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  1. Line if sight would make no sense since it's a magnetic vortex. It's suppose to pull enemies on the other side of walls. It's a CC that needs thinking. Hydron you just throw it at the ceiling most things will get caught there. You can also see damage numbers, and or have a radar on to see where they are. Simply put as well. Build less range. So they only start getting pulled near the objectives if it's causing a problem for you to keep up with how it works.
  2. Same deal on the casting. i really only use the abilities now if im camping objectives in defense spots or casting earlier before enemies get to spot/spawning etc. if not instant i would really like them to speed up the casting a bit. (vote corroding barrage augment buff number 1! now just need the rest of the forums to flood the topic lmao) His passive does need a rework. i suggested some where on another post about having damage reduction stacks upon drowning an enemy with a lil indicator. i've seen other Topic posts suggest 100% chance but reducing the max tentacles by 1 making it 2. so
  3. Right I wish the kraken head would stay and possibly doing some thing radial now and again (hey look another armor strip idea) Tidal surge I'm kinda in the same boat. It's amazing with it's aug but otherwise I'd really like to see if my idea on it makes people think "hey... It could be more then mobility and moving undertow..."
  4. So while I like your approach. His passive is kinda meh? Like what's the point of the cold Nova? Does it freeze enemies or slow them? Any damage? You don't need to be a number wizard here. He also has high shields already. So maybe more thought needed on this one? The 1 change dosent do much still. The damage is very lil. And the effects are still lack luster sounding. Snow globe? The change to that I can get behind. But depending on what happens here is some thing I have to question. While there is a slow. And a flat energy cost.. now you have a mobile bubb
  5. I have no idea lmao. I was dieing. Like Okay then whatever I'm sure they meant some thing else... But I had to bold that 😂. That sounds cool. But then it's like okay how are they taking slash damage when being ground slam. Its impact. So now it's like how? Maybe they take slash damage if tentacles overlap and hit the enemy mid slam? EDIT: possible that tentacles have sharp hook like edges or spines that hold onto the enemy already leading to slash damage? But even then now we got a problem. Viral meta. Which means his 4 would shred so fast it'll be ridiculously op. Cause
  6. Oh my. Lmao. Yeah I agree with the cast time. It needs to be reduced or gone. And if stays more damage would be welcome. I kinda like the corrosive right now over the idea of slash. Cause we're in a Viral meta.
  7. Yeah unfortunately it dosent work I hear.. This is the only one that can be reliable with this mod. At later levels or if your sentinel dies a lot. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Reawaken I do wish they would make sentinels a bit more tanky or have some self repair precepts without the Regen mod. Or possibly rework the mods or atleast have revive terminals in missions.
  8. That wouldn't be a bad idea either. I definitely think his passive needs a rework and I was sorta thinking like he gets his own Indicator for drowning victims like how spores on saryn has the infected targets etc. But passively he gains stacks when drowning enemies to get Increased damage reduction per enemy killed up to a certain cap and it lasts like 30 seconds or so. Maybe it makes him a lil too micromanagey but it would work with Changes
  9. That sounds pretty damn good. I was trying to figure out a way to kinda keep his kit and buff it. But also make it work together.
  10. So. its been ages since i touched Hydroid. But it didn't take me very long to get back into the groove of how he plays. and.. he's a lil behind. i'm able to pretty much keep up with defense objectives and lock down area's still no big deal. but he needs a tad bit more freedom and some tweaks to his damage skills to make him useful in some more area's of the game. Tempest barrage This ability needs some form of scaling damage per projectile some possible True damage, the Augment Corroding Barrage needs permanent armor tear. The casting speeds needs to be quicker and by that i mean... Natu
  11. Go with a friend or two im not kidding. i found 17 of them within an hour and that is not including everything else we caught a long the way. work smarter not harder! i do agree though they need to be unstuck from being inside walls and falling through upon tranq.
  12. So i still see son tokens being complained about. i still don't have issues finding them or getting tokens exchanged. go in a group mark the area's its some of the fastest conservation i have done if you want it done faster. BUT i do not agree with it either. and i know every time i'm going to defend it i'll get flamed or some keyboard warrior will come about. But.... There is nothing to grind for. literally. so they have to be there until more things are added for it to be changed to be more beneficial. The standing gained is fine. The amount of what you have to do is fine. There is not
  13. So while the Tokens are kinda Annoying. This is probably the EASIEST Standing Grind. soo... I don't know why people are complaining about any of the tokens other then Son's being the ones that are time consuming which even then... I got most of his tokens within an hour from doing other stuff and finding 4 different species without tracking them. and no i'm not trolling or trying to be a lap dog here. But i went and did endless for 30 mins? Twice. Just trying to get different mods have a good time. I have so many Mother Tokens i have enough for maxing out the first 3 tiers of Rep just turning
  14. Same issue. grabbed everything to start crafting at least 2 of the items needed does not show up. even though my inventory says i have 33 of them lol.
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