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  1. At worst I go "oh, darn" then proceed to spend the extra minute or so finishing the mission. It's a non-issue for me and honestly I wish more missions threw random curve balls at you like this. Also I don't get why anyone would instantly abort the mission. The exterminate portion doesn't take much longer than another run and aborting just makes the time already spent in the mission wasted.
  2. It would be dismissed for the same reasons reward focused players dismiss existing content. They would just grind it out until they get rolls they're satisfied with then be finished with the system and never look back unless it gets updated/changed. But reward based content can't be "sustainable" anyways without taking away rewards or resetting progress towards new rewards. Any reward system that claims to be sustainable without using those methods is actually just an incredibly long grind or uses FOMO to make players feel forced to keep engaging with the grind.
  3. It's just another one of the high variance farms. Some players go through without it being noteworthy while others claim spending months on it. For me I spent less than an hour to get all my parts but going back to it for a clan member it took us three or four hours to get theirs. RNG just be like that sometimes.
  4. It's intentional and probably for the best. If players want to get as salty as they have over needing to do a whole 20-30 minutes of K-Drive to get a frame imagine the salt when they can't fully mod one without going through Vent Kid standing. Or it would get called a "cash grab" because they would feel "forced" to go through trade in order to get them.
  5. You might have a point if there was an obligation to Forma everything to the max other than one's own desires to "100%" everything. Since the extra ranks of Kuva/Tenent weapons aren't even remotely necessary to hit MR30 and Legend ranks are bragging rights at best there is no reason to get them solely for mastery. Thus again there is no drive to get and spend all that Forma unless the player themselves wants to making the entire thing completely optional.
  6. I mean I've given discounts to people just because they asked and were nice about it. And it's not uncommon for those who're bulk listing would take the convenience of offloading more items at once for slightly less than they wanted. So it's likely not them being "privileged" but just inquiring if you would offer a cut for a larger trade. Also given your attitude to those just asking for a lower price I'm going to assume that people aren't responding to you with hostilities just for not offering a bulk discount. In the end it is entirely your discretion as to what prices you'll accept. But hostilities are only going to invite more hostilities.
  7. Assuming they're still trying to adhere to the whole "only show what we're near ready to ship" from the previous TennoCon with Deimos then I wouldn't expect it to be too far out. Unless they dropped a rough estimate in one of their streams. Either way I wouldn't expect any new "content" other than the already mentioned changes and the usual bug fixes. Even with Nidus' PA I wouldn't expect it until New War since both will be simultaneous platform releases.
  8. A lot of abilities don't restrict your ability to shoot or move and there is no delay between melee and shooting your guns on top of being able to move around while fighting with both. So moving, using, and swapping between your weapons and abilities is pretty innate to most frames already. If you mean direct build synergy then there are things like grouping abilities (Larva, Vortex, etc) for hitting more enemies with your weapons and enemy debuffs/weapon buffs (armor stripping abilities, Sonar, etc). While with modding/upgrades you have things like Vigorous Swap (bonus damage on switching guns) or the Steel Path Dexterity Arcanes (stacking gun damage on melee kill). And for synergy to buff abilities we got things like Power Drain (bonus strength on next ability after Parazon finisher), Pax Bolt (Kitgun arcane for bonus strength + efficiency on next ability after headshot kills), or just using things like Rage or energy generating mods and arcanes to spam out more abilities.
  9. I think the gun changes were entirely unnecessary even in the context of SP but even then it is kinda nice to have the pool of viable and efficient guns expanded for SP. Even though having a large pool of options sort of defeats the point of SP being an outlet for our overpowered options. In regards to the melee changes I'm still surprised heavy attack builds got away with no changes. Even with Glaives being the only directly changed melee type they're still just as overpowered with the changes only amounting to swapping a single mod for a charge attack speed mod. Far as the other melee changes go I can't say much as combo builds are still painfully boring to use and I've never had a use for Berserker. But the melee changes are at least a step in the right direction. All in all I guess the update was overall beneficial. It was more powercreep than anything which is never good at this point and the melee nerfs didn't go far enough but in the current state of the game having more viable options is probably worth the cost of broken things still being broken.
  10. IIRC it was a backend issue that either caused them to get un-archived or made it where archiving everything caused problems. Also the Forums aren't actually owned or maintained by DE but by a third party. So if it is a technical issue it likely lies with them.
  11. I prefer them as well just because I don't enjoy going through the dedicated Credit and Endo farms in the game. Being able to get both plus cracking relics is a huge bonus for only being slightly slower than regular Fissures.
  12. It has been a good enough solution for players that focus a build to the point of losing build diversity. And it isn't getting it to have more options it's getting extras to have more over-optimized builds. And the entire issue can be avoided by swapping out a single Primed mod or not slapping Umbra polarities on everything.
  13. My thoughts are that AOE weapons shouldn't have the raw damage output they currently do. Adding AOE onto everything doesn't solve the issue and just continues to deepen the pit of bad design and powercreep the game is stuck in.
