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  1. It just happens when I login into the game, suddenly everything crazy bright and there's some blurry effects going on. Test 1: Go to mission and come back still same results. Test 2: Re-open the game and re-login doesn't solve the issue for me. Test 3: Go to setting and simply try to change the graphic setting solved the issue. (I've never touch it before though, only today the issue pop out) Link To Image: 1. http://prntscr.com/v8u4f5 2. http://prntscr.com/v8ubpv PS: I don't know how to upload picture, sorry.
  2. Sepfahn Zaw two Sugatra bug still exist even until today... I saw people already posted this since 2018 yet the bug still haven't been fixed at all. It's really breaking my immersion having to look at it like that whenever I want to put Sugatra on my Sepfahn. I know there are people who likes it, but you also need to take into consideration for people that dislikes it too. At least fix the bug and make an option for people who likes it to put two Sugatra there. Leaving the bug unfixed for 2 years without finding a solution just because there are some players who likes
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