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  1. Q1:     Will there be more mods that are for melee channeling?


    Q2:     When will my lama dog be released?


    Q3:     When will there be more rooms for the dojo?


    Q4:      I have over a million nano spores and need to use them. Can the extractors be built using only nano spores?

  2. Please fix drop rate for Fang Prime Handle. I have been farming tier 2 defense for 3 days and only got more void keys and credits. I hope you take this into consideration despite me not being a Grandmaster but as a player whose been playing Warframe for 8 months and only want this game to grow. (Been growing towards more micro-transaction unfortunately, but everybody needs more money. Anyways, please fix at your earliest connivence.)

  3. hahaha.  Yeah, no, we don't have any special damage tables in Council.  Cute though.

    lol You didn't get it. I was saying this whole Design Council and Grandmaster title will always be a Joke. I know we are their primary source of their income and your opinion only holds as much value as how much money you "donated" to DE. I am tired of these games that are filled with Micro-Transactions. This is my least favorite part of PC games. Little things like the duel skana costing 50,000 credits (built already, no bp) going to plat. Or changing the game just for Rhino and his Iron Skin. (You use to not get knock back from taking too many bullets.) These are just some examples and all I ask is to have at least one game that puts EVERYBODY of the same playing field regardless on how much money you have. ( no exp boost , can't buy in game money, can't buy weapons, character slots, weapon slots, etc.) Lastly, hidden changes in your hot fixes/updates.
  4. Where does one find the new damage bonus/resistance values?

    Most likely in exclusive section of the forums were people throw $100.00 at DE. (Design Council) Its funny how DE slowly turned Warframe into a pay to win game. Remember back when Prime weapons/frames couldn't be bought? (Excluding lato prime, skana prime and Excalibur Prime.) Welcome to Warframe!! A game slowly becoming a common game filled with micro-transaction. (I know I am not a Grandmaster but thanx for reading this small rant.)
  5. Does Alad V drop Detron Blueprint? According to the Codex it deals 105 radiation damage. Please make a update if Alad V doesn't drop this beast. This would be our most powerful pistol and this Tenno is willing to pay a million credits for it. :l

  6. If DE is going to make Primed Chamber drop this weekend. Than I want a exclusive holographic badge for the top 100 who earned Primed Chamber from Operation Shoot the Ballons. (This seems like it would prevent rage from both parties.)

  7. Well that's the thing, I clearly remember some post by DERebecca saying it wasn't going to be exclusive (but that could be my subconsciousness acting up) I mean, we all remember the exclusive Frost Prime BP incident, and 'm not holding it against them, we just need clearer communication on what is event exclusive, what is given now but will be available later etc.

    DE will never tell us what is really in every hotfix/update. For example, we can now parry/deflect the stomp attack from the Grineer Gunner and the tentacle attack from Ancients. I just melee with my Plasma Sword right before they hit me. If you did the parry correctly, you will be blocking even though you press melee and a blue glow will surround your Warframe during the parry.EDIT: NEW INFO. ON HOW TO PARRY.....Spaming block is a easy way to parry and for ancients and any AoE attack. Plus you can parry Lech Kril's hammer. Lastly, to parry Grineer Scorpians I press block and melee right as her rope hit me and I did a special block with my Plasma Sword and took no dmg. or wasn't knockdown.
  8. I would love you long time if this were possible

    But seriously Charged Chamber is so dismally inferior to Primed Chamber that it actually isn't viable. My question being: will we ever have the opportunity to get Primed Chamber ?(I don't remember it being event exclusive, just the top 100 got it and I think I remember a post that DERebecca said that it was just the first time they introduced the mod)

    My second sniping related question is, will new coming players have access to more than just 1 sniper rifle? I mean, out of the 4 that exist, only 2 can actually be acquired (currently) and the one needs MR7, which takes a hell of a long time for new players (I'm not complaining though, I'll have mine within 24 hours)

    Operation Shoot the Giant Balloons that Awkwardly Stare at you. xD I had to get in the top 100 of the event. So isn't it technically a event exclusive mod for only 100 people out of 3,000,000 registered users? (I was 81/100 in Spy Drone Event)
  9. Why do you keep releasing game changing event exclusive mods?

    All this serves to do is alienate players who would start the game after release. Currently a new player's secondary cannot keep up with the ammo efficiency or damage output from a player who unlocks Lethal Torrent in beta. This severely handicaps any player who starts after release when it comes to the often mentioned end game competitions such as target ranges and leader boards.

    I agreed with everything this user said. I would gladly sacrifice my Primed Chamber mod if that means the Lotus can research it and turn the mod into a blueprint. So that more players can buy the blueprint with credits and build it.
  10. When will there be a cosmetic effect for Forma'd weapons? DERebeeca already responded to my message saying...wait. I don't know if I am supposed to talk about that. Huh? I might post her reply later.......

