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  1. Just want to give some plat out. And was bugged by those containers. Mix.
  2. Couple of screenshots of how to get to the containers. 5 plat
  3. The name says it all. If you collide with the Prelate his melee attacks do not hit or hits do not register, no damage is taken anyway. Tested on Valkyr.
  4. Oh, but you forgot Blue boxes appearing at Uranus. The bug there is from the release. Nullifier capture targets being immune to Valkyr's claws even after the bubble was popped. And of course Lua Speed test being not only unplayable if you're too fast but bugging a player INSIDE of the test which results in only way out being the Abort mission
  5. Should i consider many vapos eximus units require 20 scans not to be a bug? DE rarely touches codex and if it's not fixed now i should brace myself with those 20 vapos crewman eximus scans.
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