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  1. Contact support. They might restore the mod for you.
  2. I like it. Fits the theme a thousand times more than the current deluxe. Source: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8l3Z2x
  3. When can we expect to see the new Nova Deluxe II on the market? Me want!
  4. Aye, it might have been limiting factors that led to the current iteration. They have a budget on number of tris they can use in a model and any see-through parts require them to model the "inside" of the frame as well, eating up additional tris. In Nova's case, there just might have been too many transparent parts which due to the tris budget ended up limiting the overall design.
  5. I like the new skin a lot. Wasn't super fond of the original concept.
  6. Any news on fashion systems currently in development? I've heard whispers about you looking into the ability to change materials on your frames. Speaking of which, when will you finish PBR on older frames? Also, is that the upcoming Nova deluxe skin I see in your devstream image? 🙂
  7. Sounds more like a console problem then. I actually enjoy being able to use my guns from a distance and aim my shots properly since I don't have aim assist like consoles do. And if I'm not mistaken, Fulmin is pretty damn popular. Why? Because it has good stats. Popularity has nothing to do with the toggle aspect itself. Being able to aim with both fire modes is just common sense.
  8. Can we have a proper alt-fire toggle for Kuva Quartakk? I loved the original Quartakk but the Kuva variant is so awkward with the zoom enabled fire mode. Why did you make it that way when a proper toggle would have been so much more intuitive and fun? Please change this. Thanks
  9. Playing as client, Nova's anti matter drop goes invisible after a short distance. Bug not apparent when playing as host.
  10. What made you go the route of RNG stats on Lich weapons and RJ equipment and will this be the future norm? Also, Nova Deluxe when? I think I spotted it in the announcement pic on a previous stream but you never showed it.
  11. I'm a big fan of Sigma & Octanis (sword and shield) and I've been using it lately while hunting Liches. As most players, I run/sprint 99% of the mission time and using the shield (manual blocking mechanic) is a good way of advancing without taking too much damage. However, when I'm running and blocking, the act of strafing points my character in the direction I'm strafing rather than keeping my shield pointed towards the enemy as it does when I'm not running. Is this intended? Because it seems wierd to have your character blocking in the direction your're running rather than the direction you're looking at and actively wanting to block incoming fire from. Thanks!
  12. I just did the 3 missions on PC and I could only hack 1 or 2 lasergrid consoles before all of them stopped working (could not interact with them). Hacking bursas and later regular alarm consoles worked.
  13. Fair enough, I can buy the movement idea but I still think it's far too much. They have a more discreet effect when travelling that I wonder if it would not suffice? I'm talking about the small streaks moving across the screen from the center. I suppose you could call it space dust but fills the same function. Let's add two more options to the discussion: 1: Reduce the size (and amount) of rocks to make them more discreet. Then you would keep the effect while making it less "in your face". 2. Give us a menu option to remove them entirely, since we all love menu options, while keeping the space dust effect so we have some notion of movement in the few scenarios where we have no static structures in view.
  14. In a game where you have to go near loot to pick it up, regular Warframe missions has issues. Railjack however... Below are three images. Image 1 and 2 are images of me inside and outside the Railjack looking at the same spot. Image 3 is just a comparison where you can see the old AW debris (the blurry chunks on the righthand side of the image). The problem with being a pilot in Railjack is that you have to almost strain your eyes in order to spot that little dot of loot hiding amongst a veritable shoal of visual clutter (quadruple eye damage bonus if you have Particle Ram enabled). However when jumping out in your AW, the clutter is all gone and the loot is much, much more visible (hooray!). It this intended? Most likely not. Will it be fixed? I'm actually hoping it won't. The question I must ask is: is the clutter effect really necessary? Does it add anything to my visual experience within the game mode? For me, no, it doesn't. To some degree it actually takes from it. I don't know how many times I've tried to shoot at a rock coming at me, only to realize that it's one of those fake rocks that distract me from the real ones. And jumping out in AW adds far more depth and scenic value to the scene when all these rocks are no longer up in my face. I would agree that the clutter adds a small amount of immersion if used correctly. But as it is now I wonder if it's really necessary to have it flood my screen always and everywhere? Is there a middle ground that can be achieved by only having appear it within some bounding volumes (correct term?) closer to the larger structures/asteroids in these missions? Or in vastly reduced amounts? Or is the clutter necessary at all if it is a simple yes/no question? These fake rocks are not that pretty to look at with their low-poly design, so why are they so abundant? I would love to hear other players' experience in regards to this. Side note; Since Railjack, the clutter in normal AW missions have also vanished (see image 3 taken from way before the update) which is most likely the same reason why we can't see the clutter when flying our AW:s in RJ missions. 1. Railjack as pilot: space is a gravel pit 2. Railjack as Archwing: mmm, nice! 3. 2015 Archwing with outdated clutter visual effects
  15. 2010797 I've noticed in some tunnel sections on Europa that there is some sort of static/glitchy high pitch noise that really pierces the ears. Don't know if it is a corrupt sound file or just a nasty sound effect.
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