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    Sent 05 July 2013 - 12:42 PM

    Can the silver stars be used to buy special auras for weapons. So I could use my 3 silver stars on my Latron Prime to buy a rainbow aura that surrounds it. Just something that says, "I level up my weapon to level 30 three times." Thank you for reading this. :)


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    Sent 08 July 2013 - 08:20 AM

    I think we will add visible effects to Forma'd weapons, not sure about cashing in the Stars though!


    I am sorry if this looks bad. I can't copy and paste a picture for some reason. I'll try to fix this ASAP.

  11. My idea? Make it as a melee weapon, with it's own blocking animations. It could be an energy shield, with a generator on the back of a Tenno's hand, like the holo-badge generator, but on a larger scale. Normal attacks would be a combo, hitting with the sharp edge of the shield, ending in a bash attack that is either a guaranteed  stagger or a short knockdown. Charged attack could be a longer bash that possibly ragdolls, like Kogake charged attack. When blocking, allow it to absorb 100% of damage taken FROM THE FRONT, but have a bar that depletes with every shot absorbed, instead of just lasting as long as stamina allows, the way regular blocking is now. This kind of system would allow skilled players to time their blocking intervals, and save them for key moments, such as when Vay Hek attempts to shoot your $&*^ off with his shotgun. Thoughts?

    This Forum post died weeks ago. I am only here because I forgot to stop following this topic.
  12. why the change?

    The change from what to what? I was just happy to have a badge on one shoulder and my clan emblem on the other. This will separate us from the Console players in the near future. So rejoice and be glad!! :D
  13. I got the Holographic Badge!! :D If you were in the top 100 in any Operation. Go check your customization option for that Warframe and the badge will be there to be equip. Thank you DE. :)                


    EDIT: If you helped your clan reach the top 10. You will also have the badge. :)


  14. DE please don't interfere with these comments on this Operation. Players will say, "I was busy." And will most likely complain about how it isn't fair like a 5 year old. After this happens, another players shoots down their comment leaving the player's complaint sounding like a cry for attention. This cycle repeats very often throughout pages 5-48 and counting. P.S. As one of the players in the top 100 from the last operation. This Operation was done beautifully. We were forced to make organized teams and talk to each other about who has Alpha, Beta or Stable. I felt like a legitimate team and I hope this next Operation is more like this one. :)

  15. A bunch of people here seem to be upset for one reason or another, and don't get me wrong I can understand on some level because I love gaming.  But here's the thing, if you have real life commitments(family, significant other, work, etc)then you need to suck it up and commit to those things first before getting bent out of shape about an extra-curricular activity.  It's a game, if you miss out on an event then while it sucks it's simply unlucky.  Now it's alright to be mad about it, but it's not okay to use that as a platform to try and make things pan out in your favor by making the Dev. Team feel like crap.  DE is not going to pander to everyone's individual schedule/needs for any reason, it's literally impossible.  They set the parameters because it's in their power to do so, it's their game.


    On that note it seems like a lot of hatred is stemming from the fact that the event ended early and people didn't get a chance to get their points.  According to the event notes it says that we have up until the 29th @ 12 PM EST to finish the event, this is accurate and is in no way as deceptive as people are making it out to be.  What this means is that as a community we have up until the predetermined time to succeed at the event or if not by that time then we fail.  


    Even if DE dropped in another ship and some of the people that missed out got to the top reward tier of 250 points, and then we took out that one the event would still have ended early.  Just in this case it would seem like it would be more "fair."  In fact the only way to obtain victory by how this event was designed is to knock out all the ships before the event is actually over, and that the number of ships would have to be a static number.  Since the consequence for having any ships remain means halved resources, if ships kept showing up and we kept fighting up until literally the very last second then all we could do was lose.  In essence people are sour and still would be all the way up to the actual end date/time because some of us still wouldn't have been able to participate.  This event was as objectively fair as it could have been from the start.  Face it folks, sometimes life hands you lemons be it in the real world or in the virtual one.  And while that doesn't make it any more right/better it's a truth that you'll face at some point.  The very fact that so many people are getting bent out of shape about this is astounding.

    Slow clap*
  16. So if the top 100 players from this Operation are getting a holographic badge. Does that mean the top 100 players from the previeous Operation will also get a holographic badge? I would trade in my Primed Chamber mod for this badge. (Not a real big fan of using snipers. More of a Latron Prime type of person.) P.S. Everybody needs to stop complaining about how early the Operation ended. The fact of the matter is that this is a record for the gaming community. WE ENDED A OPERATION 12 HOURS EARLIER THAN WHAT MOST PEOPLE EXPECTED!! We are Tenno, we fight until there is no more threat. We die when we are tired of fighting. And we end a Operation when we feel like it. Welcome to Warframe. :)

  17. I hope every clan that participates in this operation can put down a statue in their dojo. Or at least something that says, "My clan help blow up those ships." Lastly, I hope the weapon blueprint that the queens give us for helping them is a secondary weapon that fires a cryogenic explosive that does DoT. And every shot has to be charged up. I kinda just want more secondary weapons, not enough options. EDIT: I was right!! The VASTO Revolver is coming this weekend, Finally! A secondary weapon that I will enjoy using for style points and dmg. :D

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