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  1. Mmm not much of a tank honestly its nice to have up till the mid level mid/between high and mid. Afterwards yeah I'm not a tank so adaptation is not the life for me unless I decide to throw in a 3rd umbral mod and stack health with pure strength and duration for doorway/small room lock downs. I have grace and guardian on. Never bothered with energizer due to pricing and I don't have a decent sniper yet for EH's. I'm trying to find a balance currently that's what's kinda bugging me. Back when I played once I get to the level 100's it does get a lil dicey even with QT im smart enough to know what I can and can't take. I run vazarin which most people hate me for. I know there's some tenno arcanes I can get out there to help heal myself but its what I got and I usually go team support so the 8 instant revives are nice to have. And even if I run out I have a huras kubrow. Never thought I'd give up my Raksa till I found out how damn often and how long I get stealth with this lil guy. I'm finding out for myself I'm not fussed on range as much as I used to be. I always thought "omfg I have to STOP EVERYTHING" yeah.. Now its like. Okay so its not a room CC anymore its like a quarter room or half. I'll just increase my duration and throw two bastilles.. build for Effi and some power to hold a good amount of enemies. More spam and # of hold. Which personally I think I like. Its just I have to be a lil bit more precise with my placements in certain tile sets and enemy factions. Even then I think 100% might be enough I just dunno how to keep that without losing too much of anything else zzz.. Just gotta keep playing around with it I guess.
  2. Yep! Currently working on a new one I'm just missing Splat component. Then I'm good to go that. I like rattle guts for the radiation and Viral for the grinneer however so I'm seeing how it compares when I'm done.
  3. I wouldnt mind taking a look at it if your willing. I mainly use my Rattle guts with punch through on the riven and the new idk what its called.. archgun.. Hyldran came with it idk lol. I'm using it as my cheese weapon. Make it last 10 minutes haha. And I'm using Exegris (probably Burchard that) as well as Zenistar disk built
  4. I've got about 8 into mine currently lol. I don't worry about duration much but I'll definitely look into more duration since he is more Cc based I thought maybe 21-25 seconds in Bastille was enough IMO. Ty 🙂 I actually got prime and only that. I think it was my farmed Prime frame haha. I don't even have umbra forma I just use multiple mods at different levels for capacity crunch since I use R9 umbral mods. And gotcha. I'll see how doubling up on those works thought that'd be good for inaros and only that didn't think of any other frames tbh. XD might be what I have to do if I go repelling. Your right on that. I just like to personally lock enemies down with 1 rather than spam. Since I've got survivability mods I had two options. All rounded with Power strength or just build for range. However. What I didn't know/forgotten was no matter what your strength is, it really only effects a few abilities. Shred I forgot is broken unless they fixed it... Bounce and Tesla's aren't really worth the power increase. And I forgot charge effects Tesla CC chance not power. Bastille is the only one that actually makes it worth the PS I could just get repelling and call it good. But I haven't played with it yet.. So I guess I gotta make a decision. Either spam or making use of his passive locking more enemies in Bastille. Appreciate the info and opinions ^^ helps me decide lol.
  5. So I build my Frames kinda weird I always use Quick thinking and Hunters Adrenaline. And I kinda adopted it into my Vaubans build. I probably don't need it. But I kinda like the extra energy and second chance I get out of it to an extent. I've got around 190% range, 171% duration, -45% efficiency, 154%+ strength. I wanted to go for more all rounded build at the cost of effiency a while back I will run Growing power with the Arcane for the Fortuna pistols for the 30% effiency bonus and strength for stronger Bastille's. So I'd be at the 200% strength mark if I kept my buffs up. I'm thinking of putting 2 umbral mods into my build at the cost of 4% power strengh and 28% duration and gaining base efficiency back with about 60 more health on my Vauban. So it would be averaged out a bit better. I wanna keep some power on him cause I like holding more enemies at a time. But I'm thinking of trying the repelling Bastille see if that's worth it. Personally I'm going to read up on the wiki for more mod ideas and how a couple skills work better. Lol I've been on break so I'm relearning things and I wanted to break my booben back out. Appreciate any info in advance.
  6. I'm going to **** my pants I can't handle half the comments all over the forums for fortuna. It's either pure salt or extremely funny excitement. I wanna play it badly to but wwoooooow 😂😂😂😂😂
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