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  1. Google is such a lovely thing. Between the Steam chart showing a steady numbers drop over time after the newness wore off for players since NW dropped, and might I add, one that looks abysmal versus just last autumn (seriously, October's numbers looked fabulous by comparison) & their Twitch stream view count's tanking, it should be very obvious by now to everyone at DE that this was not the right thing to implement to give them the boost they were hoping for, and that swift damage control is critical at this point. What I wouldn't give to get my hands on the stats for PS4, Xbox and Switch. My bet is they've dropped just as sharply. Instead of arguing over and over again over who likes NW & who likes Alerts, maybe heads need to be pulled out of stubborn backsides to come to the realization that it's not NW that's hurting WF here, what hurt them was removing something that way more people than they gambled on actually played (Alerts) My Ghost clan really IS a Ghost now, been deserted for weeks. That's not a coincidence, and not isolated. That's a blunt symptom of a BAD decision.
  2. Mmm. I'll bite, since you're going there. What's your day like? When do you get up, when do you go to bed, do you work and if so, what's your commute time, how long is your work day? I.E, are you a part-timer, a standard nine-to-fiver, or are you a 10+ hr factory or foundry shift worker, work in multi-week rotations on job sites (oil rigs, gas wells, mines, etc) with big gaming gaps, etc. Do you travel for work? How frequent are your work flights or how long are your drives between regions? Do you have a job and ALSO go to school? Part time for both? Full time for both? A little from column A and a little from column B? Your job and potentially education schedule isn't the only one out there, other players have widely varying work & schooling schedules and you should be aware well enough of this to not even bother trying to act like your 8 hours of game time in a day (figuratively speaking, unless that's accurate) should be considered nothing much by the next guy also. Got a spouse or a girlfriend/boyfriend? Do you actually spend any time with them or are they just there for occasional carnal purposes? Friends and family, do you hang with them any, or providing care for anyone? (dying/ailing relative, friend, etc) You got pets? How much time to you invest in keeping them active? How much time to you spend with them for their own mental benefit if not keeping them active? You got human babies to go with the fur ones? Do you cart them to and from school, activities, help them with their homework? Or perhaps homeschool them and cart them to and from activities? Coach anything they play? What's your food purchase & meal preparation schedule look like or do you hit up the nearest drive-thru on the regular or something? Who cleans your abode? Or does it get cleaned at all? How often, and how well? YOUR idea of what constitutes a life offline is not the same as everyone else's. Dollars to donuts the bulk of the players are solid casuals with much busier 24 hour real-life schedules than yours, especially if you're still wet behind the ears in age. The younger you are, the less responsibilities are had. That's how life works, to be blunt. Leaving options in-game for busier casuals who dug the old system alongside leaving NW in isn't losing anything on your part. Warframe is what those of us with genuinely busy lives turn to to blow off steam and relax when we get the chance. We DON'T need it to be another timesuck chore to check off the list. That completely beats the purpose of relaxing in a super-ninja suit in a future far, far ahead of 2019.
  3. That's already happening going by Steam numbers alone. They're quickly dropping back down toward pre-NW numbers. Probably to DE's dismay, too. I know people are going to spit forth that it's not the whole numbers picture, but those kind never consider the impact on Tennogen -- the less players logging in via Steam, the less those skins and Fashionframe goods get sold. That HURTS our FF creators. It's a bad side effect of a game mech poor choice. I'm definitely not risking spending any money on a game with a reward hostage system I'm already weary of. I'm logging in far less frequently because without the variety being the Spice of the Origin System that RNG maps via Old Alerts were, there's little reason for me to log in to do anything other than my Syndicate runs & a few Relic runs a few times a week. At least THOSE still have map variety to keep things fresh. And I didn't have to spend weeks working toward one thing as a casual player. Thus, why spend my money anymore on something that is now squarely a long-term time investment chore. Over my dead teenage void-mutated space freakazoid body am I grinding out a reward that takes me weeks longer to obtain, not happening. I finally got the stupid Wolf emblem statue thing, and even that wasn't worth the effort (far too small to even appreciate any details, the bobbles dwarf it) I mean really, it took me how many weeks to get this weak little decor piece? Really? I'm certainly not motivated to go any further with NW rewards when as casual vet, I grind that long for that little. What do they think is going to happen when the n00bs start falling out like flies when they find out the time investment needed versus value of the end result? And other casual vets get flat-out sick of it? The burn-out and incredulity are ramping up already, and it's not going to look pretty by the numbers in another month.
