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  1. Thanks! Just some food for thought going into the break but, could you potentially look into making Wreckage cheaper to repair (but start weaker) and allow us to use various resources to upgrade particular stats on the restored component? For example, I have a Mk3 Engine with 0.23% boost speed right now after the 15,000 titanium grind. What if I was able to grind just 5,000 titanium instead to repair a... say, 0.15% boost speed engine, and then opt to use 10,000 titanium (in total) to steadily upgrade that? I think for me, part of the problem isn't necessarily with the high resource cost for repairs, but rather, that we need to spend long chunks of time meandering through space without any meaningful upgrades to our equipment/Railjack in between. My post here might be kinda wordy, so I'll put the easier-to-understand bit here: Now: 15,000 Titanium (+various other mats) -> Mk3 Engine with +0.23x Boost Speed Multiplier (BSM) Possible change: 5,000 Titanium (+relatively reduced quantities of other mats) -> Mk3 Engine with +0.17x BSM Optionally spend 5,000 Titanium (+other mats) -> Mk3 Engine with +0.20x BSM Another 5,000 Titanium -> +0.23x BSM Again, it's just brain-food. I figure this might soothe some of the dissatisfaction of continuous grind. This idea here's just mooching off the mod system, honestly: You pick up a weak-ish thing, dump some resources into it, and have it become slightly stronger. It could very well be that one of the aims of Railjack components is to avoid having just Mods 2.0, but I do hope that my words can give a little boost to the cogs up in those head fruits. I personally wouldn't mind having additional wait time while the NPCs are reinforcing the components either. It's been repeatedly said that the intent is for people to not be done with in Empyrean in just a few days, and I think the resource costs here are manageable. Thanks again for the patch, thanks for the Update, and I wish all of you at DE the greatest holidays!
  2. Seems pretty early in the day, thanks for the patch! Also I know there's a bug megathread but I can't help but be worried that some things just get buried in the deeper pages, never to see the light. Nekros can spawn enemy ships when casting Shadows of the Dead -- this would be really cool if the ships actually did anything, instead of exploding instantly and essentially wasting his energy. And a shameful plug for a non-Railjack related bug/interaction thingy: Empyrean has been super fun so far, and once you get a bit of Railjack durability it's entirely soloable, if a bit slow. Thank you once again, I'm looking forward to an Empyrean smooth and free of bugs 😊
  3. Thanks! Not sure if this is widely known but there's a small exploit with Archguns where players can essentially ignore the cooldown mechanic. I think it can be reproduced like this: I don't think it's game breaking but I feel like the dev team might want to be aware of it, assuming they aren't already. 😀 And I haven't voiced my thoughts on this yet but I for one am grateful for the Kuva in Requiem relics. 1200 might not seem like much but it's a relatively reliable chunk for people without boosters. There's something satisfying about hitting up Kuva Survival for the mission type, then getting a bonus glob of the old blood and some void traces sprinkled on top. Having Requiem fissures be occasional things makes them seem more appreciable than nodes that are constantly around. So thanks for that!
  4. Thanks for the work 😁 It's still early in the week but keep at it! Few things I'd like to bring attention to, mayhaps: I'll probably find more things to complain about, but I just want the game to improve, I swear! 😅
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