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  1. Please just put it back to the way it was in 2.0. Work on the combos and some other things but please please give me back the game I used to love SOO MUCH!!
  2. Love the new look of Jupiter! 😀 Love having new places to play in and explore. Only issue that I encountered was doing a survival and my game crashed twice in the same round. Game for me is usually super stable and never cashes. I've had 3 since the update. There have been a couple of updates so if these issues have been fixed awesome. Look forward to playing a lot on Jupiter. Keep up the good work DE. Give me back Melee 2.0 and I'll be one happy Sikle. 😜
  3. Landing Craft colors. My BatMobile has red on it....EWWW!
  4. Started playing Valkyr and realized right away that the new melee has messed that up too. Hit my 4th ability to open that can of woopass and hit fire and my main weapon comes out. Go to block (instinctively) and weapon comes out. Go to aim glide by blocking and main weapon comes out. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I've griped and griped about this but all you did DE is take control out of the advanced players. You didn't give us anything except frustration at an arbitrary change. Please give us 2.0 back. It really sucks to have to constantly change "Melee with fire weapon input" on and off depending how I want to play. The ground slam, insta-combo out of the gate and auto block takes control out of your hands like it was before. Ground slam actually had some skill involved now I don't even have to jump in the air just point at the ground. I used to feel really good when pulling off moves before. Now I just want to smash my keyboard into pieces every time it happens. Fire the buffoon that came up with this idea. Was clearly not thought through! I used to have quick melee set to G key. I had melee attack set to LMB and G (so no mater what I hit it was instinctive and I could hammer two keys to melee). Blocking and aim was set to space bar (I could always aim glide no matter the weapon used). It worked AWESOME! I was the master of my universe. Now some fat bastard stole my mojo. Please DE can I have my mojo back? They did a role back of the archwing debacle. Here's a fix, how about keeping my archwing from rolling when I'm on the plains or Venus. I hate it when I'm flying around and I have to constantly correct my attitude to flat flight. Doesn't even make sense why they did that.
  5. Hindsight is a *@##$ sometimes. This change comes down for me to the old saying: “You don't know what you got until it is gone.” I just took it for granite. And I took for granite and assumed that DE knew that the 2.0 setup was great. I know you can't please all the people all of the time. The debate will rage on on both sides of the fence. I feel there will be casualties if DE moves ahead with this arbitrary change and I might be one of them. Breaks my heart to think about it.
  6. At first I thought I liked the new melee slam mechanics, but now I don't. Before you had to look strait down to pull off a slam. Which made it very useful when you would be bullet jumping and if you over shot where you were going you could look strait down and hit where you wanted to be. It was very precise and took skill. Now if your mouse is at an angle to the ground it will make you land several meters from where you wanted to be. Making it feel more like you don't have any control. Funny as this sounds but before it was better because if you didn't pull off the melee slam strait down, you didn't deserve to. The game had this special thing before. Warframe doesn't take a lot of skill to play. You can have so much fun with your friends and suck ass at it. But, if you wanted to take it to the next level, especially the movement system, melee attacks, and master the speed of the game it made you feel good about your self because you knew you had achieved something. It elevated the fun! That my friends is special! Lightning in a bottle! That's rare! Include all the other complexities and nuances of the game and you got something you just don't see every day in interactive entertainment. It is like living in side an action movie and who doesn't want to be a hero. I think change is good but not always. People have referred to it as “dumbing the game down” and on some strange level my intelligence has been insulted by this change. I guess I'm just that crazed fan who just wants my idol to never grow old. Why mess with perfection. I hope I'm not alone in this fight to revert to the old system or at least have an option for it.
  7. Every word Maxim_M_Payne just said in the post above is how I feel. EVERY WORD! Well said sir, well said! Just yesterday I go to do the sortie. One of the missions was melee only. I have “Melee with weapon fire input” off because right now that's the closest I can get to how the melee worked for me before. So when I get into the mission and hit my LMB, nothing happens. So I was forced to go and find a safe place to hide for a couple of seconds to go into options to change that back on. And then when I got into the next mission I was like “Oh yea gotta turn this thing off again”. In all my years of gaming I have never felt this way about a game. The simple reason is I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I love it, plain and simple. Of the hundreds of games I have played I've never felt this way. I mean this is my desert island game. It's not the end of my world as I know it; not at all. It's sadly to say possibly the end of my years playing this game. I don't want that and I'm pretty sure DE doesn't want that either. And I don't want to sound like “DE change it back or else” not at all!! I keep telling myself there is going to be some big reveal that is going to make all this make sense but my guts tell me that isn't going to be the case. Remember the Archwing changes? I'll get a text from my bro “GTF!” (Game time foo!) and before I would get excited because it was time to have some serious fun. Now, not so much.
