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  1. You are basically griefing other players when you refuse to attack your lich.
  2. That's hard to believe, because the first result has all the info he needs. You copy-pasted your info from that first result on google. Sometimes just telling people to use google is better than spoonfeeding them the info, because then they actually have to figure out how to click on the results and read, and learn a skill.
  3. They've done this before, it should be on their channel.
  4. Destiny 1's grind revolved around getting weapons with perfect perks, like a hand-cannon with both "faster reload after getting a headshot kill" and "bonus damage after reloading". Now we're farming Liches for Kuva weapons with the perfect bonus, like a Chakkurr with 50% Radiation or something. Seems kinda silly that DE did this right after Destiny 2 went free to play.
  5. but it's practically impossible to even find a match in the first place
  6. That being said, it would be cool if Mag's passive was just that she gained shields on ability cast.
  7. My Mag's crush gives max overshields every time, which is 1200. Changing it to Mag + Blast won't do much considering how weak Blast is.
  8. Crush is meant to deal a little damage, give you some breathing room with a little CC, but mostly give you and your teams overshields.
  9. Not sure I follow. Sanctuary Onslaught is fast, easy, and has other decent rewards.
  10. Your understanding is very wrong. Read the wiki.
  11. Are there any mods that only affect sprint speed? I'm pretty sure it's all movement speed.
  12. Five people taking one hour off every two weeks isn't a massive sacrifice.
  13. It's a free to play game, their entire business model is making you so bored or frustrated by the grind that you give up and buy plat. If they rewarded effort instead of luck, then they'd have to rework their business model.
  14. None of those have anything to do with the gameplay.
  15. Warframe doesn't even have lore, how can it be inconsistent if it doesn't exist?
  16. The only thing that'd be nice is if they just buffed Sprint speed a little
  17. Can't you just go for Requiem Relics when the Kuva Siphons aren't in Kich territory?
  18. You asked "How long do Arbitrations happen/last?" The wiki explicitly states, in plain English, that "There is only one Arbitration alert up at any given point on the Star Chart, changing nodes on an hourly basis" and "In order to access Arbitrations, players must have completed all nodes on the connected Star Chart."
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