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  1. It is sometimes ok if form doesn't fully follows function due to "reasons" but when form totally kills function, it became a real issue. I am reporting it as a bug cause I really hope it is a bug and not by design. Thanks for your consideration.
  2. This is issue will likely never get completely resolved, but here is my report anyway... UPDATE: IT GETS CAUGHT AT THIS ROCK EVERY TIME.
  3. Lost all the loot in a Railjack mission AFTER I ALREADY completed the mission due to the archaic mission timeout "Mission Failed" cause I spent time exploring like you encouraged us to do with POI's. It will be 2020 in a few weeks, please ditch that industrial age mechanic at least for Railjack missions. Thank you. UPDATE: Just to clarify since some people claim I lied about it or it didn't happened. It happened to me in solo (so we can rule out it being a connection issue that plague this game 90% of the time when something is wrong) and that was 2 hours total spent in an Earth mission which I just fly around and explore after I finish the mission. IF this weren't "supposed to happen" and it had nothing to do with "mission timeout" I would like to know what "failed" my mission when I already completed it? May be the game just hate me and not everyone else...
  4. The tileset is already pretty dark with the new lighting and magnetic anomaly is a dark sphere against a dark backdrop making it very hard to spot. The old magnetic anomaly spheres visual needs update to make it more standout in dark settings.
  5. The "Back-to-Back Duplicate" change only applies to the Lich you generated yourself, traded Lich does not count as you didn't generated that one yourself.
  6. Having the same issue, try to relocate it after the orbiter rework but can't relocate it so I just gave up.
  7. Played various applicable 20+ grineer mission today solo for 3 hours straight without a single larving triggered, unlike yesterday before the 26.0.6 hotfix; I had more fun going to work for 3 hours than playing these random missions aimlessly like that. Please tell me it's bug cause it really wasn't very fun.
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