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  1. There was only a survey with no possible answer so here I go 

    About Cetus hub

    I do like the idea but for a first timer you should show player how to use "fast travel" many seem to missing that information , also being in many server make it like we're alone in cetus 

    Overall NPC price : everything feel overpriced for the use they have 

    Bounty reward , and mission : As you know your own game , it feel boring as I can guess what kind of quest I'm going to get ... 

    ->Defend this area 2 min

    -> Defend this area for 2 min to open container

    -> run 1500 meter + with a slow moving npc awsome?

    For what ? trash reward I mean when you waste about 15-20 min to get 300 ENDO on bounty 5 final reward it is dissapoiting 

    About fishing & mining : I do believe you can improve both of them very easy ! simply show in the map where to find them and when , the cost for mining is fine , but you have to run randomly to find them (even with the last tier mining tool) 

    For fishing ... how to say this nicely.... This is farm fest and kinda boring , to make a bait you need many kind of fish ... 

    Oh also I would greatly enjoy if we could just have an archwing launcher that we could call maybe every 30/60/90 (add more time at each death if you wish to) seconde but permanent it is boring to always have to call them and waste them just to go a bit faster 

    About pricing and reward I think it is clearly bad , to get max amount of standing I need to come back every two hours ... it's not rewarding well , and stuff cost alot

    Eidolon fight : I don't think we can call this fun , it's was fun first time but now with the "farm method" it is boring 


    Most important finishing with this !! ==>  IT'S NOT FUN TO RUN 600 METERS OR MORE FOR EACH OBJECTIVE <==


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  2. The addition of these Resources into the Plains are mainly geared towards helping new players learn about Resources not tied to the Plains.

    Thanks DE , What I understand it is now even more harder to get "good reward" and gara warframe , so did you think of all you veteran players so far?

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  3. I forgot to report this but if anybody can check if it still "working" 

    today in my sortie I found how to cancel "the bad effect" , the sortie 2 had radiation the only thing that make the radiation and never be on someone else again :

    Host migration

    After host migration the radiation effect was over and news player who enter did'nt get any effect also

    if someone can go check ;)

  4. I actually don't believe a Single word here , you guys on livestream feel like you understand us , and what you do withing the same week of news release? make it worst ,

    please explain me why : 

    -Removing old frames , prime weapon and there still WAYS to many item on endless mission on rotation C?

    -You guy do understand that we're bored from doing void and endless mission YET you keep pushing stuff on rotation C

    -You also try'ng to make a fake difficulty , earning by making some item not being able to gain that fast ... , Nitain does it need to be alert only or in sabotage with 0.01% chance to get one? Does the caps for many stuff really usefull? Like you said , it's all about prime access , if it did'nt exist nobody would have that kind of trouble but I understand it DE is a company that need to make money even ,whatever the methode you guys use it's just bad

    -also you're saying it might be hard for news players , well first we need news player , it won't be hard if you guys can't attract them (Seriously , I'm a new player , I want Vauban prime because his picture is everywhere , I see the requirement or the price of PA , I don't even try the games) also the cost for old player ain't easy to , I still did'nt manage to get the 30 k of cryo you know? and every update you guys push it's getting worst , somehow if next Prime require 45 nitain for each part wouldn't surprize me since you really want to make your PA buyers special .

    What you need to do is actually :

    1-Stop with rotation C

    2- If you stop Rotation C trolling don't put everything in T1 since you're also trolling with Keys and resources

    3- Resource , Do not request tons , I'm thinking to Nitain which is more than rare , I think I've more potato than nitain awsome ain't it?  Also thinking for Cryo , It's just madness to farm that much for a bad weapon , 

    4-You guys really want to sell your prime access right? I've a solution , make the games fun again like in old days , you guy are thinking by making us bored to extreme you will get buyers , that wrong .

    5- I do understand you try to make some rarity system ,but it ain't good at all , and not doing anything good , look many item can be obtain in games , but there is the mighty nitain ,not in shop , only in alert , If you believe in god of rng it can be also sabotage , getting a nitain in sabotage is like getting every item you want from rotation C in one single runs , which mean impossible 

    6- If you guys are keep going to remove old frame , and weapons , atleast please stop with rotation C and t1 giving keys to...

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  5. This feel really little spot to click on also can you do following :

    -When looking to recruit able to : allow / ban some frame also add MR restriction?

    -For Item linking : Please before doing this think twice , I find this feature awsome but there will be some major abuse like the current chat system the better spammer / who copy paste overshadow others sellers/buyers Hope this won't do something worst 

  6. I saw this first : 

    • Fusion will be simplified - you will *only* be able to rank mods up with Fusion Cores

    Was going to say why would they something like that


    • You will be able to convert duplicate Mods into Fusion Cores, so you can still use those to rank up mods


    Then I saw this but what something tell me that some people will forget about transmute...

