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  1. The game is no more caching assets like it was before.
  2. Thanks for the hotfix Still waiting for the asset caching to be back so we won't wait decades to start a mission
  3. They disabled Asset caching, I don't know why. almost all threads in performance section are talking about the cache
  4. The game is not caching assets, thus loading very slow to open worlds, please look into this.
  5. I also posted a thread about slow load due to a "fix" concerning memory leak in previous hotfix, I don't know why they disable asset caching, but it's really a bad way to optimize the game.
  6. Multi Thread rendering fix when ? we're suffering from slow loads when entering plains / orb vallis please
  7. I don't really want this topic to be buried in the archive, this is a big problem in the game, I hope a staff's member(s) will react to this topic and give us a bit of hope as soon as possible
  8. Please do fix Multi Threaded Rendering for fast loading to Open Worlds. The load before was like 15sec full squad when disabling Multi Threaded Rendering, now it's 25 to 30sec. I can't really enjoy hunts with my friends
  9. Thanks for the update Any fixes concerning MTR ?
  10. A unique event in the year should have unique rewards in the year, and not repetitive rewards of other game mode.
  11. This leak of performance while loading should be taken on serious consideration after this patch.
  12. Now the game is literally slow loading, many players have huge fps drop after loading to orbiter or clan, I think now we discover how this game is really bad developed. The performance should be established the same or better as it was when MTR was disabled, cuz the game now is literally broken and not fun to play AT ALL. Thanks for considering this topic for further analysis.
  13. Just get better argument :), the option to turn off MTR is in the launcher itself.
  14. DE should just add new arcanes to the game for this event, why getting same arcanes by doing different missions, the game really lost his beauty unfortunately.
  15. By definition, a game should be enjoyable and fun to play, Warframe this days is the opposite, I'm sorry.
  16. DE always find a way to "piss off" Hunters by any means necessary, ruining arcances, ruining mtr, and still much more is coming for the Hunting Community.
  17. I have 8 gigs of RAM + samsung ssd 500gigs, it's enough for fast load, but now the game is using very limited amount of ram, which means loading will be really slow
  18. Please revert this, because loads entering open worlds is extremely slow now or even impossible sometimes.
  19. Seems like MTR ON or OFF is the same thing after the patch.
  20. I play on MTR OFF, now my load is very slow entering the Poe.
  21. As the title said, some players, including me, are facing slow load when entering the plains of Eidolons after last patch, the pc freeze in the load process, I don't know what's the issue with this slow load and freeze, but it's certainly related to last patch. I hope this issue will be taken on consideration and fixed as soon as possible. Thanks.
  22. As the title said, when I try to join some squads, screen get stuck on "please wait", I fail to join that squad for unknown reason, it happen quiet often I don't know why. I hope DE will make the necessary efforts to fix this issue soon. Many players are suffering from the same problem.
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