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  1. And another: made a relic radiant, was at 9 out of 10 reactant when I was forcefully extracted. No prime part, no traces, no more relic.... I've never had this happen before so idk if it had to do with host connection or not.
  2. Guess I get to add another, cracked a relic got the void traces but no prime part? https://imgur.com/tVQwTpq
  3. Just doing a large dump of bugs/glitches. I've been meaning to post them for a while, but with each hotfix I've gone back to make sure they haven't been fixed already. Lets begin: Clearing a planet on Steel path doesn't always give you the rewards, which is why I've stopped doing steel path: https://imgur.com/T7DI2Bp Arch guns like to get stuck from shark-wing: (at one point the Hydroid in the party used their undertow ability and their sticky arch-gun remained floating above them in miniature.) And railjack: https://imgur.com/jV7aHqs
  4. Lynx turrets now shoot from the bottom instead of the barrel: I don't know if this is true for other turrets
  5. Makes you wish you had accidentally sat on your sunglasses instead...
  6. So I'm not sure if these are from the latest update but... Playing steel path archwing missions I had this happen: Playing non-archwing missions before and after this and didn't have a problem. Jumped into a second archwing mission and it happened again. The boxes would flicker extremely quickly in random places on the screen. I'm running an Nvidia RTX 2070 and an i7 with 36gb of ram and since it only happened in archwing missions I doubt it's my computer. and then this happened inbetween archwing missions. It was on Oro running steel path:
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