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  1. This is too perfect lol
  2. Ebohcalyps3

    Coming Soon: Devstream #74!

    Please address this thread if you have time
  3. Ebohcalyps3

    Update 18.11.0 & 18.11.1

    Fixed melee combo timer not counting down during an ultimate ability that transforms a weapon. (Hysteria, Exalted Blade, etc.) welp.........there goes that...sigh
  4. Ebohcalyps3

    Hotfix 18.10.4 Operation Rathuum.

    Increased the resolution and slightly altered the tinting of Excalibur Prime. Thank you DE and thanks Kary
  5. Ebohcalyps3

    TennoCon 2016: Tickets On Sale Now!

    Just saw this today, just now...Cannot express the devastation when I saw all the VIP tickets were sold out.....m-muh soul...m-muh heart...m-muh oro...
  6. Ebohcalyps3

    Coming Soon: Devstream #69!

    Are you going to fix the new syandana the textures and coloring options need another look.
  7. Ebohcalyps3

    Building Warframe: Hunhow's Gift

    Cool read, I really hope sentient weapons become a staple of the game like how each of the other factions has their own trademark weapons!
  8. Ebohcalyps3

    Holiday Wishlist & A Happy New Year!

    1)Please give a sixth color slot for prime frames it seems unfair to have had one taken away 2)Also please give Excalibur prime PBR his current model artwork is very outdated and needs a lot of touch ups(you can see alot of pixles,broken seams, ect)-but as with the previous wish many founder with advocated for a long time to have his grey ares color able and we finally got it, so it would be particularly bad if when he does get PBR he gets back that huge portion of him that cannot be colored. This and the other prime frames suffering from similar issues is why i think all prime frame and weapons should be given a sixth color slot. 3)Also please allow use to fully customize our load outs, as in bring one, two, or 3 melee weapons, or one two or three guns As a player who has a mostly melee based play style sometimes its frustrating that we can bring two guns but are restricted to one melee weapon thanks and happy holidays
  9. Ebohcalyps3

    Coming Soon: Devstream #64!

    Will Excal and Valkry, And now Wukongs Ults all get charge attacks? Also will we get another color slot for primes. I am still waiting for Excal prime to be PBR'd however I feel it will be especially controversial if they decrease his color options because of the amount of time that the community was asking for his grey zones to become tint-able.
  10. Ebohcalyps3

    Coming Soon: Devstream #63

    With charge attacks returning will Excalibur and Valkyrs Ult be receiving unique charge attacks. Also is there any estimate on when Excalibur prime will receive art brush up and PBR?
  11. Ebohcalyps3

    Update 17.11.0 Eta Thursday!

    wait tomorrow is the 12th
  12. Ebohcalyps3

    Hotfix 17.10.4

    Woo Hoo, I am excited for crowd dispersion, wyrm prime is my most used sentinel!
  13. Ebohcalyps3

    Update 17.10.0

    This update gives the toxic Saryn a lot of love with a brand-new deluxe skin, Syandana, and a weapon skin that puts a floral touch on the Typo there only pointing that out because i read it and expected a Syandana but i think you meant sugatra?
  14. Ebohcalyps3

    Thanks For Watching Devstream #62

    Come in Rebecca....pls respond...come in, pls respond! lol