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  1. Can buy Aura forma from market. Nice. Arbi even more useless. 🙂 

    Harrow deluxe looks amazing. Can't wait to try Gauss and new weapons. Hopefully good.

    Love the Universal Syndicate Medallion. Wondering if it will be possible to max out all 6 now at same time. Also hoping hotfix comes soon so we can level up Conclave.

    Thanks for the update.

  2. Finally got all the parts. 

    Wisp farm and crafting cost is easy. 😄 
    New weapons requirement also easy farm
    Neural sensors dropping like uncommon mat
    Ropalolyst boss pretty chill fight; again very easy as well. works with any frame and solo-able. 
    New mode is fun. active type and not sit and chill. kind of like mobile defence but better.

    Disappointing mods. Otherwise liking this update very much so far. 

    Thank you! 

    20 minutes ago, CryoELITE said:

    Oh please, you do not know i only get 3-4 hrs free time everyday and my internet is 200 kbps . If i dont put the update as soon as it comes out i wont be able to play tomorrow. I get your point but just because you do something differently doesnt mean the industry standards or expectations should also change. I do like DE and the direction of their work but somethings are just subpar like these. DE probably does balancing better than blizzard atleast lol , but thats something for another topic. I am going off anyway , 1 day no gaming is no big deal 🙂

    If you ever need any help in-game, feel free to ping me. Welcome to Warframe. 🙂 I can understand the 200 kbps and staying up to put the game on download so it'll ready by morning.^^

  4. Useless mods sadly. Was really hoping to see more Amalgam mods instead. Could have been a lot more interesting too than current mods. 😟

    Why Nyx deluxe? Where is the Zephyr deluxe? 

    The guns sound nice on paper. Hopefully good and FUN to play in-game while also somewhat powerful enough to not become another MR fodder.

    Ropalolyst - no idea what fight is about but sounds interesting. Hopefully less like Eidolon and more like Orb or better. 

    Looking forward to playing the new content. 🙂 

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