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  1. Strange... I usually do the Venus sabotage node and do the void before the objective. Haven't had any issues there playing solo.
  2. You have to use Zenith coins (T3 granum voids) afaik. I've used them on Venus and gotten sister spawns. Also, you don't have to clear the void, only complete the minimum amount of kills if it's hard to keep up.
  3. Feels like this bug is as old as the game itself.
  4. You need to be waaaay more specific than that. What textures? Where? Do you have images showing before and after? Do you know if anyone else is having the same issue? What are your graphics settings in-game and in the launcher? Anything that can help narrow down the cause of the problem.
  5. TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: Attempting RJ Voidstorm exterminate on Venus yet again and joining a game as client. Upon spawning in I encountered a whole squad who were unable to leave the RJ, me included. Neither could I enter the slingshot nor could I spawn my operator for some reason. Others in the groups said they couldn't even enter the escape menu. I however could and was able to abort. VISUAL: - EXPECTED RESULT: Being able to exit the RJ or spawning my operator. OBSERVED RESULT: The opposite. REPRODUCTION RATE: Two or three times. No known trigger.
  6. TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: Playing RJ Voidstorm exterminate on Venus and upon entering the main ship I (host) could not progress through a green door that the clients could go through. Clients then got halted by a friendship door that would not register their input, resulting in players dropping and aborting mission. VISUAL: - EXPECTED RESULT: Doors opening OBSERVED RESULT: They did not REPRODUCTION RATE: Once
  7. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: During Void storm (volatile) mission my Bonewidow Necramech could not damage the exploding void rifts using Mausolon archgun. VISUAL: - EXPECTED RESULT: I should've killed them since my Warframe and operator had zero problems doing it using primary and amp. OBSERVED RESULT: Void rifts took no damage and displayed no damage numbers when shot using Mausolon archgun. Splash damage however caused damage numbers over a thousand to appear but still did not damage the void rift. REPRODUCTION RATE: Twice so far. I was client if that matters.
  8. BUG: My Bonewidow Necramech could not damage the void flashbang things. I shot at directly at them with my Mausolon but no damage indicator was even shown and they took no damage. I got splash damage indications when shooting near them but they still took no damage at all.
  9. The amount of screen shaking in the void storm missions is incredibly jarring. Not sure if bug or intended but I've experienced extended explosions where the screen was shaking and tumbling around like a pebble within a blender within a tumbler during an earthquake for several seconds. It's shaking so much that your warframe goes completely off screen while it goes on. Edit: And it also shakes a lot when piloting the Railjack, making aiming and shooting enemy fighters near impossible. It's frustrating and takes the fun out of the game mode.
  10. I'm not a big fan of the recent remakes either. I was for a long time advocating for DE to do their PBR magic on the few remaining Warframes some months ago. But when Nova finally got done my heart sank a bit. She looks like she just got out of a rock tumbler; dull, dusty and scathed. It was a far throw from her previous pristine and shiny version. I was hoping she'd get a similar finish to Nova Prime since that would have been a quick and easy route. Now I'm actually fearing they'll go back and toss her prime in the tumbler as well. I'd love to have an alt skin that didn't look so blemished and weathered.
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