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  1. I'd say there is only one, the player character, that we can confirm for being alive and active at this moment in the timeline. All other Tenno shown are in flashbacks and none of the quests that take place in the current timeline don't involve any other living Tenno. Even the "fellow Tenno operative" line might not be indicative of another literal Tenno Operator as iirc the name "Tenno" is also our faction name. So it could be possible for that line to be referring to a normal person also working for the Lotus/us just like we have them working in the drydock of our dojos. I suspect there are more than just us as nothing implies we're the "last" or anything. But since we can't really confirm that any others are alive or active we really can't say beyond just ourselves.
  2. Not before they enable non-matured companions to roam properly and petting on non-matured Vulpaphylas. I must have my cat larva floating around my orbiter. But yeah it would liven up the Orbiter a bit especially for players who haven't filled theirs up with drones.
  3. NW literally granted more of those than the alert system for all players who didn't want to drop everything and jump on just for a Catalyst alert or run an alert every few hours just for a small quantity of Nitain.
  4. At the same time Tactical Pump is obtainable far earlier than Chilling Reload. I'd argue that the mods are fine as is with Chilling just being more or less an upgrade to Tactical. Not to say that the mod isn't painfully weak but the idea of a direct upgrade to an existing mod isn't really a problem if it's obtained later. The exception here was those bad Corrupted mods which needed buffs even on release. Also making reload speed an Exilus stat even further muddies the idea of the tag being for "utility" mods instead of damage. Plus we have Primary/Secondary Merciless to tack reload speed onto any gun for free already.
  5. They're based on both. And anything with a low disposition through popularity doesn't need a Riven to begin with as nothing gets there without being somewhat overpowered. Plus it has been a rather pointless metric for years anyways as so few weapons see Disposition reductions anymore.
  6. "Just remove them" isn't even much of a suggestion let alone a proposal. The system could likely be improved and have more failsafes put in place. But outright removing/preventing them will never happen as dedicated servers would be a waste of time and resources. Plus they would introduce entirely new problems into the mix and many of which may just make the experience worse for far more people than an occasional failed host migration does. A competitive shooter with 10-20 minute long matches and a co-op looter shooter with most sessions lasting less than 5 minutes are not the same thing.
  7. Sure Siphons could use a transmission of Lotus specifying to target the clouds to stop it. But that singular detail isn't something that warrants an entire tutorial. Edit: After running them again and sitting around waiting for transmissions the problem is quite clear. The Lotus transmissions telling you to use your Operator to destroy the clouds triggers after destroying the first cloud with your Operator. It shouldn't be a huge leap to figure out on one's own and you do have Kuva Guardians to fight during it (which you were forced to learn to fight for War Within) so destroying one on accident and getting the transmission is likely. But again this just needs the transmissions cleaned up and not a full on tutorial.
  8. Personally I'd be more interested in it if I didn't need to go through a Discord to find when others are actually queued up. But fixing that requires it to get slightly popular. But there really is no "small" fix to solving Conclave. Too much of the community is either disinterested or were burnt by past experiences/assumptions with the mode.
  9. Yeah he's a major head scratcher considering DE's very lengthy history with combating afk strategies. Though unfortunately he does contribute to the team on any stationary objective mission where the clone can keep the map cleared with any aoe spam weapon. Unlike other afk frames like Inaros or Limbo which is why I suspect most people just ignore seeing a monkey tucked away in some corner of the map while still getting most of the kills. Also him invalidating the usage of other frames isn't unique to him and is just an ongoing issue. He's probably the worst offender of them all but this is the same reason frames like Vauban, Nova, Mesa, and Inaros are/were so popular. Any frame that can effectively delete a core game mechanic like aiming or evading will become wildly popular due to lazy/burnt out players.
  10. For something that effectively deletes an entire mechanic from the game waiting 400-900 days to get it seems more than fair. If there is anything DE should do about the mod it's deleting it from the game entirely.
  11. There is a difference between account linking to sites ran and owned by a major corporation and a small fan site. Plus we're talking about a system that directly modifies your account to not jus send items to it but also to remove them and modify your plat count. I'd assume they would need to acquire legal rights/ownership of the site first for security but at that point there is no reason not to make it themselves. And I'd prefer to not get into the entire discussion yet again but an AH isn't a good thing for a market with rapidly gained infinite supply vs a very finite demand. Which may be made worse once crossplay is implemented.
  12. Would never happen. Integrating a third party site would be a nightmare of security and legal issues. Far as DE making their own service or any form of auction house I hope they never do. The inconvenience of trading is the only thing that's keeping prices from bottoming out which isn't good for anyone.
