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  1. Night wave can be a way to get more Oxium since it’s rare again.
  2. After looking at the ways people set up their channel how do they land and keep all their thousands of viewers? I see there’s some methods that take SEO research and cheap deals on Fivver. The way they stay popular is too much. One talks about cartoons all the time and being sweaty on Mortal Combat. Another makes dirty jokes, eats a bad diet and cross dresses for charity drives. Some others are just toxic to the fan base by giving misinformation and pushing for every meta play style to get patched out. Even reminding people inappropriate details about their personal life. Some of the better ones were banned already. What is being asked is what audience should the content be made for and what way to fill in that void of direction.
  3. Intrinsically could have cost way less. Doing 95% less damage in Railjack missions is slow enough already. the abilities could have been greater to buff the skills to function than be perks.
  4. D E is worth 9 figures at least. There’s room to make the game more flexible.
  5. After hearing about the two sides on the topic as of now it needs solid boundaries. The big G word going around needs solid boundaries. The reason why is because some staff stand on a certain lifestyle and some people get to abuse it to joke on their end. There’s a few ‘White Knights’ who get to abuse the G word. One ‘White Knight’ brands themselves with the big G word. If a regular person can joke about the G word then get in trouble it needs a reevaluation. Seeing one side get to let loose on the big G word is wrong. The corporate abuse on free speech is a unfriendly approach to consumers. Maybe the use of the G word on both sides has to stop. That means the consumer doesn’t use it around staff nor staff and contributors use it around the consumers. The worst incident of this the Tennocon 2016 convention. A ‘White Knight’ abused the context of the big G word 3 years ago. Now it’s a bad habit. Instead of the consumers just being handsoff on the big G word the others have to remove the use of it too. That means 3 years is a example up to this point of important. If staff and contributors are punished for this too things will improve.
  6. It’s the recent Forma added. It can be crafted or purchased in the market to attach to weapons as an Exilus Mod slot.
  7. As the next idea we have seen this Forma series roll in: Aura Forma: Good, saves us long term time on those little changes that makes a big difference. Chroma is a good example to make flexible builds. Umbra Forma: Allowing Umbra Upgrades to fit the buffs in for options are great with Melee 3.0 phase 2 now. Amalgam Forma: It is great for some items now that could use the different. Aklex Prime, Aksomati Prime, and others. Now without breaking the game the next thing is wanting: Universal Forma the Forma that works in WarFrame and weapon slots. In some cases some players get 2 sets or 3 of a item for themselves. For example: 1 Nekros prime for Endless survival and Kuva missions. The 2nd Nekros Prime would be used for people going after Endo in Rathuum. That second Nekros would take a different set of polarizing for survive Rathuum. If a Universal Forma was added it would possibly have to get added somewhere special in the game. It’s crafting materials could be 250-500 Ducats each. The reason why is that can be done is to incorporate the use of Ducats for crafting. The Paracesis is the best option standing on crafting with Ducats.
  8. After the cape and Primed Sure Footed we haven’t seen new content from the Log in counter. Are we supposed to get the next thing at 1500? If not what can we expect and when?
  9. One of the stealth nerfs we missed with his diminishing armor is the proc nerf. He used to be invulnerable to slow and ice. The current Bandaids are good; but it keeps them from being on center.
  10. Some frames fall behind in the growing list of end game areas as new game modes get added.
  11. If you have 200-300 plat to buy the bandaid I’m not saying otherwise. The current rhino before the arcane wasn’t end game. Maybe sortie viable; but that was it.
  12. While we have Arcane Tanker we really need to know. Old fashion Rhino back in 2015 was great stuff. N00bleshowtek showed us how to get high amounts of armor with Rhino. After self damage it ‘tanked’ (pun intended.) The other mechanics that were fixed real shrunk this character into a place that the Tonkor saw. Endgame players who got gud learned their lesson. It’s time to buff rhino back up.
  13. Can thieves of Space get it’s RNG back over 5% on it’s items?
  14. Rail jack has too much R N G tied to it. We don’t know the full scope of this content; but getting the Railjack parts, resources, and completing missions aren’t something all clans can enjoy.
  15. The nerfs, Grendel and Guass, then the r n g to Railkack deserves the college grade critique it’s getting. This isn’t boarding school gaming like cod. This is critical thinking from the senior and college level. Basically speaking, it’s an adult game. It has it’s rating for a reason. For your counter argument it was supported up until harrow and the later WarFrames sunk the game into a grind fest that isn’t enjoyable anymore.
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