their ability to fix older content. Yet there is only so much time in the day and every patch still sees a dozen or so bug fixes as is. Do they need a better system for addressing longstanding issues and bugs? Yes. Does their current inability to keep on top of these issues mean they don't take feedback? I honestly wonder how anyone could imagine such a conclusion.
  20. If there is absolutely nothing else you want to do, get, or progress on then you just do what everyone else does and wait for the next update that does interest you.
  21. I don't think they are banking on those areas being attacked to have any emotional impact. Nor should players be expecting much to happen with them. We all know that as soon as the quest concludes (or whatever event does if they're continuing with that system for New War) that Cetus and all other attacked areas will go back to normal functionality. All we'll likely see is maybe some changed scenery (like seeing the Moon only after Second Dream) and idle dialogue. As they're not going to alter years of content for a quest that'll be over in an hour. What will be the emotional impact that DE needs to nail is the resolution with Lotus. There is nothing else they could do for New War that'll top it. And if anything does then they'll have completely thrown away the story they've been building for all these years.
  22. Who's advocating for players to be punished over this? An exploit is an exploit, it's just a definition. One which doesn't require the act to be malicious in nature but just taking advantage of something that's unintended. But the only thing that matters is how DE responds to it if they even respond to it at all. And players calling it what it is isn't going to sway DE's decision unless the community starts an ongoing uproar over it. Even then other players can just as well start a counter-uproar that it should be left alone as players abusing it is a product of the awful mission design.
  23. It's an exploit because the action is done explicitly to manipulate the spawn location. However, assuming the spawn location is one that's intended to occur in normal gameplay then the exploit isn't something I'd consider malicious. But how the forums define it mean nothing as only DE's ruling on it matters. Though the drone phase, along with the entire event, needs a rework. With the entire thing is a lazy copy-paste of normal bounties with four exact clones of Lephantis tacked on for good measure. But sadly that doesn't excuse abusing an exploit.
  24. Desecrate is the only looting ability that lets you kill enemies with anything and without afflicting them with something else first. Making it the only "set and forget" one of the bunch. But I'd say it should be merged with Terrify and rework it back to the original "Terror Totem" concept. Something like multiple totems he can place that mark enemies to drop extra loot and fear them after remaining in range of it. Could even give it a hold-toggle where it's the same effect but centralized on him and having a periodic fear would also help his Shield of Shadows build and general survivability (especially for a health cost with Despoil).
  25. You rework or remove Charm entirely. The alternative is granting a loot buff to the other twenty eight (plus Hound) companions or magically make all of their abilities either as universal as Charm is or make them so strong that they can be valued over Charm. They have other issues and all the abilities need changes but this is one outlier out of twenty nine choices.
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