  7. 1- Give the supra real buff


    2- Make some sort of Raid another style , with some story line and time to do it 


    Here some example : from  01/01/2016 to 22/01/2016 you can play a special raid called "The beggining"  


    Of course you can do something very special on that , like mixing up mission , Starting with an exterminate , hijack , mobile defence , defence and ending with a survival , something that will be short but very hard (Think of payday 2 kind mission) with nice reward the mission rotate every2/3 weak or monthly depend on you

  8. DE is just doing bad 


    Wu Kong (some monkey which is terrible for me) : Behind wall time and rng  -> Labs + Nitain alert


    Ivara : look like just some enhanced version (or maybe failed) of Loki  -> Spy mission RNG reward + Nitain alert


    Ne Zha : Well Do I really need to say it? Sortie only , one chance each days can beat that once you got Ne Zha you will get plenty of her as trash


    Everything is done so you buys them in market instead of grinding ,so people , I've just an advice to all of you Tenno , If you want to support that 


    kind of release any time soon , just don't buy and farm ,if you buys ,you're just saying that good way to sell and we will get more of these bad 


    release .


    Even if 2015 is nearly ending soon , just remember 2015 YoA (Year of quality) , Well actually the more they try , the more is worst...Hope you guys try hard for a real year of quality

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  9. Don't know if you're aware but the amount of spawn on the raid has been lowered way to much , in the elevator part we had to wait / unlock ennemies

    in the final fight inside golem we had to get kicked outside to get some spawn but it's was still not enought to finish it

  10. You guys do understand you can still do it right now , and you do not need a Nerf to change your build , there is nothing in the world except yourself to stop you from using these mods since they annoy you so much


    There is some people that is just again'st damage mods / strong weapon , please if you do want to screw up the community for your selfish reason

    just nerf yourself your own mods , you do not need to nerf the whole players for your own good.

  11. 1 - solve a part of the serration problem (serration problem is about all the base damage increase mods)

    2 - no drawbacks, so its obvious u want multishot always and ever.

    3 - its a mandatory mod, its a no-brainer u always want more damage, duh.

    4 - doesn't comply with objective of the mod system, to create liberty for mod diversity.

    5 - makes the devs rework/review the scaling problem of enemies (since we kinda gonna get gimped with this).


    1-Serration is not a problem , if you don't like power don't use it , don't try to nerf the whole community because there is some people that don't like strong mod / weapon


    2 - There is drawbacks , The cost to make it max'ed and the 15 point is it not cheap to put multishoots on your build


    3- It's is mandatory , and it ain't no brainer , also who want more damage? 

    Reminder : NO ONE force you to use this mods, don't like? don't use it quite simple , if you want underpowered weapon/mod then use them don't nerf the whole player base for the lonely reason of your own playstyle, leave everyone play there ways .


    4 - How this does not comply being agains't liberty? Anybody who is playing have to choose there own playstyle / and what best for them to kill ennemy more efficient/faster ,also removing this , will add two mandatory mods instead will you be more happy when this will be done?


    5 - I'm not sure what you mean with scalling ennemy but , as for now , everything is really low level and there is no ennemy to stand , maybe that the bigges issue , ennemy does not have anything to kill us except broken mechanics (i.e some dude with a shield , or some clown that laught before trolling you with teleport and being immortal



    oh back to topic 


    -The amount of rage pre-nerf and after nerf will make this forum going into wars , hell , dunno which kind of gods can save the forum (Sure that a warning bot won't be enought)

  12. Here my point of view


    Carrier prime > anything else (maybe helios is nice to)


    Why? Because like many players I'm lazy to go loot everything and making sure to get everything and If my sentinel die? nobody care he die , he can revive with the mod one time then he won't annoy anyone else


    Kubrow? If he die because his AI make him go between all the elite / heavy ennemy he can make yourself or your team mate die , in the minimap (since the minimap is bugged for long time now) you can see his where he is dead , and even when he is dead it wont disseapear ,

    wait your kubrow died? Then he won't like you , and you have to get DNA stabilizer...(and not talking about the waiting time when you don't get the right kubrow)

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  13. Wait ... 


    To DE, i do not agree with this whole rework because 




    And to my fellow Tenno, stop complaining about everything.


    But you also said : So guys...remember that time when you complained about "mandatory" mods?

    Well it seems you don't like the idea of multishot getting a rework huh?


     you need to apply to yourself before posting stuff like that you know bro?

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  14. I don't really enjoy survival with the name this mode have and I don't think I have enjoyed survival exept for the first time released during event in a closed map which was awsome .


    I had rather get a real survival where ennemy come and ambush your team being crazy level (to avoid one hit ko)

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