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  1. the game is full bug , impossible to play in fortuna, only crashes and dc
  2. Beautifull Update ! but i wonder, the sigil of Garuda (blood...) will be free ? or will it be only in the bundle?
  3. Nice, star map already fully done for arbitration ^^ so i think im good
  4. mmmm Many players talk about a key that we will need to craft to access fortuna, is it true ? if it is, where did you see that ?
  5. xD im working Friday and Sunday ^^ this is why i hope it will be launch tomorrow ^^
  6. oh ^^ Personaly i think we will get it tomorrow ! and i hope it
  7. When and Where did they announce it might be friday?
  8. I really hope it will come today or Wednesday, but not Thrusday or Friday please ! 😄
  9. So, what should we do to acces Fortuna except Venus junction that can be done Mastery 1 ^^ ? Do we need a certain level in Ostron reputation or whatever?
  10. Hope it launches today (for me its tuesday right now) ^^ !
  11. Fortuna wont be here Today, they said it in Prime Time sadly, have a nice day
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