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  1. We were spoiled with choice, now we have warframes losing saturation over the years by reworks that are ment to destroy their versitile kits. A current example is the push to nerfing pilfered loot to a finisher, which is an attempt to nerf neckros before he comes out of the Prime Valt.
  2. The original view to look at it for is that we had the endless void missions that gave parts and a reason to keep going. People were so on point on the game that they were getting banned left and right for going past 5 hours straight with leaderboard resets. Spectres of the Rails and all of these nerfs with reworks have tried to reintroduce the game as something it can't stand low at.
  3. What we are missing is the older meta variants of warframes. Back then the demand for energy was higher, especially for the old version of Valkyr with the regular channeling speed claws instead of the ones we have.
  4. There was. It was the endless void missions to get primes before Specters of the Rails. A lot of crocked people have encoraged D E to cut more corners over the years.
  5. Having people gas light on the idea to have A I bots to auto fill the pvp is also another loss. The goal of new content is to give us more ways to play the game. Pulling a ‘hot’ then ‘cold’ move pattern is a shameless way to loss consumers.
  6. Can we get different textures for items in specific? When it comes to places like Lua the retextured metal there would make sense to have wear and tear to it’s texture. I’m not a expert on gold and it’s karrots; but Primed warframes having retextured gold details could be a violation of the game’s story. Maybe, on Umbra warframes if we had more than one is a option to have the retexured metal details on a war frame. Other than that it is hard to say now if Nekros’s Desecration is getting reworked when he is brought out of the prime vault. In all, hearing Nekros losing the effectiveness of his third best specialty with melee 3.0 and seeing metal textures being reworked makes it a challenge to delete nekros to go with Gauss, and deciding if I’m buying the next prime access or accessories.
  7. It is good too see a move made to bring Darvo back.
  8. Wtb or trade foe the part. Message the price and trade offer.
  9. Message part, price, and or trade offers on here or Xbox 1.
  10. For those looking to be part of a friendly and professional gaming environment people are welcomed to bring their friends and people they may know to a community that welcomes the casual and the pro playstyles.
  11. Message count and price per on here or console.
  12. That would be a better rework in comparison to Nerfing Archwings that go about 75 meters per a second. Warframe got a Hover board before Fornite; so there is something to consider out of the difference.
  13. A long time ago and still Warframe has outclassed Destiny 1 and 2. Also Hildra capitalizes against Anthem. So on the other hand, if we were allowed to use weapons while on the k drive, then Fornite would not be the competition on that small part of content.
  14. It’s the 1st ability that works the most in traveling Orb vallis. Hyperion Thrusters has almost no speed difference on this Arch wing.
  15. Fort nite has their easy hover board expectations meet, while we have Overwatch players looking for more ways to destroy Warframe, if Diva got the Tonkor nerf, then we wouldn’t be having these problems.
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