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  1. That would be a option for solos or mission modifiers selectable. We have dragon keys and we have Radiant that corrupts a playable item equipped or Warframe; so there is possibility not being used.
  2. Actually leaving his sledgehammer parts as the only rewards and increasing his spawn chance by 2.5% with the sigil equipped to each player are viable options.
  3. Having some of the old content like t4 survival and reworked buffs would fix that.
  4. Having a buffed up Bladestorm makes sense. There are a lot of S tier character that are b to a minus and need to be put back on point.
  5. There are people who like having only 1 S tier female character.
  6. Wtb or trade foe the part. Message the price and trade offer.
  7. We’re expecting some end game content and MR 28 with it.
  8. Socialism hurts many things, especially Warframe. If English is your primary language, then I can teach you university English composition.
  9. If we get the old raids back and other like wise content then we can go towards the world of warcraft direction than the destiny direction we’re everything is the same thing with different names. D 2 has that painful lesson.
  10. Message part, price, and or trade offers on here or Xbox 1.
  11. The options helps weapons cover different niches and have different functions. This is how we can ride the power creep uphill.
  12. awe blade is the person who pushed for that nerf. They knowingly stuck their nose in the business of the end game players’ business and befriended them, just to turn around and throw this trick into the nerf wave.
  13. In higher levels the Tonkor would start hitting the wall. As far as everyone witnessed the toxic part of the community wanted spin to win nerfed, camping in endless survival dead, stealth + gas nerf, and more, just because they were unique and everything else including beam weapons weren’t buffed the way they are now. Implying equal opportunity and equality outcome is just indoctrination and it doesn’t benefit the fre world nor does it benefit socialist countries anymore. So this everything needs nerfs to be equality in attention is a strong overtone.
  14. For those looking to be part of a friendly and professional gaming environment people are welcomed to bring their friends and people they may know to a community that welcomes the casual and the pro playstyles.
  15. Message count and price per on here or console.
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