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  1. That would actually be pretty neat honestly. Zzz. So many thiiiiiings.
  2. Dedicated servers would help a lot in just about everything lol. And will not since I have tried it yet. But I will be today at some point zzz
  3. Not as many people though I'm talking MORE should be going and giving it a go. This is my first game in general in conclave. Regardless of me being on and off playing for 6-7 years just for PvE content. As for the broken weapons well thats some thing that needs to be fixed a long with the big fixes that I mentioned as well. But PvE take priority in this game. So yes I believe some weapons are going to be way too much. As for people being toxic... I'll wait and see on that but exactly why I'm also making a general discussion and giving my opinion on my experience. The fact that it's FUN and a guy who's done nothing but PvE and dosent like PvP had some 😉. I'm going to say that yeah I'll probably get some sweaty matches. But since PvE is the main focus I can take a break go do a survival. and cry to ordis about all my problems. But the point of this really.. get people talking about it. The game modes can be fun. And that's enough to actually go some where with conclave long as there more support behind it. I know there's a discussion over there about the exclusive rewards people are angry about it when no one wants to touch pvp lol. And people who play PvP want to play it more and get more out of it. K well how do we solve that? Well for one getting people to talk on it more and not being one sided and not grabbing one thing out of another post to go on about while ignoring the rest. Hard to ask apparently but that what a could portion of the forums are right now. Conclave could get PvE rewards thrown in like materials depending on the maps your thrown in. Endo etc. There's plenty to add there to benefit people while they try and get the standing up for conclave. Start the conversation add it to the list. See where it goes. And I hope PvP can be great some day. Cause I do think PvP can be good in Warframe. We just need the right game modes. Balances and Voices. And by voices I mean we all need to sing we all lift together while one Stewie Griffin on a megaphone screaming space mom. But then again this will take a while. Considering what we go going on now. Playbase wants one thing and the dedicated community is all over the place and the only reason I separate those two is because dear God it's vastly different. Then we got content creators already on 2020 spring break.
  4. I just did my first match last night...After like.. 6-7(?) years playing on and off... Honestly speaking it was pretty damn fun. Was not expecting to get any kills after the Mag started kicking my butt. Like it felt pretty balanced atleast from what everyone was using. Nobody was toxic we even got to chat which I wasent expecting cause reasons and salty people. We're all joking around laughing. I've played MMOs since I was 13 it's been 12 years man that every mmo I played with PvP has been either junky as hell, not comfy to play at all and for once not getting salty over dumb stuff. This... This was an experience and the PvP is spose to be crappy here!!!! 😂 Am hopeful that after a lot of the PvE fixes this year and Frame fixes *cough* *cough* RAILJACK! it'd be pretty sweet to see a couple new game modes implemented and some bug fixes going out for conclave. I'm surprised more people don't go try it out and give feedback. Lol all I did was bullet jump away and snipe some Muralist cernos shots and got a few kills. I mean I understand large part of the Playerbase And "community" don't like the idea to the point where it's "No. Nope. Not going to do it. All PvP is garbage." Won't even touch it once with an open mind. But come on!!! Cause I finally said screw it and went ahead. And look what happened.... I got my ass kicked by a mag.. LOL. AND HAD FUN... Y'KNOW WHAT YOU DO IN VIDEO GAMES. Now since I mentioned Conclave. I'm going to go hide from all the Kuva brumma's pointed at me and claim I'm just a vauban main. Tata~
  5. Agreed. Well thing is we have objectives in some missions that are stationary or slower paced. And we will continue to get missions like this rather than high mobility missions all the time. Some frames are going perform better in this environment. And some frames that have mutliple uses in their kits are also going to be viable for this. Wisp motes are yes stationary. But they are also mobility. Wisp can teleport to her motes which is better then bullet jumping over some times. So while it takes an initial set up. Throw your buffs for yourself and allies in one place and toss her CC ones in places for area denial then teleport to them. So while I agree this game is way to mobility based for abilities being too stationary. There's missions for those. As for Oberon the renewal does need some QoL changes to keep up. As do other frames. Currently wisp is one of the best examples of the balance between the fast paced and stationary gameplay in synergy for abilities I hope we see more of it and I hope DE listens to us on some of these smaller changes.
  6. Besides the renewal being fixed for Nekros 4 eating your energy and falling off the map and losing the toggle and smite getting maybe some oomph. He dosent need anything else. What he has is legit his playstyle. Balance. His renewal and Hallowed ground already gives soooo much and then adding his 4 strips armor believe still blinds them (unless it's been that long for me Jesus) and enemies drop health orbs 50% of the time...which it most likely will kill the small Fry's for this. Honestly he can solo eidolons, Can keep allies alive and safer (specially all those squishier frames) Rip armor off to deal more damage with weapons etc as well for allies, CC which is radiation so extra damage as well and not only that AOE CC. The only thing I can see getting better about him is his passive and Reworking his other two augments that don't get used too often. I never ever see a carpet bomber anymore. And Hollowed reckoning Aug is nice for bonus armor and all but the areas you need to step are small and scattered and the damage.. meh. Like his passive should flat out give more damage bonuses and health bonuses to all pets if not change it to some thing about radiation being involved. Hollowed ground aug should just store all the damage it's currently doing to enemies and explode for that stored damage with 100% radiation proc chance. And well.. k the base Hallowed ground should do scaling damage. If thats all changed or fixed. He'll be just fine. You can run a general build of evened out ability stats and still get 2 augments placed on him easy. He dosent need armor mods and nor does he need Flow. Just slap on renewal and have the rage mod maybe have arcane guardian for an extra 600 armor and yeah. But honestly he's in a good place right now. And this I coming from an old Oberon main "before his rework and became a cool kid" zzz
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