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  1. This is great and all but... The game Scales... forever! no matter what you do, you reach a point where inaros / nidus / chroma gets 1 shot your also missing one point... Having extreme differences in frame durability is fun... messing with armor and adaptation is fun! Your example was great. Nyx only has 1k ehp. so the frame which can make everything around her fight each other and go immune absorbing all damage is, for some strange reason more squishy than chroma? huh, that's weird, its almost like it's party of the design. Armor has also been mostly dealt with by giving almost every frame an armor removal tool and status on weapons jumping up every few months. tho I would love to see a change to magnetic, which is currently never used as a damage type. perhaps have its procs remove 2% of shields and armor and detonate as a 5m aoe. this would make it a good alternative to the other damage types in certain situations. This would move players away from the ubiquitous viral/slash or corrosive.
  2. Tatersail

    Nyx: Chaos Should Not be Overshadowed by Radiation

    well nyx's new 1 sounds like having Mesa's as pets... so, perhaps wait for that 🙂
  3. Tatersail

    Ember: Complete Assembly of Fundamental Designflaws

    Ember is still one of the most powerful Buffing frames in the game, she competes with Banshee (not counting overlap sonar) giving other players more than 1400% damage boost! Fireball frenzy and flash accelerate dip into strength to give players bonus fire damage then accelerant de-buffs enemies making this fire damage pretty insane. the fact nobody really knows about or uses this... is pretty sad but she is still very strong used like this. this 2 billion antimatter drop damage is mostly from ember.. Ember is great CC at higher levels with above 250% power str, but this is a MUST have.. 250% power str means 100% proc chance on fire so procs can jump. without 250% str you get this... mobs shoot you and you die! imo the range nerf to ember was a HUGE nerf to her endgame kit, because she now dies to enemies at range because the proc can't jump to them to add some CC... She now needs overextended and stretch to function, which nerf's the proc rate because you can't hit 250% str with any reasonable build.... I don't really understand the nerf. sure I get the frustration of lower level players playing along side an ember and never seeing an enemy but Equinox has this same issue... Hell I can use stomp on rhino with max range mods and do pretty much the same thing at lower levels. The range nerf really hurt ember, having more damage doesn't really matter because at later levels its all about the fire proc CC. I think we all need to stop using ember as WOF damage after her nerf and come to terms with the new reality, she is an incredible support frame... Play her like Banshee.... I would love to see some changes, Power creep is real with respect to other frames. Volt can run blind rage max str builds on zenurik alone and wipe packed maps at medium levels Saryn puts a spore on a target and that target IS DEAD! Gara is wiping maps with her Ultimate that scales from weapon damage and party buffs while dealing stacking damage at close range with her aura and getting 90% DR. Khora is doing casual 500k-1 mill corrosive whip crits with her augment, decent armor healing and great cc I noted recently that Excal's radial blind is 15 seconds effected by duration, ember is 1-4 seconds with no duration. I would like to see a change in ember's passive, making it 35% bonus power strength (stacking) for each target she currently has ignited. (similar to saryns decay) This makes it more desirable to use her 100% proc chance 1 and 3 to get stacks, and brings some control back to her 4 to let her stay alive in higher level missions. but on lower level missions she would kill targets so wouldn't get the stacking fire procs to build strength.
  4. Tatersail

    The War Within: 19.1.0 Ash Revisited

    this seems to be an ongoing bug no rewards
  5. Tatersail

    Warframe Builder

    in the http://warframe-builder.com/Weapon_comparator can you default Dex Sybaris, Soma, Rakta Cernos, Spira prime, Staticor to their optimum dps builds, EG Vital sense and Point strike? not pure elemental builds. most pistols need updating to Primed mods
  6. Tatersail

    Just Why..??

    Been doing about 10 ODD a day for the last 2 weeks for Kama prime handle. Yet to see one. I think I have 60-100 of most T1 keys. Hopefully when Void 3.0(Specters of the Rail) hits, ODD DIES a hideous painful death. According to the dev stream all drop tabes are getting "tweaked" and the way we Grind for things is going to get changed. so in theory, its already in the works. Its a really bad node, Gives really low XP, enemies take ages to scale up, drops are bad and the rewards simply suck. Welcome to Warfarm, we are in development
  7. Tatersail

    Holiday Wishlist & A Happy New Year!

