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  1. Jupiter, Survival, just did a 20 minute run and not a single vitus drop. Seems like it might just be the survival missions.
  2. They do have to drop something, if you do something like fit all the highest cost mods.
  3. I missed that they were the same weapon because you had multiple weapons posted originally. But my point still stands. Your example isn't be the norm for most builds with most weapons, and if you weren't willing to give up the damage for the mods earlier, why is it a problem now? You can use lower level exilus mods and still keep damage while gaining a partial benefit. There's literally no downside to having exilus mods available now and I literally haven't come across a weapon yet I couldn't fit a full strength mod on. Lastly, for all your talk about damage, your build is not optimized for damage. Drop Amalgam serration for normal serration, that frees up a point, and you can use - polarity exilus mods up to 8 points and get more damage. There are other tweaks you could make, too, for both more damage and lower point cost, but the point is already made.
  4. You do know you can change a polarity once it's been set, right?
  5. Meh, I've literally been able to fit them on all of my weapons with builds I currently use (most of which are meta builds go figure) with just 1-2 forma. You are definitely cherry picking things that use the absolute largest possible mods at the highest rank in order to try and prove a point. First picture, you can fix the polarity to get more points, then forma the spot to fit a full strength mod. Second picture you can fit a full strength hush mod, which I like at least. 3rd picture, swap the formas on the first two slots so you have the 7 point mod getting a penalty instead of the 11 point mod. Etc., etc. There's room for them. You aren't building correctly.
  6. At least on Venus, completing the Kuva siphon spy with all 3 vaults successfully hacked, no rewards were given.
  7. 100k DPS against what? Because in full auto mode all you're going to do is tickle a L125 heavy gunner, and you sure as heck don't want to bring full auto to an advanced armor grineer sortie. It's a solid weapon, sure. I use it fairly often, but in need of a nerf? Hardly.
  8. I was going to make a post about this, but yeah, ranged attacks against non-sleeping grineer never get a stealth multiplier, and non-stealth kill take downs with melee don't, either. I suspect it's due to the "partial" alert state change they get when silenced attacks pass near them now.
  9. As others have said, I like the idea of arbitrations being more rewarding, but diluting the drop table is the wrong way to do it. Add the new mods, arcanes, etc., to the store, and put in more vitus drops from the reward tables. There's no point in getting 50 of the same mod, which is what's going to happen if you make it a reward from the drop table.
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