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  1. I'll define Optional Content, content not necessary for progression, Focus, arcanes, zaws, moas, plushies, is nothing that requires the additional power they bring that doesn't involve the same content you get them from. This isn't to say they can't be useful outside of Eidolons or Onslaught, but outside of this content players are already extremely powerful and normal content is often trivial already. It doesn't take hours to do 9 Invasions, 1 Sortie and a few low POE Bounties, all of these can be done around an hour over a weekend, most of the challenges are completed through normal gameplay, none of it is hard, and compared to waiting 3 months for a Vauban systems to "eventually" drop at a reasonable time it not as time consuming. Nightwave isn't as immediately satisfying but overall it is likely more rewarding for your average player.
  2. I'm gonna stop you right there, the game hasn't gotten any more grindy because of the inclusion of optional content, eidolons, arbitrations, onslaught provide optional rewards that offer no meaningful progression for outside of said content. The rest of the game is unaffected by their existence, challenging endgame content isn't supposed to be easy. Back to Alerts, as I said, unless you have all day to play warframe you already miss most alert rewards and sue to the nature of RNG there were many players that were spending months waiting for mods, weapons, potatoes, and even a warframe locked behind an unreliable system. You might have been lucky getting what you need on you schedule but many didn't have your luck and now have the opportunity to get what RNG denied them through normal gameplay or a few hours of grind over the weekend.
  3. If you sleep, have a job, school or a family you were already missing more than 50% of all available rewards from Alerts, the old system was crap for people that didn't have all day to play Warframe. Nightwave gives you the chance to get what you couldn't have due to personal obligations, weeklies are easy to do and take around 2 hours to complete if you focused on them. If you only ever had 10 minutes at a time to play Nightwave, most the time the old system wasn't offering you more than what you can get now.
  4. The old alert system was crap, Nightwave not only gives you choice it gives you what was denied in the previous Alerts, time to actually play and get your rewards. Everyone can't play Warframe all hours of the day and night, many work, go to school, or some other personal obligation that stops them from getting potatoes at 4AM in their corner of the globe. Most people felt FOMO and either didn't concern themselves over Alerts or hated for missing out on something they need or want like Vauban, and no, Skinner Box is a crap comparison, you can quit at any time the milestone rewards are consistent and are far from necessary while also requiring little effort to attain. If someone plays 30-60 minutes a day everyday they can easily work towards weeklys easily since most of them are as simple as playing with friends.
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