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  1. I'm using Final Harbringer on my Sigma & Octanis combined with crit mods as well as the Berserker mod. Suffice to say, the attack speed get's quite high in the heat of battle. What bothers me greatly with this melee stance is the constant lunging that when combined with the quick attack speed more or less teleports me behind the enemies I'm trying hit. I get a few quick hits in and then suddenly I'm all the way across the room swinging at a wall or worse yet, plummeting into a pit. Turn around, try again and voila, face meets wall and the enemy is once more behind me and shooting me in the back. This uncontrollable movement is a royal pain on maps that have a plentitude of pits because you are doomed to fly into them no matter what you do. The lunging distance in some combat animations need to be toned down or be outright removed and instead be based on Warframe movement speed or something that gives the player better control. It's no fun using some melee weapons when I keep missing half the enemies due to uncontrollable lunging animations.
  2. Eeeh, what exactly are you expecting to see? You are on Saturn, so obviously you can't see any planet.
  3. Has happened twice now. I hop into a public Orb Vallis game to farm toroids. A few beacons pop up. Host migrates for some reason or other. After that, all beacons continuously self destruct a second after being placed. Note: not continuously as in an undending explosion kind of way. What I mean is that the Corpus plops one down and just as it finishes unfolding it just randomly explodes for no reason and disappears.
  4. What is the status on PBR for older frames and weapons?
  5. Is it possible to make Nova's back "jets" an auxiliary? All the clipping with syandanas is crippling my fashion! Pretty please?
  6. Ayatan statue stuck in floor on Jupiter tileset: #1376624 Completely black door on Corpus tileset: #1376633
  7. #1363461 Hole in Lua tile that traps enemies (and where stolen weapons become unretrievable if snagged by the Grineer kubrow dude)
  8. With the upcoming Railjack, are you planning any form of revisit to Archwing in order to improve the game-mode in general?
  9. Darvo noggle when? More Operator glasses/goggles any time soon? Tennogen round 13 results?
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