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  1. This is basically a repost of my own Reddit post, that I'm submiting here to draw more attention, I don't think everyone uses Reddit. One of the bigger (for me, the biggest) issue with Kuva Lich system is that according to Tennocon we were supposed to get a magnificent bastard with "long term relationship", but instead, we have a villain of the week (or less than a couple, given how quickly one can grind it). Also, it's very unlikely, that the current system will be comepletely overhauled, because DE seems to like it very much. My idea is to leave the current system as it is, but with adding an option, to evolve the lich even further. Basically, when we use the right requiem and defeat the lich, there should be a third option, next to "Vanquish" and "Convert", like "Leave", or something. Eventually, that could be the result of letting those 20 seconds pass. Anyway, letting the lich go without converting him, could leave the Worm Queen misguided and deciding to reward her lich for "surviving" the requiem, by promoting him to ArchLich (according to DnD, this is a more powerful lich, that retained all his/her memories). The promoted lich will not be just a simple grunt, who's able to command some grineer soldiers on the field. He (or she) will become a high rank grineer commander with some actual badassness. Everything about him will become "more and better". His armor gets upgraded (new helmet, a cape or something). He receives some new weapons (like a giant chainsaw), and now he can fight effectively in both melee and ranged combat. He might even start commanding some minor kuva liches, as well. Quirk system should be expanded, when a lich gets promoted. They will be able to "evolve" along with him into some random "advanced" quirks, like on a skill tree. They will have much more effect on the encounters. More "base" quirks should be added and liches could have more than one "base" quirk. This is how the new quirk system could work: Base quirk: Fear of being alone (already in-game) Possible evolution paths of this quirk: Personal firing squad: he will always be assisted with a tailor-made group of grineer, possibly those fifteen friends who were betting on tenno being "dead already". Give them some custom armors and regalia (by the way, what about giving a Kuva Archlich his own, randomly generated crest?), and have some upgraded features (maybe it's time to reuse some Nightwatch Corps AI?). Personal pet bodyguard: drahks for males, hyekka for females. E.g, male lich will be assisted by an oversized, armored drahk on steroids (whom he will refer to with an actually cute/adorable name) that will try to protect and fight along with his master. If the pet gets killed, the lich will become enraged and start fighting more aggressively. It will return during the next encounter, either implanted (a mechanical eye or leg), or after a kuva therapy, beacause his master managed to break into a lab and steal some kuva for his pet (that would give him some more character). Base Quirk: Studious (not in-game, this is my fan suggestion) - the lich will basically be more "nerdy", or something (like a bootleg Tyl Regor, but on a lesser scale) Possible evolution paths of this quirk Advanced technology enthusiast (not available with Hatred of Corpus quick): this lich considers Corpus technology superior to Grineer, he will use energy weapons, like Opticor, or Glaxion. If multiple quirks are allowed, and this quirk is combined with a "personal pet bodyguard", a purely mechanical pet will accompany him (possibly a Grineer response to Zanukas), eventually it can be a reprogrammed and upgraded Raptor or Jackal. Biologist: He can augment himself or his soldiers with some biological augments, like eyes, that can spot invisible Tenno, or he might use implants, that release some tactical pheromones, developed after researching the Infestation (not available with Hatred of Infested quirk). Passionate of archeology: He and his friends will use some pre-Old War technology in combat (e.g. Orokin weapons, or some Sentient stuff - shouldn't be that hard to find, since the Tenno can't contain every single Sentient Anomaly in the Veil, can they?). Engineer: If encountered on the Plains, or in some large boss room, he will be piloting his personal vehicle, like a mecha, or a tank. The vehicle needs to be destroyed (possibly in a way inspired by Exploiter and Ropalolyst fights), in order to fight the lich himself. With more evolution paths and base quirks, we could get some really unique and interesting combinations. The encounters themselves should not be grindable (maybe they should be purely random, like Stalker of Wolf of Saturn Six.) and the Arch Liches should be able to survive them (like Sargas Ruk or Vay Kek), escaping and leaving behind some reward for one's efforts (some useful loot, like new arcana and an emblem resembling his personal crest. Eventually, weapons), while also ceasing to going into battle for some time. Also, the system should be expanded to Empyrean, but this is already expected from DE. And last but not least, some highly promoted Arch Liches could introduce the new raid with more or less randomized combinations of objectives to make them feel more special and less repetitive. What are your thoughts about such changes? Do you have any ideas, that could contribute to the discussion (like more mechanics, or basic and advanced quirks)?
  2. Well... It's somewhat an unpopular opinion, but for a person, who usually has time to play only during weekend, Nightwave is a great way to keep me engaged, as long as tehre are new rewards, not some re-runs, like the current intemission.
  3. Apoc/Carcinnox for their range - if you can predict the flight path of enemy ships, they're effective and fun to use.
  4. So basically, game tends to crash, every time I try to return to drydock from Railjack mission.
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