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  1. Nah i still prefer my Earth 10-15 exterminate Void Fissures............
  2. Hi guys, ive noticed since ive returned to the game only recently, that the affinity/focus i gain from ESO is TRASH, before with my affinity booster i could go up to 65k per good tileset, now i get like up to 25k with really good zone and affinity booster, did i miss something? Did they nerf the gains or smth?
  3. But why isnt it affected by Natural Talent? Now THAT doesnt make any sense.
  4. Could his 4th ability cast speed be increased or at least be affected by Natural Talent (as it currently isng) PLEASE..Ill get sick waiting for him to "holster" or pull out his fists..
  5. No, its fine as it is with the new status changes.
  6. We arent asking for anything, besides the game being in playable order, im full of new warframes and other mr junk, i just want the game polished.
  7. Did you not read the part where he said that "but Serene Storm has it's own resource pool" or you just decided to ignore it and pretend to be a smart guy?
  8. Dont you just read what i wrote below the title?
  9. Nvm, went to the config file and edited stuff.
  10. EVerytime i launch myself on archwing thing, i cant leave using E, and gearwheel is not working either!! This has been going on for a week if so, CANT FIND A SOLUTION!
  11. Trading fix when? It says i have the mod attached but i dont. (i just have bunch of the same mod)
  12. So ive come across this bug where if i have the same mod equipped, and i try to sell the other one which is not equipped, it will pop a messege that the mod is attached to at least 1 item in your inventory. But it is not. Here we have an example of adaptation (only my max rank is used), while the freshly obtained R0 adaptation is just sitting doing nothing, ready for trade. Images:
  13. I dont understand why everyone complainin about Baruuk, cryin hes weak and all that, and here i am bustin lvl 140 corrupted heavy gunners with ease, i guess you just dont know how to play it. BUT i will say: He does need a way of casting his 4 bit more frequently, without so heavily relying on drain thing, and another thing, it WOULD be nice if every hit from his waves was a status effect against a target whom is weak against it (unlike now where you have to physically hit the enemy to do so). But yea, thats about it from me.
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