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  1. I condensed it but didn't leave out any context Me: I simply would not part with a 400 platinum frame for 25,000 credits. I did not sell this. DE: Thank you for contacting us! Unfortunately, the time between the sale and you reporting it was too far apart for us to be able to reverse this process. Please understand that in order for us to reverse a sale you need to inform us as soon as possible, preferably within 24-48 hours from the time of the sale Me (thinking to self): I just said I didn't sell. Maybe they can look back further than 2 days but just have to do extra
  2. I said in region Only read below if you are bored Book on why that ban was dumb, and a belief that won't change. From my perspective I see this as an unbiased lens. Value I I have 1,500 platinum remaining to buy Frost and Ember sets and I don't know when this damn thing is ending though I just got it, I was gonna buy even more but now I might not get the time before the end of the event, it was a manual ban, the chat ban should not appl
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