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  1. I really hope this Forced - Adaptive Exposure is removed or not Forced soon, I can't play with this setting being so intrusive to my eyes. I do not think it should be forced, It looks so unnatural. I thought it was my settings frozen or something after the update. At first I thought it to be color correction and then saw more posts on forced color correction and now see its called adaptive exposure. (whatever it is called, it's really hard to deal with) The assault on my eyes gives me a headache. I have friends who already are refusing to play because of this. I put in a ticke
  2. This force of color correction gives me real bad headaches and it is just plain annoying, especially when I turned it off in game!
  3. yep renaming weapons in now broken with update, have image but not gonna show pic, as i have to upload to some 3 party user, u already know its broken by pic above
  4. update messed up my launcher as well..cant update or even see play button...
  5. in same boat, I hope the know about this and fix this soon...OMG I wish they would fix this issue, its quite an obvious one as more that just us have it, it's scattered throughout the forums.../
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