    1: Multiple Kubrow, able to replace Primary secondary and melee weapons with an additional kubrow! or the ability to use both a Kubrow and a sentinel 2: A 4th sortie, that combines the effects of the previous 3 and adds an additional much harder to overcome effect, A mission that is designed by somebody with an evil sense of humor to be a challenge. 3: Keep making wild, weird weapons and frames, more fun weapons that don't follow the standard shoots bullets, like Stugg, Tonkor, Simulor, Atmos, Phage, Panathera, and more fun frames like Ivara which don't follow the standard of 1 nuke, 2 utility 1 aoe.
  8. Tatersail

    Hotfix 17.10.1

    !!! Why!
  9. BUFF XP GAIN FROM OTHER MISSIONS! BUFF XP GAIN FROM OTHER MISSIONS! BUFF XP GAIN FROM OTHER MISSIONS! Atm you can play for 3 hours in another node, or do 10 mins of Draco/Loot cave, this is the cause of the problem! increase Exterm, capture, Rescue completion bonus 10x Make your least played missions give bonus XP Perhaps even have a system that Decreases and increases the amount of affinity based on how many plays that node has. this way the Loot caves would gradually decrease in gain and the maps nobody ever plays would briefly become FAT XP spots You could have a Current bonus affinity counter hovering over each node, this would force us to play every map in game
  10. This is a Team game and there is reliance on other frames for synergy. Communication is the key While not always possible in PUGs and auto-grouping.... I almost think an option to swap frame/setup at the start of autogroups should be added, all those joyous 4x nova partys.... eg Generally if I see a trinity in party I will swap to a frame setup with heavy energy consumption, and my entire setup and gameplay is reliant on that trinity to feed energy. If that trinity communicates that they will not be using EV I can swap to a less energy reliant build. If I see a Banshee in party I will assume that Sonar and even Resonance will be used to buff the groups damage to insane amounts, and will pick frames and weapons to complement this, Again if the Banshee Communicates that they are going to be using silence and knockdowns all Game I can shift frame. If I see a Vauban in party I will assume he will Control the map, and I may consider Torid, and removing my defensive mods Again, if the vauban Communicates that he is a Tesla and bounce spammer ..... More defense mods! Sadly there are "most effective builds" so in a long mission, I hope my team can be effective. Playing with a frame that has no synergy can be fun, but it can also be very frustrating as your entire build can be rendered pointless by another player. Communicate to remove other players expectations!
  11. Tatersail

    Does A Warframe Exist That's Worse Then Ember?

    Ember is perhaps "the most damaging frame" in team play because of the augment mod Fireball frenzy, this can add over 1700% bonus damage to other players guns, and some ability's when combined with Accelerant. Over 2 million sustained DPS is possible with ember. Which is just nuts. A ember/mesa or ember/Excal can casually clear 100 min/wave survival/defense as the damage source. She is also reasonably damaging on her own in the correct situation and when using 4x Corrosive projection, as this removes scaling armor and adds 25% damage. This still requires multiple forma and corrupted mods to be considered "effective" and this consumes more energy than other frames using similar effects. (eg 4xCP, Ember/trinity is just as effective if not more effective than Mesa/trinity/Frost) I can understand peoples feeling about ember, because if a relatively new or unimaginative player simply sticks on some random mods, and runs about with WOF in a high level void mission it is depressing to see how ineffective you can be, compared to the accessibility of other frames where any mods and rolling your face across the keyboard wipes the map. Imo Ember needs easier modding remove the duration/range/power/efficiency conflict that no other frame has to deal with , Armor removal on accelerant and some change to how the AI handles fireblast. I also think there is an EPEEN issue, with alot of the buffing frames. I think bonus damage from skills like Sonar, Accelerant, Elemental augments, Roar ETC should show up on the BUFFING FRAMES DAMAGE DEALT this would help people feel they are contributing more and stop people judging buff frames with low personal damage. Bottom line, Ember is by no means "the worst frame" in a team game.
  12. Tatersail

    Vulkok Post-17.4.2 Changes [Megathread]

    Revert the accuracy changes
  13. Tatersail

    If Mesa Is So Good Then Why?

    They had probably gone afk and left a book on the mouse, mesa gameplay is so fun.... if they used their other skills they would out tank saryn easily. peacemaker needs to be changed, make it less powerful in static missions, more mobile and more interactive. a cone attack you need to aim would be nice.
  14. Tatersail

    Survival Balancing

    Revert these changes.. and remove o2 from nekros desecrate. you won't fix tunnel camping this way you will just make it harder for normal play. its not really "frantic" its just annoying.
  15. Tatersail

    Infested Nightmares Bonus Weekend On Now!

    please make the last one 0 energy nightmare