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  1. There a lot of very powerful builds for melee weapons without Rivens that can go way past current endgame standards, you might want to consider looking into some of those builds to get a better understanding of what you might be missing. But the good news is that melees weapons are getting a major balance pass soon™ to expand it's use and hopefully open up the current melee meta.
  2. Set mods should not ever replace their normal variant, and determining their value based on their none set version is pointless as it's plainly ignoring their intended purpose which is the set bonus. Most set bonuses aren't bad, not groundbreaking but certainly not trash as you seem to believe, most of the mods are low cost but their actual draw back how many slots you're willing to sacrifice to strengthen that bonus. You don't need a full set to get a bonus and most players have some flexibility with their builds to get some use, your issue is that you can't justify giving using any of them which is fine, you either haven't found a bonus you like the concept just isn't for you but saying something is bad cause you don't like it or find it useful for yourself is lazy.
  3. You have been heard and after some consideration I've decided on an answer, no.
  4. Loki from beginning of Warframe that has maintained the same level of skill to carry players through any difficulty and received no direct changes for a reason, he is just that well made, if you suffer or have issues playing him it's only cause you're just bad at playing him. Beyond invisibility he has nothing to crutch on like tank frames, he has no insane damage or CC like Equinox or Volt or special "synergys" like Saryn. He is completely skill driven and because of this with the right player there is nothing that can't be done, though his decoy is weak it can be placed anywhere and draw aggro from anything, he has the longest invisibility duration with no gimmicks unlike Octavia and Ivara, he can switch with almost anything and unlike Limbo he can skip almost any challenge with minimal effort when used with his decoy or augments. Though there are other ways to disarm enemies compared to Loki they are trash when considering his range and lack of gimmick to use it unlike Baruuk and he's also the only frame with amazing augs for all of his skills. He isn't the strongest or tankiest or even most interesting frame out there but that's the whole point of the frame, and chances are he'll still be one of the most viable frames years from now, frames that have suffered update after update are always DPS and gimmick frames simply because they become obsolete as changes to damage values and enemies are made more frequently than anything else.
  5. I've been here long before Dark Sectors, they were crap. DS 1.0 was boring and the credits ran dry in minutes, DS 2.0 was a PVP mess filled with Ash and tonkors killing everything and filled with Clans exploiting the system by claiming majority share of credits, Sector locking and just turning DS into a timer simulator. It was taken out for the same reason Trials are being removed now, leaving it present would require continued support (Out of sight and out of mind of the general populous). Trials added nothing to WF nor did it draw from WF's core gameplay concepts, all it did do was highlight WF broken Meta, CP beats all auras, CC everything till is trivial, spam energy plats and invulnerability and if it doesn't kill everything in front of you with a sneeze it's crap.
  6. Great example of closed mindedness, listen to opinions, facts and reason but isn't willing to accept the Truth or change their views even with all the evidence presented in front of them. Raids in their current state are objectively bad for the game, they break with almost every major update, mechanically detached from the rest of the game more so than POE (Which should be impossible considering how old LOR is.), having more in common with World of Warcraft than anything else in Warframe and required constant patching just to barely keep it playable. Time and energy spent yet they are still a steaming hot mess, such effort wasted could be used else where finishing content that actually add more to the game improving the experience for the approximate 20+ million (registered, not concurrent) players instead of capturing to the rough 15K "dedicated" minority. I personally would like to see Raids improve and be something great, but keeping them in means they would need to be supported, making changes everytime DE updates lighting system, sounds systems, physics, damage types, armor types, enemy scaling, new warframes launch, weapons launch just for a mode less than 5% even plays. It simply needs to go back to the drawing board.
  7. No point in getting hype'd, we're going to wait all night friday only for it to launch early saturday.
  8. Would be neat if they were the secret police of the Orokin, empires have been known to use spies on their own people to maintain their power and for counter espionage. Assassinations, sabotage, information gathering and territory defense, pretty much what we already do but to our own. I don't think it's too far of a stretch, we already know the Orokin were a class based society with a great sense of elitism, some Tenno had to have been used for such a purpose.
  9. The Warframes have always been stated to be enhancers for Tenno, it's lore that's been on the game's site since closed beta, but most people never bother to read it. The biggest mystery of this game has always been the Tenno, even now while DE drip feeds us the details we still know close to nothing about their past, motives or even their biology.
  10. There is a reason this theory didn't survive very long out of closed beta.
  11. Let's not bring back the Tiny Girl argument, for those that don't know there was an argument long time ago about Tenno changing frames, the conclusion was that we all had to be tiny women as an explanation on how we could change suits. At the time Mag was the smallest frame and Rhino was the biggest. Currently there is more evidence to show we are physical being, the new Golem fight confirms it, we are flesh not energy.
  12. Golem's lines are reference to his old lines when he was J3-Golem, my favorite is "Why do you destroy us? We are your flesh." which is the revised line we are discussing. I remember being in a similar thread such as this, most of us agreed J3 was just referring to us being made of "flesh" less so being made of infested "flesh", at the time we had nothing to hint we're infested or to support such a theory.
  13. Way back in the old days we did have such a thing, it was removed shortly after Open Beta started , DE didn't like it and seem to feel it wan't right for a Co-Operative game. It wasn't really going anywhere and it didn't really mean anything since there were people cheating their way to the top and if it came back we'd still have the same issues we had then. Personally, I'm against the idea of any sort of Leaderboards, they promote negative behavior and incite they idea of cheating, almost every event we've had so far that offered rewards to the top Clans has had players rigging scores just for a different colored statue.
  14. DE really should give up on these kind of things, it does no good for them nor us every time they "try" to launch an update on a set date, it just leaves us bored and them tired over something they could have gotten done tomorrow morning.
  15. Swap Speed I'm alright with how it is for most weapons, but some just feel odd, Tonkor, Gorgon and a few other big guns are a little fast while some such as daggers, pistols and other compact weapons are too slow, I think swap speed should be based on the weapons by type, size, and features so swapping doesn't look out of place. Bombards I hate Heavies, I find them extremely unbalance, high damage, high tank, high CC, high accuracy, they have too much going for them most of the time. On the topic of Bombards from their rockets tracking abilities and there high rate of fire, either reduce the tracking precision of the rockets or reduce Bombard's rate of fire.
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