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  1. So x5 damage? I mean running sorties I try not to let my multiplier drop below x4 because then things take to long to die and I end up dead. Can I get third option? I'm sick of bullet jumping/jumping into a block glide while I have a primary or secondary out. It slows down my movement, keeps me from shooting things while jumping or while trying to aim glide and I keep getting taken back to my melee. At least this makes it so that I can start using gun blades fully again, since auto-blocking stops the firing animation. While I am ok with heavy attacks over charged attacks, I'm not ok with loosing channeling to get it. I use channeling to combo stealth kills since channeling is how we remove enemy bodies. So what are we going to get in it's place? Will stealth finishers automatically disintegrate bodies? Ouch. I'm going to get some gauze and a suture kit.... And when this update drops I'm going to login, sit back with some buttered popcorn and watch region chat because there will be plenty of salt there. Darn. So much for my dagger builds.
  2. Yesterday on Mariana earth I thought I opened Orokin relics, apparently I opened an ancient puzzle box:
  3. Happened twice out of two tries, two different times out on the plains. This one didn't get very close to begin with and didn't circle overhead like they're supposed to. Nothing special to make it happen. Find the nest thing, do the call then tranq and it gets stuck. I haven't tried to get Mergoo in a while so I don't know when this started happening.
  4. Well there's three off my list. Thanks for all the other fixes as well.
  5. Thanks for the quick fixes and good luck on the rest, I hope they don't prove to be too hard to squish.
  6. So I only just logged in and went to work on some things I need to do... Ended up going to Marduk and killing Lynx, he dropped something that looked like an oberon part except it was blue. I thought it was something new and picked it up, it was his sigil... which I already had, now I have two showing up in my inventory: Then I went to an invasion mission and Zanuka showed up... and dropped a sigil as well: Eventually trying to apply a sigil to a new warframe or change my sigil is going to take a lot of scrolling. Just a heads up. Thanks for all the hard work, I still have a lot to read for fixes/changes
  7. So proxy rebellion is back... I see we still haven't fixed europa defense tile. So I can't get a screen shot of it but an enemy spawns way off the edge of the map and the marker for it flickers really fast... but here's a screen shot of a kavat magically getting off the map to kill said mob... it doesn't succeed because the mob is still way far away and it shortly gets teleported back.
  8. I'm sorry how long does this bonus last? Edit: also apparently being in arsenal takes away about 100fps. Wow
  9. FINALLY!!! Also any chance for other antique Orokin instruments to show up? I've begun to love orbiter decorating. Hurray!! Oh... I thought this was a secret feature.... XD I'll have to see which ones these are... I was planning on doing a video for random unreachable crates/medallions and a weird visual bug I found. This explains all the dead pets I kept seeing and no one knowing what happened. Thanks for the new gun, I'm going to try it as soon as I can, I've been wanting that Shawzin since war within dropped so I'm excited as hell to grab one and re-decorate my orbiter. I know you guys have a lot on your plate with re-working the engines of the game... Please don't work yourselves into a coma. Again thanks.
  10. Stuck at rank 8 with 10k standing...
  11. Wait... Someone uses reflection?!?!?!?!?
  12. 30 mins in arbitration, host migration, get booted back to orbiter... no rewards.
  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Forgot this on my previous list of weird random glitches: That is a latcher that is somehow an ally. Happened during a void sabotage mission. I was very confused why the grineer were ignoring the corrupted and shooting at the railing next to the portal. EDIT: Also, not that I have pictures or video for this though I will try to get some, there are instances of grineer and corpus moving in circles while also spinning. One such area is outside a spy vault on earth, and in the Jupiter tile set (though much more rare than the grineer area I've listed). Guns with multi-shot don't count as stealth kills even though, technically, all the bullets would hit at the exact same time.
  14. If someone threw a flash bang at you, even if you didn't see them, while blinded you would know they were there... Also it makes sense that if you stab someone or bump into them they would become alerted to a presence even if they can't see it. The game works off of being alerted not off of sight, though don't get me wrong; what you suggest I wouldn't mind, it just gives stealth players an even larger advantage than what we already have but I am an Ivara main so I always have a 500% stealth multiplier.... maybe I'm just spoiled. However this does remind me that on Jupiter some vapos enemies will become "fully alerted" when you enter a room even if: you are invisible, haven't touched them, there are no dead bodies, there are no alarms, and you make no noises. Also if a Nox gets radiation proc'd it will know where you are AND shoot you while you are invisible, though this has been an issue since Nox were introduced. Also multishot kills almost never count as stealth kills even though technically all the bullets hit at the same time.
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