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  1. 1. Anomaly
    Transform your shields to health. 10 seconds cool down.
    2. Absorb/Reflect

    A: Absorb
    You get 30% less damage: up to 90% reduction (Strength/duration based)
    You can't regenerate shields when absorbing damage.
    B: Reflect
    You mark an enemy that gets all your damage. (Negative Strength/Duration based)

    3. Pain

    Reduces health of all enemies in radius to 70%, including yours (up to 50%, strength/range/duration based). Does not work on bosses. Casting Pain gives 1 Stack. Up to a maximum of 10 stacks.

    4. Perfect Circle - Consumes 1 Pain stack.

    All enemies got frozen in radius of 10m for 3 seconds (100% strength), 20m 5 seconds - 120%, 30m 7 seconds - 150%

    Passive - Double your Shields regeneration every 20 seconds for 5 seconds.

  2. 9 minutes ago, dziellsGamer said:


    If you read it all it says only cases of EXTREME abuse are temp banned, I once used an exploit in Fartnite for just my win of the season but didn't use it more than that because I don't wanna abuse it at all and wanna earn my XP legit. People who got the cases of extreme abuse are probably those who went for high score not legitly possible and went for way more than they needed. People who got Perm banned are those who have exploited or committed suspicious behavior in the past and more than once so they probably also had a warning but continued to ignore them so I say the perm ban is OK and the temp ban is also ok. The fact you are complaining about this makes me THINK that either you or a friend were banned from this

    Either me or any of my friends were exploit users. I am just against radical solutions, which is caused by devs in the first place.  And to be honest DE should really, I mean REALLY rethink how they treat their community.

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  3. Reseting scores if "exploit" was used is OK.

    What is not OK is ban. Why you may ask? Because using Lokis' ST is like using Mesa's 4 it is an ability and if that unconventional approach solves the problem of ranking you can't just ban users, you should fix the problem, reset scores and let players try again. 

    DE, guys, you  should really start working WITH  the community not AGAINST it.



  4. 23 minutes ago, archmage.nemo said:

    I just finished building mirage and took it right after update kicked. Now I can not equip it as it is only available as P purchase, any ideas?

    nvm, it appeared again in ready to claim section.

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