  13. Care explaining how it's a scam? Just because it was a free offer previously doesn't mean it's a scam for them to now charge for it. Also going off the market prices of the items included the bundle is already giving you 640p worth of items before considering the skins, 250p, and the Ogris (not sold in the market). Which would cost $40-$50 if you bought the plat at full value.
  14. Selling something that can be obtained elsewhere for less or free isn't a scam. Trying to deceive those you're selling to is. And trying to sell it for 60p isn't even scummy. Consider players that either aren't in a clan, don't want to join one/a completed one, or just don't want to wait the several days to build the lab, research the saw, then wait the foundry build time. If anything 60p is a steal when it costs 245p in the market.
  15. Fun is subjective. You might find searching for some scannable fragments but others enjoy fighting more enemies instead. But as for the idea I don't see there being much room in the system for reducing their grind even further. Since they're already so fast thanks to the Oull Requiem and several layers of murmur reductions we've gotten. Also there already is an item that forces a Lich/Sister to spawn in with the Requiem Ultimatum. But it is single use and you only get one 25% of the time upon killing/converting a Lich or Sister. Though perhaps some method to "farm" these during the murmur process would add some extra depth. But again the process is so fast now that I doubt it would even speed up farming for all but the most unlucky of players.
  16. I wouldn't go and expect it to be anything more than a bug. The portrait with that lighting likely is put together for New War (and stuff was already preloaded in-game since Tennocon) but the bug of getting the incorrect portrait for a transmission is as old as the game. And there usually is the "vampire" Lotus around October so there is plenty of room for something to break this way. Also the last intentional easter egg with Lotus was the hidden message in her transmissions during Orphix Venom. I suspect if DE wanted to do something intentionally it would have been along those lines again. But hey if it is intentional then it would be interesting to see Lotus return and remain as Natah.
  17. Haha, "risk". Sorry but the casuals won't allow such a mechanic to exist in the game. Also fall damage was never a thing though there may have been a point where falling in a dead zone caused you to lose your shields? While self damage got replaced with self stagger because the idea of not shooting explosives at your own feet and being too slow and immobile to not accidentally shoot a team mate was too hard for players. So the game got another level of dumbing down to cater to them.
  18. Yeah, no. It's pointless powercreep on top of being a system that was already tried and failed horribly. No system should rely on picking specific cosmetics for stats even if the player gets to choose them. Any such thing would be better off as an independent UI/modding menu.
  19. Since the game released. The whole "ninja" aspect has really just been a loosely used term for some of the game's aesthetics and cultural themes. And the frames themselves take the least inspiration from it.
  20. At that point just use the frame who's kit you tacked onto the other one. You're literally just turning frames into cosmetics at that point. Plus allowing any ability would be so wildly exploitable I'd hope nobody seriously wanted or expected that out of Helminth. Just the idea of slapping any nuke onto Revenant or melee ability on Loki. Or go extra lazy and slap Octavia's kit onto Limbo and afk kill enemies while sitting in the rift with his passive. At that point you might as well have removed the concept of enemy levels from the game.
  21. It's certainty a theme that could work but I suspect they would either become polarizing like Nekros or just replace other loot frames. Like Nekros they could be useless as players no longer need resources or their abilities don't work on a specific one. Or become viewed as a "mandatory" frame for people that want to speed up their progression as fast as possible. While if all/most of their abilities are relevant beyond loot reasons then they risk pushing out other loot builds which make up most of the reason to use some frames.
  22. Would they help? Sure. Would they solve the issue? Absolutely not. There are seemingly plenty of players can't be bothered to read the information on their screen, attempt to explore UI options instead of giving up at the first though of not knowing what to do, or fail to listen to clearly spelled out in-mission instructions. More tutorials won't accomplish much of anything for such players. Also they all have global chat, the forums, and the wiki all at their fingertips and are all linked in-game. So anyone who is lacking information or wants more is fully capable of seeking it out if they so choose. Sure more can't hurt but I suspect there will be considerable overlap with players who'll either figure out the basics by clicking around the UI or would check external sources with those who would actually learn something from more tutorials. Some players are just hopeless without a compass marker directing them to each and every mouse click.
  23. Generally things getting exploited is what justifies mechanic nerfs like those. If people start spamming aoe weapons with the goal of killing enemies through walls (especially if it's in some afk farm) then we'd eventually see the same changes happen there.
  24. Even if others aren't using any aoe weapons you're still competing with three other guns, their companions, and abilities. All while the game has a finite spawn limit. And if just one player is using some aoe spam weapon/frame then good luck having anything to fight outside of Survivals or endless missions with large maps. Really the powercreep in general is just such that co-op exists just for the extra/faster drops and rewards. And the whole thing goes well beyond just single target weapons.
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