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  1. Yet another dev stream, yet another lost chance at drops I cannot take because it's starting at 1 am at night. Sigh.
  2. I am starting to get quite salty as those twitch drops are ALWAYS when I am deep asleep >_>
  3. Thank you for not nerfing one of Wisps skills that actually matter!
  4. For everyone with the "trapped mouse issue" - this helped for me - https://www.windowscentral.com/how-change-high-dpi-settings-classic-apps-windows-10-april-2018-update
  5. I had the weird "trapped mouse" bug as well. I changed the high DPI settings according to https://www.windowscentral.com/how-change-high-dpi-settings-classic-apps-windows-10-april-2018-update and that thankfully worked.
  6. Nope, still no fix for the 4k mouse-is-trapped-in-left-top-corner issue =(
  7. I wish you'd find a way how people on the other side of the planed can take part in your twitch drop events as well. Streams at 1 am at night on a work day are simply not manageable. >_<
  8. Are you going to fix that ugly white rim soon? https://www.dropbox.com/s/5bbpoly4k62wonk/white rim.jpg?dl=0
  9. Yay for another 1 am stream I cannot tune into for the drops >_>
  10. I do hope you keep these streams to Friday evening instead of Thursdays, this way I can at least watch and sleep in.
  11. This would be all lovely and fun if you did this either on a Friday (so I could sleep in) or IF on a Thursday not at 1 am at night >_>
  12. Still no fix for colors resetting on login >_>
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