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  1. Thanks for this update Please, can you check the Saxum Spittle & Jugulus Spine mods (Deimos Bountie). It seams that they are not in the drop table since introduction...
  2. Do you mean Saxum Spittle & Jugulus Spine mods not droping in the 3rd Deimos Bountie since they have been introduced ? ;)
  3. Hi @Voltage ! I hope you're fine. Well done for this guide ! Dunno if i'm doing it right, but when i'm in the 4th bountie with purifier and stay quite long time (i've already tried 30 min) i have no more eximus spawning, jugulus or other :( Any advice ? Thanks bro xo
  4. @Voltage Well done bro ! as always <3 I've seen your ingame message yesterday, but too late ;) Let me know if i can be of any help. Take care bro PS. Nice amount of credits ;)
  5. I've met the Deimos Jugulus Eximus in the 3rd deimos normal bountie. Done many many rounds for the mods before met one though...
  6. ... for codex sake 😉❤️ [DE] could you bring back the devotee, i didn't scanned them during the first ep. of Nightwave 😞 It would be awesome to see them coming back for the last episode 😉
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