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  1. The weapon skin can be seen in the market and on the weapon for 'skin' options but it isn't purchasable? I got a login discount and went to buy it but discovered it can only be previewed and not actually bought :( edit: it's been fixed
  2. day one, 'mother' (orb mother) day two, 'orokin' (golden maw) day three, 'void' (corrupted vor) day four, 'flight' (ogma) day five, 'corpus' (hyena) day six, 'stealth' (shade) day seven, 'warrior' (excalibur) day eight, 'deimos' (seriglass shard) day nine, 'luck' (void relic, of which i have no luck at all for their rewards) day ten, 'resource' (planetary extractor) day eleven, 'infested' (jordas golem) day twelve, 'torment' (red veil prisoner) day thirteen, 'sanctuary' (the biz) day fourteen, 'ostron'
  3. I got an affinity booster for login last night and decided I should finish forma-ing my Helminth, though after I put the forma in and went to a mission, the Helminth won't load in my ship anymore. I've tried leaving and coming back but it doesn't want to load at all, so I can't adjust mods or add more forma. Now after every mission I have to restart the entire game to get my pet to spawn into the orbiter. 😞 Edit ; adding onto this, putting the Helminth into stasis and then pulling it back out doesn't fix the problem either. It only leaves a shadow of the pet on the floor and I still canno
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