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  1. Dunno if it has been said yet or is known. His lil tasset thing on his base skin is now on the Mithra and Auman skins so just as a heads up there.. Otherwise.. I'm actually enjoying this change a lot. I know there's some salt going on in region chat lmao. But I'm getting away with only primed continuity and umbral vitality and intensify rest is just survival and set mods with room for an Aug. I built for I think 184 strength on a different build made him much tankier my staff has 0 forma in it missing 2 mods on it and I'm shredding through level 100 corrupted easily with his exatled staff and not dieing. I did a 53 minute mot survival in the void. He does very well. His clone is helpful but I've noticed he's getting stuck in places or trying shoot through objects. I didn't really have an issue staying alive until 50 mins in and the nullifier bubbles came into play and I ended up taking more damage. And I watched my clone melt in 2 shots lol. This was just with my basic all rounded build though and not tank..
  2. I'm going to **** my pants I can't handle half the comments all over the forums for fortuna. It's either pure salt or extremely funny excitement. I wanna play it badly to but wwoooooow 😂😂😂😂😂
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