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  1. ... for codex sake 😉❤️ [DE] could you bring back the devotee, i didn't scanned them during the first ep. of Nightwave 😞 It would be awesome to see them coming back for the last episode 😉
  2. You can check this guide for Jackal eximus 😉
  3. Damn... i didn't scanned them 😞 I hope they will be back...
  4. When i was heavily farming syndicate (4 syndicate maxing), i used to have the A appearances for my main syndicate and duplicate (please, add a duplicate appearance button ❤️ ) this appearance to B with a secondary syndicate... So, yeah, for me appearances A & B of my let's say 10 main frames, are the same, they just serve to switch between syndicate. It helps, but it's not optimal : you have to check the actual syndicate you're wearing (if u can see behind the syandana, it's cool, but if not, you have to check the appearance menu) leading sometimes to play with wrong syndicate (if you didn't check before) At least, some icon somewhere, reminding you for which syndicate you're gaining standing, would be cool. But yeah, separating the syndicate standing from the frames & appearances, would be perfect !
  5. Yeahhhh 🙂 was lazy to try to catch it, but i finally tried today, & was really lucky : - doing thermia solo (frost + vazarin + no helios) - put & complete the first 2 canisters (alert slowly rising) ; - then got the seconds 2 canisters destroyed near the end (with full alert level) ; - and just before leaving for another round, my jackal eximus was here - and shazam : simaris widget worked and got 2/3 scans 🙂 Big big love @Voltage for your advices on this one ❤️ ❤️❤️
  6. Great... i'have farmed everything before hotfix... so many pearls i will never have 😞 thanks for the hotfix though and thanks for the event ❤️
  7. At the start of PoE, it was possible to scan it without stoping the turbin (1 little zone on the map, it was possible)... Dunno if they have fixed it yet, but maybe it can help 😉
  8. Please, have a look on PoE conservation in Codex.... Bugged since introduced months ago....
  9. Thanks for the hotfix... but... euh... poe conservation... codex... you know...
  10. nothing for poe conservation in codex ? 😞 thanks for the update though happy tennocon !!! ❤️
  11. Please, fix PoE conservation codex ❤️
  12. Please, fix PoE codex conservation.... totally bugged... <3
  13. Please fix bugged codex of Poe Conservation <3
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