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  1. Might take more than a while. but generally, it's a nice idea. Also, I'd recommend it to be posted on Reddit and/or one of feedback subforums, if you want a chance of DE seeing this.
  2. Some of you might not be aware of that. but in the Necraloid (Necramech Syndicate) headquarters you can find stairs leading to the Void clock behind Loid. The clock features Vitruvian recordings of Albrecht Entrati, the first void scientist and the creator of Requiems. The last two recordings. that require maxed standing with both Entrati and Necraloid contain something interesting. For the first one, I'm not talking about what Albrecht said, but about the image of Reliquary Drive from Railjack with the (in)famous finger within. The last recording mentions, god-like creatures, possibly "inspir
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