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  1. Fast loading mission not coming back ?????
  2. Thx for the update When will we have fast loading missions again ?????
  3. Missions still loading slow when MTR is off, when will we have a fix for this ?
  4. When will we get again fast loading missions ?
  5. So basically each time you enter a mission/open world, game has to load assets from storage to ram it will take time whenever you have ssd or hdd, no matter how much you play the mission, the performance of the game is really broken tbh. Even good specs will suffer from this issue (I have 8gigs ram + evo 860 500gigs)
  6. The game is no more caching assets like it was before.
  7. Thanks for the hotfix Still waiting for the asset caching to be back so we won't wait decades to start a mission
  8. They disabled Asset caching, I don't know why. almost all threads in performance section are talking about the cache
  9. The game is not caching assets, thus loading very slow to open worlds, please look into this.
  10. I also posted a thread about slow load due to a "fix" concerning memory leak in previous hotfix, I don't know why they disable asset caching, but it's really a bad way to optimize the game.
  11. Multi Thread rendering fix when ? we're suffering from slow loads when entering plains / orb vallis please
  12. I don't really want this topic to be buried in the archive, this is a big problem in the game, I hope a staff's member(s) will react to this topic and give us a bit of hope as soon as possible
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