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  1. I don't know if it still true , but it used to be : -> Buy Bundle -> Message support to get "discount" price because you own half of the Bundle -> Happy Tenno
  2. Well like it always used to be .... auto open , remember Tower Keys?
  3. Il kick comme sa version anglaise , sur une base de mot bien précis en général essaye de dire WTT/WTB/WTS dans le canal région anglais t'a une chance de survie de une demi seconde avant le kick Comme dans le canal anglais parfois , le kickbot déconne et peut importe se que tu dis sa part au kick Nop aucun pour le moment , tu te reconnecte immédiatement Le kick bot , idée très moyen vu que certains tente le coup pour savoir c'est quoi c'est limite , ou les mots magique pour l'activer , d'autre utilise notre langage le plus connu et apprécier en frenglish , ou le langage SMS pour
  4. I stopped to read when you started to talk about Rhino prime , I mean you are comparing a rhino Prime to Excal which was release like a really long time ago?
  5. I do it sometime , , they can sometime migrate , but if it insta not sure , the worst thing it that they are all split in theire own session , you know what i do when theire is to much afk? I afk to , they usually move , are leave, and I do follow them . I don't see why anyone should get reward while he didnt do anything
  6. Oh dear.... log in XP , you will get it more when you have everything max'ed and you know getting less RNG is not what DE like , what DE love is adding more RNG in RNG , Don't like RNG ? Here some more
  7. Not sure what you really want... You get 50 Free plat , that will remain untradable , and your Plats that you add'ed , anyway just buy slots that will be enought... this need to be more clear
  8. This was funny... but wait Salad V is traitor maybe?
  9. Je ne sais pas trop comment vous avais loupé un sujet avec plus de 150 page... Mais sinon Perfect World peut , peut avoir acquis des droit pour exporter en chine , si c'est juste sa ,pas grave... mais si y'a plus que sa , je vous laisse imaginer la catastrophe ... Enfin suffit de voir leur jeux , une Carte bancaire pour gagner
  10. Why not , but I just remember how we used to go crazy on F5 just to see the daily news release... so not sure if it good then
  11. I don't know , maybe... weapon are easy to make (maybe not for a news starter) , current pricing is just crazy totaly not worth it , and most of items is over priced
  12. It's not real PVP since it's AI , since AI usually fail alot it will just run in circle , you will just have to aim right....
  13. We got the winner for 2014 idiots capslock winner anyway turn it off , its not because you wright full caps that you will be right or people will read or even consider your answer
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