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  1. Every day I log in since I first got them 6-7 years ago. Got 5 loyal mini vacuums loitering around the system collecting stuff at any given time. Wish I could use them to collect Railjack resources though.
  2. I agree. The crosshair is too busy and blends in with the weapon FX.
  3. Cuul! Have a nice holiday and rest well! Oh, and please consider giving us some holiday alerts for Scintillants before you lock the door :)
  4. Can we get some fixes for Nova Atomica? The rigging/mesh/weight map is a bit wonky. Been reporting this since release.
  5. TYPE: In-Game, Deimos DESCRIPTION: Lobotriscid and also Myxostomata have very buggy hit boxes. I swear I've hit them spot on dozens of times, sometimes point blank, but the spear just passes right through them. REPRODUCTION: Just fish EXPECTED RESULT: To hit the fish OBSERVED RESULT: Spear went straight through REPRODUCTION RATE: Yes
  6. Did the new vault with my clan mates. We all agreed that the grind to get the new weapon PARTS (!) just isn't worth our time. None of us felt compelled to do it again any time soon, if at all. We all logged off after finishing.
  7. Nova's back thingies that clip into every syandana. C'mon, you did it for Khora!
  8. Not sure if related to this update, but I just saw this fancy mismatch of textures. Notice Nova's body on the Tachyon helmet image in the market. Someone linked the wrong body textures when taking that screenshot. And while speaking of Nova and Tennogen, can someone fix the missing specular map (?) part on the neck of her Lamia skin? There is a very jarring edge that is far too visible to ignore where the artist (?) missed to add the metallic sheen that the adjacent part has.
  9. Nova's new deluxe has some issues here and there with strange pixelations. Notice her thighs in the below screen. Also, please review her mesh/rigging/weight map as she has some problems with distortions mentioned in the below thread:
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