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  1. Some of you might not be aware of that. but in the Necraloid (Necramech Syndicate) headquarters you can find stairs leading to the Void clock behind Loid. The clock features Vitruvian recordings of Albrecht Entrati, the first void scientist and the creator of Requiems. The last two recordings. that require maxed standing with both Entrati and Necraloid contain something interesting. For the first one, I'm not talking about what Albrecht said, but about the image of Reliquary Drive from Railjack with the (in)famous finger within. The last recording mentions, god-like creatures, possibly "inspir
  2. Noooooo, I'm not even finished with optimizing the download cache! XD
  3. I am more than sure, that I was on the right relay. It had red text and I even got teleported from time to time to see the "museum" section of Tennolive.
  4. What if the "interrogations" on the Capture mission targets are just fake news, a lie we're fed with to keep us complacent?
  5. So... For staying on the Tennolive Earth Relay until the end of the stream, players were supposed to receive Orbiter decoration as rewards. I didn't get one, even though I stayed until the end and even before I left the relay, people where already talking about the decorations they received. I got the staff skin, though. Does anyone here have this problem? Should I send a support ticket?
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