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  1. Same here : i love this daily grind for relics mostly. My main syndicates : Meridian / Veil / Suda / Hexis. I keep Suda & Hexis maxed without playing them really (just to grab mods from time to time). I only farm on daily basis the Meridian to collect a lot of medaillons (and do the NW stuff or maxing items...). I try to collect really a lot of medaillon with meridian. I had around 50 of 5000, 300 of 1000 and 700 of 500 before the introduction of the last new items. So that I only need to grind for Loka (+ Perrin) when needed, then just use a big part of my medaillons stocks to go back to meridian (+ veil) and suda (+ hexis). Just to feel better when doing this switch from one side to the other, it's a really good way to have a looooot of relics, as you can empty each syndicate standing by taking relics, before playing the other syndicate. And YES !!! i would love a syndicate icon on the star chart. At least as a reminder (to avoid any mistake), and eventually as a switch button like the one on your UI.
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