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  1. You have 5 weeks. Over a month. You can spend 30 minutes a day and get ~15k credits, which is enough to fully rank a legendary arcane from nothing in 6 days. That's not much of a time commitment. While the missions may not be the most entertaining, they really don't require a huge time commitment unless you are trying to get absolutely everything now which is just not necessary.
  2. Almost everything can do it once you get to Murex 3 and 4. Hell, I've had two of the satellites blow up when the only thing within 5+ km was a boarding pod. I'm pretty sure collision instagibs it, too.
  3. YPE: In-Game, ground or murex portion of scarlet spear DESCRIPTION: Scarlet spear mission, aerolyst becomes invincible in Limbo cataclysm because the weak spots are never vulnerable VISUAL: No visual sorry REPRODUCTION: Play as limbo during scarlet spear, capture an aerolyst in in the rift EXPECTED RESULT: Aerolyst weak points should still be destructible leading to the aerolyst itself becoming vulnerable. OBSERVED RESULT: Aerolyst weak points never become vulnerable in the rift. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  4. TYPE: In-Game Scarlet Spear railjack portion DESCRIPTION: Playing Space Scarlet Spear mission VISUAL: None sorry REPRODUCTION: Haven't had it happen again EXPECTED RESULT: Uplink satellite should be towed and taken between murex OBSERVED RESULT: Uplink satellite blew up nearly instantly after losing invincibility. The only enemy ship within several kilometers was a grineer boarding pod. I was host and piloting the RJ at the time. REPRODUCTION RATE: Only had it happen once.
  5. Visuals that range from annoying to blinding, can prevent people from hacking (I've had multiple limbos get me killed while I was hacking in sorties by using cataclysm nearby), and then there's the ones that have never heard of effective hit point mods that go down if something so much as glances at them outside of stasis. Lots of ways limbo can be incredibly annoying, even unintentionally. Very few ways he can be used well. Fortunately, most people seem to understand long duration cataclysm + stasis and never touch anything else at least.
  6. I've literally maxed out every mission I've done for SS and never once had these bonuses appear.
  7. Nanite / Liquid themed "Stalker" frame. This would also make a cool sentient enemy, and be an absolute nightmare to code and make models for. It would have a counter similar to Nidus, where it builds more of itself by absorbing dead enemies. This is it's source of "energy", and is also used up when it takes damage. It would regenerate to a set amount, but would need to absorb bodies to get higher than that, up to a set limit. Beyond that it has infinite wall latch as a passive. First ability is to shift between forms - Amorphous, offense, and defense. 1st form is a puddle that absorbs bodies on contact, is invisible to unalerted enemies, and automatically wall runs on surfaces. You can leap from surface to surface but can't actually jump. Hitting enemies while jumping would knock them over and alert them. The offensive and defensive forms would shift to have much higher armor, but also be slightly slower and look more like regular frames. Second ability also depends on form - In the amorphous form, it activates an extremely powerful sniper mode, draining energy on a per shot basis and acts as an exalted weapon. In offensive mode, usage would turn the frames arm into a large claw / spike, impaling the enemy you are targeting, doing finisher damage and restoring life / health, absorbing them if it kills them. In defensive form, it would set up a small barricade that would lower incoming damage similar to the Moa's stasis field ability and infect / drain enemy units that pass through it, also absorbing them if it kills them. The third ability would be a radial infect - launches fragments of itself at all enemies within range. Minor enemies are automatically killed and turned, while major enemies below a certain % health are slowly taken over and become friendly units, similar to nekros' shade ability. These enemies immediately drop their loot / experience and die upon entering a nullifier field. The fourth ability creates a zone similar to Nidus, where all allies within are healed continuously and immune to status effects, while enemies entering are slowly dissolved and absorbed if killed.
  8. Man, this thread is full of people who don't know how to play their frames. Here's my list of "meh" abilities: Baruuk's serene storm. Bad damage type, too much knockback to keep enemies clustered. Nekros' terrorize. Only useful in very specific circumstances, and in most of those other options are better. Nova's Null Star. Why do you give a damage reduction ability that actively tries to make itself worse? Nyx as a whole. I'd rather have a radiating disarm loki than a Nyx in almost every circumstance. Trinity's Well of Life. Much easier to heal with blessing, even with EV builds. Valkyr's rip line, as others have pointed out. Wisp's breach surge, really only useful against very high level enemies.
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