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  1. Depending on how long you want to hang onto it, the Hek can be made quite brutal. Something like this should be pretty easily reachable even at low levels; all that will need is a fairly low-level Syndicate mod and a Catalyst from today's sortie, and you've got a weapon that you can build on even further if need be. Ash is a reasonably versatile Warframe but if you have it I would suggest going to Excalibur as it has greater crowd control and generalist abilities. Ash is at least somewhat useful for spy runs and if you get a dagger and can access Covert Lethality with his Fatal Teleport augment you can drop anything that isn't a boss or special enemy quickly. I'd say your best bet is to hold on to the Hek and start aiming for a dedicated stealth frame. Work through your secondary and melee weapons- most of the best ones won't be available for a while yet, but the Hek is a powerhouse and can carry you a long way.
  2. It may have been suggested by now, but personally I want Sentinel weapon rivens- the problem is less that they weren't as "good" as other options for me since the best weapon I've unveiled anything for was my very first from The War Within where I received a Supra riven, with the best since being for the Phage and more that I can't get anything decent any way. Perhaps as an alternative and exception to the usual generation route, people who want a Sentinel riven could equip the Riven to their Sentinel when they are doing the Unveiling challenge and have it generate for that weapon? IE, if you equip a melee Riven to the Deconstructor and complete the challenge, you get a Deconstructor riven. No doubt this will be followed by calls to have all weapons work this way (which to be honest is how I think it should be already) but just as a single point of compromise to allow players who want their Sentinel to have a Riven this would be a workable solution?
  3. Although this will likely have been asked by now, would it be possible to attach Focus Schools to loadouts? For example, with Wukong I like to use Naramon for the melee synergy, but Zenurik with Loki for energy regen. Having to go to the Operator menu and change for each loadout is time-consuming and somewhat tedious, but if we could select an active focus school as part of our loadout slots it would make life a lot easier.
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