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  1. Either me or any of my friends were exploit users. I am just against radical solutions, which is caused by devs in the first place. And to be honest DE should really, I mean REALLY rethink how they treat their community.
  2. Reseting scores if "exploit" was used is OK. What is not OK is ban. Why you may ask? Because using Lokis' ST is like using Mesa's 4 it is an ability and if that unconventional approach solves the problem of ranking you can't just ban users, you should fix the problem, reset scores and let players try again. DE, guys, you should really start working WITH the community not AGAINST it.
  3. Just reinstalled, the issue remains, any official solution to this problem?
  4. Update failed!The content servers are temporarily unavailable.The update will be restarted shortly.. Any solutions?
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