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  1. Ah, alright, you're not trying to give a counter argument, you're just voicing DE's response so similar previous suggestions. You might even be in agreement with me. You did not make that clear to me in your previous replies 🙂 I did find some previous posts (back to 2013) about this subject (at least about my proposed solution), but I could not find many good arguments in favor or against, let alone any attempt of trying to compare them. Nor did I see any reply from DE on the subject. It Actually, I do not care to know how DE responded in the past, even if it was dismissive, unless it was a proper argument, or a response to one. By the way, I can totally understand responses being dismissive at times, if the 'suggestion' being responded to is not argued in any way. Suggestions about mechanics without arguments are just cluttering up the forums and hiding the suggestions that are argued. My goal here was not to bring up anything new, nor to illicit any (positive or negative) response from DE directly, just to try to argue my view of the problem and a possible solution in a manner that makes sense, so that any DE employee reading this (and agreeing with it) could possibly use my reasoning in discussions on the subject within the development team.
  2. Good, that's what I was hoping. Dogma is a discussion killer. For clarity's sake: irritation is not the right word to describe my feelings on this. I just don't see the reason for it, and I argue the game would be more fun to play if the mechanic was tweaked for more flexibility in choices. I see an opportunity for improvement. Since you are clearly knowledgeable on past discussion, would you be able to give any sort of summary of the arguments given in favor of this limitation? Or at least link some previous discussion where some good arguments were voiced? So far you are just saying that this is working as intended, but that is not an argument why it is good for the enjoyment of the game. The only reason I can read in your words for the persistence of this mechanic is that it is a way to increase the time you can spend playing this game, "pad the content" - to put it in a somewhat negative way. Whereas I can see how that could seem to be obviously true, I think even that could be argued: I'm 2400 hours into this game, and I have spent more plat on forma than I care to know (one a day is never enough), I have multiple copies of all frames I play regularly and still I feel the limitations of my chosen polarities all the time. I cannot try out new builds and other ways of playing my frames, possibly having a new experience in the game, unless I repeat a long process that I have already been through so many times already. If anything, I'd expect many players would be repelled by this sooner than they would be encouraged to play more. I do see the merit in specializing a Warframe, and thus allowing for having multiple copies of that Warframe to make sense, but that could be achieved in other ways as well, ways that are maybe less limiting. Just brainstorming: applying a focus lens could influence mods with matching polarity: like make them 1 point cheaper or slightly more effective. Or an augments could be permanently installed in a Warframe instead of implemented as separate mod. I do not want to go into these things in particular right now, I'm just bringing it up because I think there could be many ways to have this effect, without the heavy limiting aspect of the current system. I would immediately concede that my proposed solution is quite extreme, and could have consequences that I completely missed. But that does not detract from the point I'm making about the current state of the game in any way. I would be glad to see any change to the game that alleviated this, not just my proposed (and very simple) solution. Re-examining MJ12's reply, I realize that just removing the penalty for having the wrong polarity would already go quite a way in improving your options for a frame at any given time, without losing possible intended merits of specialization, and it could be a decent, less extreme alternative.
  3. I agree with your analysis of what Warframe is at this point. But what I cannot find in your argument is how the SBL concept is positive in the scope of Warframe slot polarities, or adds in any way to the experience of playing the game. SBL is already present within the mod system: depending on the set of Warframe skills you wish you play for, when modding you can choose either to to maximize some some skills while sacrificing others, or stay generalized but with each individual skill less powerful. Specialization of a build is not the issue here: if you want a great general build, you need a specific polarity configuration just as much. The limitation at the level of polarities is not even an absolute one: you still have the option of just getting another frame. The only thing the current system really does is gate the options behind a huge time investment. I argue that this is detrimental to the fun and the experience of playing the game. Also, you are saying this almost as if it's dogma for all game mechanics. I see it as a mechanism that can be employed to encourage the player to think about choices, and make trade-offs. I don't think there is much merit in having to either re-forma your existing frame, making your old build impossible, or having to acquire another slot, Warframe parts, potato and bunch of forma, just so you can use a different specialized, or even generalized build. The only alternatives are just not using all those awesome mods you find and rank up and keep using non-maxed versions of mods, or just keep every frame you have focused on the limited amount of builds you can do with the particular set of polarities you decided to put in. I don't find those options particularly appealing.
  4. I will assume that having more (viable) options as a player is a good thing, and having a very limited amount of options is not. I have read only a limited amount of research on the subject, and I am aware it’s not proven and probably not true in all circumstances. But I feel that, when it comes to modding in Warframe, this is not a far-fetched presupposition. Personally I enjoy both playing and modding more if I have lots of options. Now that that’s out of the way let’s discuss Forma and polarized slots For most Warframes, the first couple of extra polarized slots increase the amount of available options for modding, as you are effectively increasing mod capacity, and the majority of staple mods have way more drain than the 74/9 points you have available per slot. But since there are obviously fewer mods you can fit in a polarized slot, soon you start decreasing your possible options, and at a certain point very drastically. Because polarities are so strongly tied to a certain type of effect, very soon it’s hard to mod for something else entirely. Many builds just can’t use multiple Vazarin or Madurai polarities, but others are not possible without it. As a result, some combination of builds are just not possible on the same Warframe. You can (and I do) have multiple of the same Warframe to remedy this, but this is annoying (especially in the selection screen), expensive (extra parts, slot, potato, forma, time/opportunity cost), and the effectiveness is very limited anyway. This problem could be partially relieved by reworking the mods. You could change/add more mods like Augur Secrets that have an effect that is not typical for that polarity - more offensive mods with Vazarin, more defensive mods with something other than Vazarin, etc. Or you could just decrease the drain on many staple mods, but that would reduce the point of Forma altogether. Also, reworking and re-balancing is an exceedingly difficult process, and might just as well introduce as many new problems as are being cleared up, while consuming a lot of development and play-testing effort. A much easier solution would be that any slot that you apply a Forma to would match all polarities (except for Umbra). Any polarized slots that you get with the Warframe would be unchanged. This will not make Warframes any more powerful, as it will not make any builds possible that were not possible before, it will only increase your available options at any one time. A variation of this idea would be that you could apply multiple polarities to a slot with multiple forma, or that the polarity would only become universal when applying a forma to an already polarized slot, but I feel this would just become too grindy. Adding a special kind of Forma to accomplish this would just make the option badly accessible, and I don't really see the point - if we think this is a good idea, why not make it universal. The only downside I can think of is that right now adding a forma and the choice of polarity is something that you can put thought and care into. But what you lose in options at the time of adding the Forma, you get back many times over when modding afterwards. I imagine DE is already playing with this idea, as was demonstrated when they added the aura forma. Obviously, this is all equally applicable to weapons, companions and vehicles. The function of Umbra forma could also be changed to fit better with this idea, but I will leave that for another post.
  5. My word, I should stop reading comments. What a bunch of bloody whiners in here. Thanks DE for your hard work, excellent and productive development cycle, and this new unvault less then half a year after the previous one. And not to forget there was a whole free umbra warframe with weapons and accompanying umbra mods for free in between. You give us players a lot and you have my full support and even admiration. Sure, I see things that could improve too. And I bet there's not a whole lot I can think of that is not already on your backlog. But prioritizing is a *@##$, especially when there's salaries to be payed and higher-ups to keep happy. I just wanna say: gg.
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