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  1. Hell. The f**k. No. I can understand, when a really hard boss battle takes up to 7-8 minutes (In Dark Souls, which is a pretty slow-paced game) . But 30? That would be too long, and would make the boss boring. This isn't a tactival MMO, like World of Warfraft, it's a pretty fast-paced shooter, and some things shouldn't be taking too long. Unless we're talking about introducing some big raid bosses with multiple phases, but for a shooter, the raid itself should (IMO) last for 20-30 minutes and not be too long, to keep the players engaged and not quit in the middle of the mission. This sounds like another idea to force a pretty casual game to suddendly become a hardcore one. It's not that I'm against a good challenge, but this game shouldn't be taking this too far. Also, what's bad about running and quickly killing your enemies? This is a game with a lot of grinding, and after some time, most players realize, that the faster they do something, the better. It's like if you wanted to make this impossible/really annoying for them. Basically, your ideas would require changing a lot of core game mechanics, and after that, the game would look too different for a lot of players, and a lot of players wouldn't be able to adapt. I know Warframe needs some good endgame, and I'd like to see the raids return and more of them get added. From what I've heard, raids were a really good way to make things challenging and requiring a lot of cooperation. Another thing is, that raids were a form of "heavily-optional" content and whoever didn't want to do them - just didn't have to. Like I said earlier, giving the base game mehcanics a massive overhaul would be way too much.
  2. You used to earn more endo than now. That means they decreased the amounts that drop. I don't think this makes the resource more rare. It'd be more rare, if they'd have decreased its drop chances.
  3. We forgot the Conclave, but we must accept the Conclave.
  4. Endo and Ayatans rare? Today I've been sitting on Everest arbitration for 40 minutes and all I got was Endo and 2 ayatans.
  5. Frame: Ember became so weak, that I haven't seen an Ember player for over a year! Primary: Secondary: Zylok - a pretty disappointing weapon with a crappy firing mode copied from Tigris shotguns. Melee: Dark Sword - there are basically no good thing about this weapon, every stat is crap, radiation is the only damage type.
  6. Since the amount of relics many players have is pretty big, it should be balanced by getting only small amounts, that scale with relic's tier. e.g. Lith - 2 traces Meso - 4 traces Neo - 6 traces Axi - 10 traces Maybe they should also give a daily limit to traces created from relics (but keep classic trace farming without it).
  7. Like I said in the title, there is still a lot of potential in some parts of Orb Vallis, which, when improved, would make this place more interesting. Some locations should serve other purpose, than just another cave/farming site. Deck 12 being a bossfight area was a great idea, but for other caves/buildings we need something other, to make them more unique. 1. Remember this door? For those who don't: This is some sealed Orokin door in the Orokin Dig Site cave. It looks really interesting, but we can't open or use it, it's just existing there, menacingly. My idea is to make it a portal to a, secret dimension/plane of existence/whatever, which would be a new, closed tileset (I kinda miss those, since Kuva Fortress came out). For example, it could be some old Orokin starbase/starship/outpost near Tau system, that was used during the Old War to send reinforcement through the portal on Venus. This tileset would be patrolled by Sentient units, and feature some already existing, as well as new mission types (new warframe or sentient weapons as rewards, maybe?). Can't say it would be a new endgame or something, but it would add much more depth to Orokin Dig Site. 2. Make Starport an actual starport. Vallis' Starport can be improved, too. It's design is really cool, but technically, it's just a big building with rooms and hangars, where you farm toroids. Fortunately enough, Empyrean can help it. Starport could be used as a place to hijack Corpus Railjacks and then fly away in them, just like on Tennocon 2018, when the expansion was supposed to be called "Codename: Railjack". Hijacking would include some hacking, bringing fuel cells and Ordiss stuff. Also, Starport could be used for squad link missions, like, for example sabotaging the control tower in order to disrupt/weaken Corpus ships near Venus. 3. Temple of Profit - another toroid farm site This idea won't be too creative/original. Instead of reworking the Sargeant from Phobos, make Anyo's assassination take place here, introducing some new mechanics (Anyo piloting some big mech?).
  8. For me, at least. Doing disruption to get them feels much better than researching/just buing the blueprints and making more weapons' aquisition like that can actually keep the player "engaged". Also, the Leverian system also makes those weapons more interesting.
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