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  1. This is my idea, poorly portrayed in paint. I already posted this on reddit, but maybe official forum is a better place. Link to my original post on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/btpe4t/since_the_current_fortuna_theme_can_become_pretty/
  2. A bugged Exalted Blade. It counted as not used, but when I was using quick melee attack, instead of drawing my melee weapon, I was attacking with EB, dealing the damage it was built for and creating energy waves. Because it counted as my normal weapon, I could still use it, even in ability nullification range.
  3. You know, PC is a test platform, so that consoles receive updates later, but almost bug-free, don't you?
  4. Sentient arm cannon? Kingpin system? Bannerlord when? Gas City rework?
  5. Melee 3.0 and two handed Eidolon Weebstick?
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