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  1. Why primed warframes has always same ability stats with normal frames ? I was looking for octavia prime to have a little boost for here ability stats (like amp has really poor range) Can we increase ability basic stats on primed version ? or a prime is just better fashion and more shields and energy ? you should reformulate the definition a primed warframe.
  2. Multi threaded rendering removed from the launcher nice
  3. Asset caching is a feature that allow saving texture on memory to speed up load on missions when entering same mission again, as we know, the Multi threaded rendering feature were allowing players to load fast in mission, in particular open world missions like Poe, .. . This feature would be as an option in the launcher, the player has the option to turn it on and off, so people will low end pc (like me), will benefit from fast loading missions, thus improving mission results and performance such as eidolons, profit taker, events, .... Thanks for considering this topic for further an
  4. As the title said, before the memory leak fix, we used to get fast loading when mtr is disabled, now, no more fast load, I don't know what happened to this game, always making things unenjoyable, can we get a fix for fast loading please ?
  5. Fast loading mission not coming back ?????
  6. Thx for the update When will we have fast loading missions again ?????
  7. Missions still loading slow when MTR is off, when will we have a fix for this ?
  8. When will we get again fast loading missions ?
  9. So basically each time you enter a mission/open world, game has to load assets from storage to ram it will take time whenever you have ssd or hdd, no matter how much you play the mission, the performance of the game is really broken tbh. Even good specs will suffer from this issue (I have 8gigs ram + evo 860 500gigs)
  10. The game is no more caching assets like it was before.
  11. Thanks for the hotfix Still waiting for the asset caching to be back so we won't wait decades to start a mission
  12. They disabled Asset caching, I don't know why. almost all threads in performance section are talking about the cache
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