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  1. Running some Gian Point and hitting these walls constantly.
  2. Just want to post support for this. The addition of a check box in the options menu to enable another option in the drop down menu [Public][Private][Invite Only][Solo][Solo 4x] or a selection in options to add dummy players to solo, private, and invite only games. It might to nice to have the four player spawn rate if anyone I use to play with played again. I feels pretty lame in some missions to clear out the dozen enemies that spawn and just jump in circles waiting for another few to show up. Meanwhile that combo counter decayed, the excavator ran out of power 20s ago and there's still
  3. Happened here too. I was running T3 vault bounties, completed one bounty, started a second bounty and the first stage was the mist fissure. Activated the nearest rift and killed the spawns but it never sealed. The timer ran out and I repeated about four times with the same fissure and a different one. They both failed to seal each time after eliminating enemies and the timer reached 00:00. I aborted the bounty, returning to the surface, and looked for a thread on this bug. One suggested waiting until the timer reaches 01:16 before killing the spawns to allow them to finished spawning
  4. Just happened to me. The juggernaut just keeps spinning in place. edit: been stuck for about 5 minutes, while looking for this post. edit2: Managed to wedge the juggernaut into the wall with a necramech and it must have fallen through since it reappeared across the room moving normally.
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