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  1. Please fix bugged codex of Poe Conservation <3
  2. Please, fix the conservation part of the codex ❤️
  3. Please, fix the conservation part of the codex
  4. So all Kuaka scans gone... Conservation scans was already painful, but what should i say if you're doing regular reset of the 20 scans !!! 😞 Plus, the classic codex bug of asking 20 scans for eximus variant, as usually lowered to 3 scans in few hotfixs.... DE... Why are you so much tormenting the codex completists ? what have we done to you except dedicating our playtime to complete some of the core of your game.... Please, stop playing with codex !!!
  5. Oh 😞 went to baro before the change...
  6. Daily challenge ("Complete a mission") bugged : got the message, but no points...
  7. Can't say better... Thanks, as always @Voltage ! ❤️❤️❤️ Now that Vallis conservation is fixed in the codex, the Plains ones are totally broken. Like Voltage is saying : no progression for condorc, mergoo & strange double entry for kuaka (i was thinking that maybe there is one for female and one for male 😉 ) Wow... you've managed to complete this rare cow-like ghost kuaka... well done !!!
  8. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ !!!! thanks soooo much @Voltage you easily deserve a "Codex Hunter Noggle" bro 😉
  9. Haha 🙂 Thanks @Voltage❤️ Nightwave Rnk 38 (almost 39) with 200 credits.... a bit sad of using all that in nitain...
  10. Nothing for the bugged condroc or meergo in the codex ?
  11. Yeah... DE is going totally messy with the codex 😞
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