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  1. You complained about the costs of the event items. I explained exactly that there is very little play time per day just for the event. And with that little game time you can get 500 pearls for a short time, it doesn't seem bad. Let's see if you understand now
  2. Well. playin games is equal of doing nothing. so whats your point? you have an event with free things just for playing less than 1 hour per day
  3. Ten missions a day or less and you can get everything before the event ends and you don't have to try to get everything in one day, that's why it lasts several days edit: you have to repeat the last match of the event
  4. this little decreases or increases changes nothing, whats with all the drama?
  5. It's not exactly what I said and it was a suggestion / idea for people who have problems with various types of missions. I do not have them ..
  6. Separate the casual challenges of the elite challenges. What I mean by this . That you can get to the end of the nightwave rewards by doing only the casual challenges ... but if you want to boost your points and go to the end of the rewards faster you can do elite challenges. This saves a problem, from people complaining about "long missions, I do not have friends etc".If you put that type of missions right there on elite
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