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  1. Will kuva lich fill every role in Railjack? Will there be added more nodes for each proxima in the future uppdates? 5 each place sees kinda few. When will be able to summe Railjack in open areas and fly from one place to another as shown in Tennocon?
  2. If it will be like any big uppdate before it will be late, and given the timezone difference it will be very, VERY early morning for me. And then there is the bugs that needs to be patch later on. Always is. So if it launches tomorrow i will prolly start playing by saturday. But still....
  3. Please change rank 9 gunnery. I've never liked that one. In order to drift you need to boost wich mean the pilot cannot fire, and if you should choose to boost, the gunners might get cought off guard and their accuracy will be like well, as Hok put it "Nice guy, but couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat." When flux dissapers you drain energy from warframes. That will will reduce play to warframe with low energy such as Ash, Rhino or Inaros beacuse of their reduced energy pool compaired to other such as Chroma prime, Volt prime and Wisp. Maybe it would be better if ever
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