  8. WOW! Well said! I feel like an idiot with my posts after reading this. See DE you have some AMAZING people playing this game. I'm still hanging in there to see how it all plays out.
  9. The new patch addresses half an issue for me and that is the reloading, I'm constantly reloading my weapon empty or not; it's just habit after playing so many FPS games. Now when the gun is empty it takes me back to the gun when I have my melee out. Which is great except when the gun is full. When it's full it does not switch back to the gun. Any chance you could change that DE? Other then that still not happy. Still don't have manual blocking or quick melee and the melee still comes out and stays when I don't want it to. I'm finding “Melee with weapon fire input” off or on isn't really a solution to anything. When it is off I go back to my gun when I hit LMB (which is more like quick melee) and having it on only makes sense when I want to go full time melee. So I'm forced to open options to change that if I decide in the middle of the mission to go full melee.😢
  10. Yet another great point. Thank you for so eloquently putting it!
  11. Right there with you Sikelh! I have a total customized control set up and this new change has destroyed my style of playing. All the muscle memory of playing has gone right out the window. I use space bar for aim and block. Now I get a gun when I want to block. I want to quick melee and then reload my gun; can't because my melee is out and not my gun. I have played around with new customization's to try and find where DE is going with this and try and get some synergy but I can't. Melee with weapon fire input on or off, doesn't matter. I now this is the start of this change but all they did was take control away from the more advanced players. Auto-blocking, really?!!! I'm so frustrated right now I could punch a baby right into London Ontario! DE if you read this look out the window and just imagine seeing this Popsikle out there with a protest sign. How about fix bugs and work on new content. What a waist of man power!
  12. Totally agree with every word!! Right there with you. Now I log in to get my reward, queue another forma and see if a friend is on. If he isn't on I log and go do something else. My guts tell me I know how this is going to end too, with more hard drive space for another game.
  13. The question for DE is: Was there a HUGE out cry from the players for this new melee change? I have never spent a lot of time on the forums because I was too busy playing and having fun. That all changed with this new melee. I never heard another player say “Melee sucks! New system needs to be put in place.” IMHO the melee wasn't broken so why fix it!! I've been nothing but frustrated with this change and is the first change in 6 years that has made me want to stop playing. I have played around with the options and feel I have a full understanding of how the old and new system works. Blocking was great in the old system for me and seem to add another level of skill to using melee full time. My block and aim were the same key (space bar) and I could always aim glide (gun or melee mode) using the same key. So blocking was easing because I was using a key that gets used a LOT! Also blocking while flying through the air aim gliding was awesome and you always had control over what was happening. My only complaint with the old system was the time in which it took to change modes. To me it seemed slow. What I think what should have been changed is the speed in which you change from full gun to full melee mode. If the key to change just became melee strike and you instantly used your melee and stayed in melee and still be able to use a key for quick melee and channeling (toggled on or off) that would have been awesome. I'm finding that the combo out of the gate to be a bit much. Too many times I hit the melee and I'm off in another direction with the combo going and I can't stop it and I end up somewhere I don't want to be. I've tried this with “Melee with weapon fire input” on and off and I just can't get a balance. Sometimes it seems to work for some situation on and some off. I love to run and gun with the quick melee to crack crates and when you are needing to reload your weapon I would quick melee if I was being over run and didn't have any ammo in the gun and survival means quick action. The new system does what seems to be a quick melee but now your stuck in that mode when you don't want to be. (Melee with weapon fire input on) I find myself hitting a crate or bad guy and then try to shoot my gun. To get back I have to either aim or use switch weapon to get back; clunky. I find myself wanting to use quick melee and I want to reload my gun but I can't because Mr. gun is now on my back instead of in my hands wear it would be. If hitting reload took me back to the gun I was using (either main or side arm) that would work; maybe have an option for that. (Melee with weapon fire input off) I find myself wanting to use the melee and I fire (left mouse button) and takes me right back to my gun. And now when I instinctively want to block in melee mode and my gun comes up. Don't even get me started on the auto blocking; that really needs to be an option. I'm trying to keep an open mind given this is just the first iteration of the change but you didn't give us anything, you just took control away from the more advanced PC players. Sorry for the whiney long winded post. This popsikle is not happy.😢
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