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  1. Yeah, you need to buy/build a new board. I can confirm this, I solved it today this way after looking for 2 hours
  2. Yeah, 10x cipher is a thing! Just like x3 forma packs!
  3. Why implement a rule like this..... I'v spent 2 hours looking.
  4. I'v always had this thing in games with no data to back it or nothing. But I always try to get to like 20-25% chance before I care about Crit damage.
  5. I would suggest Saryn with her heal mod. She cabn handle most content. You also need to be a bit involved in casting the correct abilities.
  6. Does the recovery system go back multiple weeks or just the one before. Example: w1 9/10 w2 9/10 w3 10/10 will I then get both added?
  7. No way to do it. I just checked at there is a disclaimer that it's one time only here at the website where you move the account
  8. 24/7 twitch drop since the event started. 90% credits Still no Khora or Nidus. Only 48h left ?
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