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  1. Restricting the game mode to rank 30 weapons would probably just reduce it's popularity too low to regularly find a game, besides I have used it to rank up weapons a few times, but I always try to get to wave 8.

    I certainly sympathize with the frustration of trying to get the vandal parts or the ephemera from wave 8 when 90% of the time you end up solo by wave 4. Due to this I will only bring Saryn and an ignis/atomos/staticor to have the best chance of maintaining the killing speed and finishing the run at wave 8. Even then, depending on the tilesets, it can be nearly impossible to keep up.

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  2. Pretty much agree with OP on these points. The UI looks nice but some of the same issues with the first UI update have come back, specifically on the relic selection screen requiring a mouse hover to see the number owned and other details.

    Just a tip on the relic screens to deal with the un-owned relics, you can sort by 'owned' in the drop down left of the search bar. This way the relic you have the most number of will always be first. It may need to be sorted this way on each screen but it should stay sorted that way after setting it.

  3. I'm seeing a spawn issue since every public group has at least one player wanting to leave as soon as the extraction is open. (side rant: not sure why you don't play solo if it's to only clear the node and not get any resources or rewards)

    When any players moves to early extraction they seem to get swarmed by nearly all the spawns, including the key carriers. Just finished a game where the guy ran out of revives on the extraction platform and had to help a guy yesterday clear the extract zone so he could leave. Those of us staying couldn't do much until we found all the keys near the exit area.

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  4. This has mostly been commented already but my impressions of the fight;

    Dialog that covers half the screen is obnoxious, some of the syndicates do it in an invasion and Natah should be shrunk to the smaller window after the first completion.

    Instructions for the fight are unclear, I sorted out the charging the towers with the Ropas beam and to lower shields with operator but it took a few minutes to figures out to grab it and crash it into a tower. Once on the ground the 'fins" on it's back were obvious targets but Alad V saysing "hit it big" didn't alert me to the panel to fire the laser.

    The tiles to reach the boss have a few locations where the waypoint is oddly placed on the map and the larger parkour areas can be tricky if a players doesn't have void dash (mind sprint and void flow) maxed out to get seven dashes.

    Other than some occasional clipping of the Ropa into the platform, the fight feels solid and can be done relatively quickly solo and in a group.

  5. 36 minutes ago, Loza03 said:

    With the 60 minute stuff... I have to agree. Not in general, but hour long stuff's a problem. Especially since it's boring, and not challenging in the slightest.

    With the Kuva suvival, challenge is made by requiring Nekros/Hydroid just to mostly keep life support up. It's the reason I find ESO so frustrating to play solo (after the team bails at wave 3), the drain is faster than spawns allow to maintain.

    Tried it once, made it to 35min or so with a group, no Nekros so it was gg. We got 2 stretch mods as rewards, it was pretty entertaining to see that pop up and lotus saying "look what our operative found".

  6. Looking though the wiki a bit, it appears that aura mods will apply to exalted weapons. (steel charge to exalted blade and pistol amp to regulators etc).

    If you want to get the most out of these weapons though, you will still want to forma them a few times to fit all the mods. I will make a huge difference in their effectiveness.

  7. It sounds like the chat has gone from a free for all mess to becoming too filtered(?) when, as you say, someone was banned for a meme and you got the boot for commenting on it.

    Although I have seen that meme start some insane rants and arguments which would probably consume region chat for hours as people joined and left the chat.

    As for the freedom of speech note. In game chat is not a public space, and DE is not the US government. DE is also a company based in Canada, which does not have constitutional protection for freedom of expression.


    Safest bet is to keep the chat game related.

  8. 15 minutes ago, xPreViisionz said:

    The title, he has to put the riven on a shotgun so he can't use sniper rifles

    Ah, right, I had forgotten that shotgun secondaries use pistol mods.

    I would try the Lex Prime or Pandero in that case. Maybe a Tigris variant with Tainted Shell just to see.

  9. I had an almost identical requirement some time ago. I recall using the Itzal and cloaking (Amesha with watchful swarm and warding grace could work too) and used the Vectis or Rubico and primarily targeted the Ballista and Butchers (the Grineer snipers and cleavers) as they have exposed heads. Lancers and the sort have almost a hood protecting their heads from all but the front, making them harder to get those headshots on while in the air.

  10. 3 minutes ago, Fishyflakes said:

    The rewards are not the problem in Conclave.

    It's the gameplay.

    Have to agree with this.

    I've played a bit to get some of the rewards but generally get frustrated with the insane player movement. Unpredictable and constant direction changes people often make while never touching the floor makes tracking and hitting targets stressful.

  11. First time I saw the Castanas Trinity build I thought it was interesting that someone came up with that combination. Looks boring, a bit tedious to use, and I don't have any plans to build it, but it's effective and I'm not going to rage about it when someone on my team is doing it because I don't care if I have top damage percentage.

    Let's get the mission done and try again to get those drops.

  12. I've been in a few games that have ended due to the conduit not opening. I hadn't made the connection that it was linked to a party member not able to load the next zone fast enough, but it explains why the conduit opened as soon as one player disconnects.

    This is definitely a huge issue since the efficiency continues to drain while we curse Simaris for using Windows 2000 to manage his simulation software.

  13. Imagine, someone in Sell chat typing "WTS [Nova Prime] set" and at the same time someone in Buy chat typing "WTB [Nova Prime] set", they'll never see each other.

  14. Getting a very narrow FOV after this update. (Yes the slider is maxed and I cannot type a number manually)


    Edit: After a restart and some changing and re-changing the display settings, the FOV has returned to where I am comfortable. No idea why or how, but it's fixed.

  15. I've run into this problem several times, Rhino does fly about 20% of the time.

    I did have the stalker spawn on me in there once, the fan worked perfectly on Rhino while the Stalker assisted me in testing by teleporting me to the bottom over and over again. I think i got about 20 test flights that run. The fan did stop working on Rhino after the Stalker left though.

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