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  1. Ye this happened to me like a month ago.
  2. So nothing has changed really, 2x5 still equals 10. What i mean is you shouldnt have changed the endo amount. Whats the difference if i get 500 endo two times and once a 1000? None, should have kept the amount as it is WHILE having a 5min/wave rotation.
  3. Yea, no because it would introduce a lot of powercreep into the game, and we dont want that, since its easy at is it. That being said, take it or leave it, u said it ur self, "mediocre augment".
  4. People will tell you arbitrations (which are only going to make u suffer more mentally), other than that, dont even farm it, it will come on its own, do your sorties, and get bunch of statues, fill em up, and u are good to go. Also, ocasionally, you want to dismantle your duplicate mods for endo as well.
  5. That moment the OP is 90% right, and the community still bashes him about the 10% disregarding the other 90%..What a sad day it is. Good job @pisces13 , i for one, have nothing negative to say, good feedback 🙂
  6. Yo dont know if this is a buf or if im glitching out, but when im pressing Mag deluxe skin to preview it in arsenal it only changes the head (and adds a piece of cloth on the chest) (I tried on Mag Prime)
  7. Yes please, i also hate being hosted by someone who has barely enough internet to run a google chrome.
  8. They are not, and thats the issue, if they were tho, i would like to be properly compensated. Which i am not.
  9. Did you not read the part where i said and i quote "With this should also come a higher chance for better rewards. *mind blown*" Or you decided to read what you want?
  10. Did you not read the part where i said and i quote "With this should also come a higher chance for better rewards. *mind blown*" Or you decided to read what you want?
  11. Title. I mean whats the point of Sortie 3 being a lvl 100 mission if its a rescue mission (example)? lol.. With this should also come a higher chance for better rewards. *mind blown* DE must be shaking in their boots by seeing this feedback so it most likely wont be implemented because its actually a good suggestion. Edit: Hol up lemme get my Shawzin.
  12. What are you even talking about? That doesnt work, which is the reason i opened the thread.
  13. yes it drops them, ive done like x30 runs to get 10 atmos. Never again.
  14. KHM KHM, why do we still not have "A B C" for operator faces? (as we already do for clothes) (or just as we have for warframe fashion) ?????? Reason being, i want to make another girl operator without disturbing the one i have currently.. Like please?????
  15. Ye ive been banned for more then 48 hours now in chat, i would like to know how much time i have remaining -_-
  16. Where exactly "did i summon her" i legit posted it as "read it if u ever get the chance". Dont go on ur own deciding things fam 🙂
  17. Well, maybe i tagged the big boss, idk whos responsible for reading the forums 😛
  18. Lemme just tag @[DE]Rebecca real quick, cuz i can 😛
  19. How did one guy solo to 2.4 mil points then? Had luck with tilesets?
  20. Yo boys, two times in a row i've dont ESO as Saryn (with two different builds) but it all ends in zone 15, where i cant keep up the killing (should i say, im killing like a MODAFYKA), but the efficiency keeps dropping, so how exactly do i go further?? I end up with 7200+ kills (score 1,625,000) Is there something crucial im missing?
  21. Few days ago i did a 40min run on Mot with Baruuk, just to see how the warframe plays, but at the end, i was like: Uhmm, so what exactly did i get by doing this 40 minutes of survival?
  22. This. This was butchered to the ground the moment they introduced the relic system, which no one asked for. The old void keys would bring back a smile on my face because i would love to do long runs IN THE VOID (as the chances increase the more rotations u go trough)..But naaah..
  23. The problem is a WHOOOOOOOLE lotta things, but as of now, this is the main reason im not playing them.
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