  4. This evening's hotfix was missing a fix -- aside from Alerts (you forgot to put those back, BTW, *wink wink, nudge, nudge, harder nudge*) Can you pretty freaking please with a cherry on top let us shut Nora's piehole entirely? I am so sick of that woman's slimy snake oil blathering. Please tell me if we ever have the option of meeting her in game, we can kill her off.
  5. You finally put one aspect that is missing from the game into the words I just couldn't find. Indeed, the Origin System feels deader than a door nail now. No DJ gimmick is going to fix the overwhelming feeling of that.
  6. I really hope someone at DE has some cells colliding in their noggin still and is open to bringing back Alerts, while keeping NW, to make both sides happy. NW is a HUGE grind, I never had any problem getting anything I wanted from Alerts, and no, I didn't hatch some Alert schedule site, either. I went in, did my mission, and went back to the Orbiter with my reward. Now? 2 weeks in, still at level 1, nothing to show for it. THAT is what a grind is, taking far more time than normal to obtain something. For my playstyle, which hinges on limited time to play, Grindwave is unacceptable. Meet us in the middle, DE, have BOTH in the game. Also, for the love of all things holy, PLEASE let us mute Nora entirely. Apologies to the voice actress, I'm sure she's a nice person IRL, but I cannot stand her voice.
  7. Soooo, no better story background or spawn rates or anything yet? That's more than a little underwhelming. I'm not inclined to help Nora at this rate, I'd prefer we mute her and she goes away by default.
  8. GentlePuppet nailed it, laid out everything wrong that adds up to a false bill of goods with NW. These issues of hidden extreme grinding for far less over much more time need resolved. I know it's been said ad nauseam, but the easiest solution would be to have both of these systems running to satiate everyone. Those who like and/or prefer NW can use it. Those who like and/or prefer Alerts can do them. Easy-peasy fix.
  9. Ugh. Give me a break. All I've seen so far is a couple radio rambles from someone with no backstory, a new foe who's spawning is totally random and no one I know has run across yet, and a trio of guys I have no backstory on that I need to capture at the end of missions. WHAT, pray-tell, kind of lore is that??
  10. I gave it a chance, but guys, it sucks. MASSIVELY SUCKS. Bring back normal alerts alongside this if you don't want to trashbin it for all I care, but JUST BRING BACK NORMAL ALERTS. I homeschool my kids, I literally don't have time for this crap. And I WILL NOT party up for WoS6. I solo play, so whatever group play intentions you had, I don't give a damn & am not doing it.
  11. I don't see why you guys wouldn't run the Alerts and Nightwave thing concurrently in the game to get better data on whether on not people ACTUALLY prefer the old vs the new, or vice versa. so you know if you're wasting time & effort on the new or not. And I'm honestly not sold on this new one, I like the Alerts system the way it is. It's fine, just needs difficulty and reward tweaks is all. Not a total rework into a...whatever Nightwave is, because I just don't understand what you're aiming for here. Defining Alerts is straightforward. I read through the description for Nightwave 3 times and it's still only about as clear as mud.
  12. Wait, you HAVE to have Quill standing for this? That sucks, to be blunt. Other syndicates didn't need that to play their quests, why this one? I haven't bothered with Quill standing at all, the Plains are just far too grindy to be worthwhile for me. I mean, I don't mind grinding for things, but that was kind of the limit for my grind patience when the Plains came out. I'd love to play the quest, but I'll just settle for buying the frame later down the road, I suppose..
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