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  1. Thank you my liege. *bows*
  2. May I ask which ones oh kind and merciful one?
  3. Yessssssssss. Power plat would be amazing :D
  4. Yeah, like Drew said: I had the same issue, there was an issue with me being stuck in a login loop due to a random conflicting login process. Sometimes it's extremely hard to narrow down and find what the actual issue is. And if you fix one thing, you run the risk of breaking another. They want to fix it, sure it seems like a long time, but would you rather it take a little extra time but it's fixed or would you rather it be fixed very quickly but all of a sudden sayyyy...all of your gear you purchased is missing or something like that? I totally get your frustration though, but since they aren't an extremely large company, they are pretty limited at times. HANG IN THERE BRO. Wish I could gift you a credit/affinity booster or something once you're back up-and-running. But cross-platform and you know how that goes.
  5. PS4

    I tried purchasing last night but when I went to checkout, it was showing the full price >:( it was still 1/24/2017 last time I checked. It was at about 7 pm PST last night. So it's not like the servers were registering. Kinda sucks.
  6. PS4

    Are you dying by things titled "?????????" and Glast is stating that Anyo is cheating?
  7. PS4

    I would also like to know. I was super excited for this.
  8. PS4

    I hope with the next hotfix, because that thing looks awesome.
  9. Good luck everyone! :D
  10. PS4

    You're my new best friend because of that reference.
  11. Not for consoles.
  12. PS4

    Agreed :D
  13. PS4

    It would be really cool if one of the mods on the drop table was primed chamber. Rebecca stated it would later be introduced as an event mod a long time ago and I think it would be cool to see it in the index event.
  14. PS4

    Exactly! How dare them.