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  1. They were merged, answered by a mod and locked, not deleted. Maybe you should improve your googling skills. Anyways, I think that spaming or bombreviewing isn't a solution. And way more without knowing half of the information (DE part).
  2. I don't know how much affect the ADHD to you or warframe in general, but for caches the answer IMO is pretty simple. Recruitment chat and get a squad to search them. You can do the main objective, and the rest of the squad search for caches. For apothics idk what to say to you. Back in the past the Sahasa or Chesa kubrows (don't remember which of both) were able to take plants. I don't know if this still being a thing. But you can just skip apothic missions. As said, the creds past 30 aren't worth it. For potatoes is better do the gift of the lotus alerts and/or infestations or farm relics for pl. Mods are 1 purchase each and you really don't need 80% of them. With CP, Steel Charge, Physique, Sprint Boost, Pistol Amp, Dead Eye and Shield Disruption, you are done. And being the last 4 extremely circumstantial (speed, mesa, eidolon/orb hunter and extremely high level corpus/index)
  3. The starting plat will be for frame and weapons slots, as my idea is use that account until my friend reach enough power to play with my main without having to remove pretty much all mods from weapons and frames. I mean, If I play with him vs lvl 5 grineer, or I obliterate the entire map or/and I'm immortal, and if I have some kind of support frame, he will be too. So I prefer to start with him from nothing and replay all. That account os just for that. But I'm thinking about build nezha as a "jack of all trades" frame, and is easier to get having a clan. Thanks for your answers
  4. Hi, I want to start another accout from zero to play with a friend and start slowly instead to rush content with my main account. My question is, i'm able to join to my clan and have the two accounts (main and alt) in the same clan? I know that i can't send things, trade or play with both in the same mission at the same time. But I want some clan weapon and I want to know if it's possible to join my own clan to do that. If that is not possible, I'm able to join some of my alliance clan? Or are them too close to my main account too?
  5. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Zephyr_Migisi_Helmet "For Console players, this item can be purchased for ‍75 from the Marketplace." If you have 75 pl you can buy it. If not, farm some relics, sell the prime parts and buy it. For PC players you need Steam to buy them. For console players they are like any other skin.
  6. So seems that I was wrong. Or that worked during the Operation: Hostile Mergers update and in some point between there and the last uptade was changed. But the first is the most probable thing xD. A bit off topic, that build was to kill demolysts shooting first with a 100% status chance tigris prime (viral + radiation + slash), while using the artax on sentinel (cold) and then one shot it. So was more about raw damage. I posted the build because the Spoiled Strike + Amalgam Organ Shatter interaction, but I see that I was wrong.
  7. I don't know about videos. I tested it some months ago, and for me it's pretty usefull. This is my build: And, for charge attacks, is faster with Amalgam Organ Shatter than without it.
  8. Si la has borrado recientemente contacta con el servicio al cliente de warframe para ver si pueden ayudarte. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/es/requests/new Si no es así, el stalker puede soltar el plano al matarlo. Con paciencia podrías volver a conseguirla. PD: Para futuras preguntas en el foro, si quieres expresarte en español es mejor que las pongas en el apartado de habla hispana del foro. Es más fácil que te entiendan allí https://forums.warframe.com/forum/132-español/
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