  14. Keep your stabs efficient and don't go for a blind one without doing so to test a requiem you know is in the sequence. That way you never have to deal with lv5 and only occasionally need to deal with lv4. It's more of a hassle with Liches due to their longer murmur grind vs Sisters but you're going to need to consider the trade off of doing slower or disliked mission types on other planets vs being forced to do them in the Fortress.
  15. I meant multiple copies of frames/weapons not mods. Like if your different Nova builds can't all fit on the same Nova due to polarities then build an extra Nova or two to support the other ones. And if you want to min-max then go for it but you're hitting one of the indented limiters of said min-maxing. Which we already have a method to ignore by just building multiple copies of the same frame. But why convolute the entire Forma system just to save a couple Forma per build for the incredibly small subset of players who go for this level of min-maxing? Most of which have likely made duplicate frames for this very reason already.
  16. Sounds like an overcomplicated solution to something we've already solved for years with multiple copies or by just not going through the unnecessary min-maxing. And it isn't even like this would save much over getting duplicate items when you're still going to be going through the extra Forma and re-ranking.
  17. I don't believe this was the exact thread I recalled as I though it was much older but this and other threads had similar conclusions of the drops being weighted. Though the numbers I mentioned seem to be way off. Specifically this comment:
  18. The damage bonus is heavily weighted towards the lower end. Some Tenno gathered a load of data regarding it and iirc their data showed that there is a 75% chance of getting a 25% roll and something like a 1.5% of rolling a 60%.
  19. In my experience the timers have always been a non-issue though I'm the type who cares more for delayed gratification than instant, even if that isn't the goal of the timers the idea of needing to wait doesn't bother me. While those I've known/encountered who do take issue are the types to dislike games for not having enough instant gratification. And while it's sort of sidestepping the issue if new players get put off by crafting times then I can't imagine they would stick around the game for long. There are just a lot of other time gates outside of the foundry that either take effort to overcome or require waiting months/years for and if three days is a deal breaker then they're in for a rough time. Though it isn't like they really lock out new players from being able to progress anyways. Even if they spend a day grinding out a boss only to then need to wait 3.5 days to get their frame every single resource and mod dropped from those runs are necessary for their progression and will only be a drop in the bucket of what they need. Just consider how many Orokin Cells are needed to craft things and their rarity while all bosses have a decent chance at dropping them. More or less all players I've known have gone through the boss grind for Cells alone. So those three days can be spent gathering more blueprints, parts, and resources to begin the next cycle of crafting and they can do it with the last batch of things they finished. In the end it is there for padding and in line with the "pay for convenience" monetization scheme of the game. But I can't say it's egregious nor enough of a road block to warrant any level of removal aside from continuing to reduce/remove timers on story critical items.
  20. Seems to be a stretch for it to be at all related to Parvos. I'd say it's more likely to be related to most Orokin (and all the ones seen in game) having the elongated right arm. Adorning Nidus' arm may have a similar significance or just be a reference to that.
  21. Most opinions you'll find online about frames is going to be from the perspective of whether or not they're the "best" at a specific thing and anything that isn't or takes any amount of effort to achieve it will be labeled as trash. Really so long as you're not playing for maximum efficiency you'll be just fine in all content regardless of frame choice. The only difference will be needing to put a bit more effort/time in than with a more optimal setup and/or needing to rely more on your choice of weapons. In the end just take whatever you find enjoyable and you'll be able to make it work just fine.
  22. Citation needed. Most feedback made is objectively bad, directly conflicts with previously implemented feedback, or would result in a worse outcome/little to no gain for the work required. And most of the changes the game has ever gotten are the result of feedback. Every single system rework or adjustment has been the result of players asking for changes to said systems. This includes all the movement, melee, and frame revisions. All the adjustments to recent systems like Lich's and Railjack. And all the balance, functionality, and economic changes to the open worlds.
  23. I don't see how they're that comparable. Wukong really just has the rep of being the "DE approved" afk frame. But unlike players who're actually afk and leeching his clone actually kills enemies. While Limbo has the rep of being a troll frame and actively detrimental due to how players can willingly hinder a mission with his abilities and how uninformed players (not just the Limbo) can also make things worse by not knowing how the Rift functions. Unless you're the type who gets irrationally angry at players for being afk there is no way Wukong is ever worse than Limbo. As both require an intentional effort to do their "worst" but doing so with Limbo is actually detrimental unlike Wukong.
  24. I'd say old was "better" but neither were good to begin with. The CC component, like all CC, is pointless when you can just be killing enemies and the knock down made headshots harder/impossible. Even if you don't intentionally aim for them accidental headshots still deal enough damage for it to be a downgrade. But even then CC is still an effect that can find some usefulness. While the reduced accuracy effect might reduce the damage you take somewhat but it's just unnecessary. Though it's technically an upgrade in terms of killing enemies as it can't potentially hinder you like the old proc. However it goes back to being worse if you had to give up Heat damage in order to have Blast.
  25. Yes they will eventually get unvaulted again. Just as the system used to be one unvaulting at a time it's inevitable that we'll see them tripled up sooner or later.
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