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  1. After 2k of hours and the majority of it grinding they don't give me motivation with giving a quality of life item in a boring, mindless, repetitive and long game mode. Like i said if they don't make it buy-able i just won't have them. So instead of spending a lot of plat, making DE money, and also spend time time lvl-ing the warframes i just won't bother with the game and continue to log in every day to collect the daily bonus until the next big update. Just try to look from my perspective is all i'm saying. And to be honest i don't really care any more. If anyone from DE sees this and thinks it's a good idea for us spending plat and they implement it than great, if they don't than fine as well, really starting to not care about warframe and every update just being a massive grind wall.
  2. So instead i should be forced to play a game mode that is boring and i hate for tens to hundred hours? Instead of DE making actual changes to arbitrations, making the game mode fun, they went for a quick band aid and offering a new carrot for a few players that still have enough will power to stand the grind. But in a month or two do you think anyone will still play it? I doubt it, some players will collect a couple of aura formas and than once again abandon it. So in conclusion if i can buy aura formas i'll spend time lvl-ing warframes again because i like that, if they aren't, just like before, i won't play the game because there is nothing worth doing for me atm and i'm tired of the mindless grind.
  3. Fun out of what? Farming one item with extremely low drop chance in one of the most dull game modes in the game? If you plan on installing one on every frame you must be no lifting this game mode for a long time and some of us don't want to. Why shouldn't there be an option to buy items for those of us that have plat to spend.
  4. So we finally got the QOL change we'v been asking for a long time, but the drop chance is low and building requirements are very high. Can we also have an option to buy aura forma with plat? I want to install it on most of my warframes and to do so it would take way too much grind...that and it's still boring. Seeing how 3 formas are 35p and you need 4 to build one aura forma, making one aura forma cost 100-150p?
  5. NoOoOoOoOoO! Kinda afraid to log into warframe to check what those numbers mean for my favourite weapons, i'll complain more later if it's bad 😞 ....just need to wait a couple of hours more for the update, download speed rise to whopping 50 KB/s!
  6. Why are frames these days so hard to farm 😞
  7. I upload the picture to imgur and there you have multiple links for different uses. One of them is for forums, it has [ img ] in front and after the link. All you need to do is copy that link and paste it here...
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