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  1. Damage with ember is still just fine until sortie 3, and even then, the Firequake augment is still pretty useful for crowd control, even if the damage peters out or other frames do it better.
  2. I can't think of a frame that can't be modded so that their abilities are useful against sortie-level enemies. Not every ability on every frame is useful, sure, but you mention Gara's 1 which is incredibly useful if you hold it down (knocking down waves of enemies, also makes short work of infested), or mag's 4 that strips armor and has great synergy with her other abilities.
  3. It's just how they wrote the spawn code, Corpus enemies will spawn in Vallis right along your movement path while invisible, too. Personally, it's incredibly annoying. I'd rather they have a few patrol routes that they varied between than have stuff constantly spawning where you are all the time.
  4. Two times they vanish that I've noticed: Near the edge of the map, they can jump off the map and they will vanish. Night.
  5. Arca Plasmor is great damage per shot and for clearing halls, but it's actual DPS is very low due to the slow fire rate and long reload. On top of that, only 40% of your damage is radiation. Corrosive isn't penalized, but it doesn't get any bonuses, either. Honestly, most primary weapons really aren't very good for killing the wolf. Catchmoon, as others have said, is pretty much the best option for firearms, and you'll want something like the paracesis or another high crit / high puncture melee fit for radiation damage.
  6. This does not tell us your gear. If you have a forma'd boltor with "normal mods" fitted for corrosive or something, then yeah, you'll probably have problems. If you bring literally a single radiation weapon with you like a catchmoon, or better yet, a strong melee, you won't have problems.
  7. The Mergoo trail start at the following location in the plains will not spawn a hunting path when clicked on.
  8. There are a few places in Void mission challenges that only have a chance of opening, but syndicate medallions can spawn in these closed off locations. I was running a loot detector, and 2x prime animal instinct between the kavat and venari. This was the only box left on the entire level, and scanning with the synthesis scanner showed it was definitely not a crate, so I'm pretty sure this was the last medallion. Only one of these doors opens on the way out, and in this case I missed out on the medallion.
  9. He's not that hard. Bring a solid dps weapon fitted for radiation and he goes down quick. If you're going to risk it by leveling stuff in all of your slots, then yeah, he can be a pain. Every time he's shown up (even at L100+) he's been down in less than 3 minutes.
  10. I have three problems with them, one of which seems to be universal: 1) They're a pain in the butt to find. Maybe make a bounty specifically for them? 2) Soloing these is a royal pain in the butt because they constantly maneuver their "face" towards the target. This means the one remaining vent in the back can take 3x as long as the entire rest of the tank to destroy just because they won't stop rotating to face you and you have to hit the weak spot dead on to damage it. 3) They shouldn't despawn once night hits. Please stop with despawning enemies. This is incredibly annoying, and I'd honestly change the eidolon fights as well.
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