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  1. Is it possible to get that invulnerability-on-being-revived time for someone that's picked up through Nekros' Soul Survivor augment?☺️ Huge thanks for fixing that Archwing sprint bug!
  2. Thanks for all the work! Hope this doesn't get buried too deep but I've found that I'm unable to sprint in Archwing if I activate the AW Deployer while sliding.
  3. Thanks for the hard work, I'm looking foward to the big fight!
  4. Thanks! Here's our local god Redtext for those not online to worship see: Also I noticed a couple things when running around with Larkspur in a Kuva survival-- 1) Having Primary equipped then deploying Larkspur (Archgun in general?) works as expected. After that, when picking up a Kuva canister afterwards, the pickup animation would play, but Larkspur would unequip back to primary and immediately drop the canister. Similar to the problem that got fixed for melee quick-swapping back to primary dropping things around when thermia fractures were introduced. 2) Given that picking up canisters unequips the Archgun, presumably we're not meant to hold them and still be able to use the heavy weapons. Somehow I managed to deploy the Archgun while holding a canister though, will edit when I figure out how I broke it. Also I could use melee while holding the Larkspur when this occurred. Back to the grind, looking forward to the Plains remaster!
  5. Just a small observation from my end: Exploiter's been "vanishing" after dying, before doing the whole explodey-kabam thingy. I suspect it's caused by Desecrate -- it's a goofy interaction which tickles my insides but I'm fairly sure it's also unintended. Can still hear the overcharging sound even when the Orb is visually gone. And as for feedback (just my opinion after fighting a couple, and mind that I mostly experienced these fights solo), Exploiter seems to take far too long to begin overheating and begin fracturing the area. Or rather, even if you pick off 7 (not necessarily exact number) Coolant Raknoids, one might sneak by you and douse the Orb. Suddenly that ninja Raknoid alone reversed all progress, and it's sort of frustrating in solo runs. I'm actually really happy with the length of the fight otherwise, though I do wish there was some level of permanence to my efforts -- put another way, pls dont let one smol ice spider instantly cool off giant ice spider when i just threw 10 thermia canisters at it I have no doubt that the dev team will smooth out the fight, but thanks for the update, I'm having a lot of fun so far!
  6. Thanks for all the hard work so far! Just to report a couple minor inconveniences -- Vazarin's <Guardian Shell> Way seems to disable Operator Void Blast. I did try disabling <Guardian Blast> (which is further on the ability branch) by itself but that didn't allow for Void Blasting either. Having Primary weapon equipped -> Using Melee -> Picking up a Coolant canister, and then Aiming (switches back to Primary) results in dropping the canister, which sometimes went unnoticed by me until I flew a couple hundred meters away. Would it be possible for Aiming to switch to Secondary instead? Thank you for reading~ Edit: Is it intended that Arch-melees are able to equip the new Amalgam Organ Shatter mod?
  7. Would it be possible to accelerate the bounty reward acquisition from Profit-Taker Heist: Phase 3? Currently after the player has damaged the Orb's shields enough and the progress tracker reaches 100% (which is the essence of the bounty), one has to then wait about 30 seconds for Eudico to finish her voice lines. That's a pretty good chunk of time and I'm sure by taking on missions at this level, many players would presumably have the equipment to be able to travel the short distance to Fortuna before Eudico finishes talking. Well, I can't speak for everyone. I was humming poorly along to some music while farming Phase 3 and *what-ho!* I accidentally flew into the elevator without waiting for Eudico to finish speaking, losing out on the bounty reward and more or less wasting the past 5 minutes. That was my own blunder, I can't complain, but as a Quality of Life adjustment, I humbly request this change on behalf of all other bumble-frames such as myself. Thanks for reading! 😀
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