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    Coming Soon: Devstream #44!

    How are the Queens and their development? Will they be the Tenno's toughest challenge yet?
  2. VictorSixx

    Hotfix 15.6.1

    Thanks :)
  3. VictorSixx

    Hotfix 13.8.1

    What was the exploit in the first place?
  4. VictorSixx

    Hotfix 10.0.4

    This is from the permakill bug in the dueling room. I killed my friend with melee and his body flew into the corner like that, so.... *takes screenshots*
  5. VictorSixx

    Hotfix 10.0.4

  6. VictorSixx

    Livestream #11: Sound Q&a July 31 @ 2 Pm!

    I'll be in school unfortunately during that time. No chances for platinum today x.x
  7. VictorSixx

    Hotfix 9.2.0

    Now to fix the Ancients bugging out when they die... They stretch out and flop all over the place, sometimes causing performance lag. :/
  8. VictorSixx

    Hotfix 8.1.6

    Thanks :D
  9. VictorSixx

    Thanks For Watching Livestream #7!

    Rebecca was in God mode ! xD